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A&K / Matrix Full Metal M240B Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Weapon w/ Box Magazine

ID: 50809 (AEG-MTX-M240B)
4.0 stars, based on 15 reviews
A&K / Matrix Full Metal M240B Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Weapon w/ Box Magazine
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Canada Export CompliantCanadaExport Compliant
This gun has a muzzle velocity rating (FPS) between 366 and 500, and is compliant for export to Canada.
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Free shipping within lower 48 US states, no coupon code needed!


  • Heavy duty metal receiver, carrying handle, and mock heat shield
  • CNC Machined aluminum outer barrel w/ Quick detach barrel system, like the real thing
  • Integrated front RIS for additional tactical attachments; 20mm Picatinny optic rail
  • Steel folding bipod with integrated locking tab
  • 4000rd automatic winding box magazine, plugs directly into the gun's battery power
  • Machined CNC aluminum hopup unit
  • Heavy-duty polymer stock with metal butt plate
  • Metal M240B style gearbox with lipo ready internals

FPS Range: 400-450

In the late 1970's the US Army adopted a new 7.62mm medium duty machine gun into their ranks: the M240. It was first used as a coaxial machine gun in tanks but slowly made its way to other mounted uses by the late 1980's, the updated model referred to as the M240C. Due to a surplus of M240C's the Army passed some on to the USMC. When the Marines got their hands on the M240C they installed an "infantry modification kit", thus spawning the M240G, the first infantry model of the M240. Having seen the success of the M240G and its effectiveness as a ground mounted 7.62mm machine gun, the US Army decided to test and eventually adopt the M240B, the slightly updated factory production variant of the M240G, into its ranks to replace their outdated M60E4's. Throughout its years of service the M240 has proven itself, in all its variations, to be an effective, reliable medium duty combat machine gun.

The Matrix replica of the M240B does a great job at capturing the hefty, tried and true durability of the real thing. It's made from heavy-duty materials giving it a great feel, and features some really nice fit and finish. The Matrix M240B stays true to layout of the real thing with its steel folding bipod, heavy duty carrying handle, a 20mm Picatinny optics rail, and the 20mm Picatinny front end. The quick-detach outer barrel system makes it extremely easy to clean and service the inner barrel when needed, and the hopup adjustment system is very easy to use. The Matrix M240B comes supplied with a 4000rd automatic winding box magazine that plugs directly into the main power, so no need for any extra, odd-sized batteries. The battery sits inside the polymer stock, which is built like a tank and very easy to remove when a battery change is necessary. Internally the Matrix M240B features a full metal, fully reinforced lipo ready gearbox, so parts are readily available here at

In summary, this is the best M240B Airsoft replica on the market if you are shopping for one!

Length: 1245mm
Weight: 8200g
Inner Barrel: ~440mm
Magazine Capacity: 4000rd box magazine
Muzzle Velocity: 400~450 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs)
Gearbox: M240B type full metal / lipo ready gearbox
Motor: Short Type
Fire Modes: Full-Auto, Safety
Battery: 9.6v Small Type recommended (Battery not included. Wired to the stock with a Large Tamiya connector)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Box Magazine, Manual

Manufacturer: Matrix OEM: A&K . USA Distribution: Matrix. Japan Distribution: S&T

Things you may need to get started:
    Battery and Charger – Required to power your AEG; use a high quality battery and charger for best results.

    BBs – High quality precision 6mm BBs recommended; Use 0.20g – 0.25g BBs for best results.

    Silicone Oil – Basic cleaning and lubrication maintenance help keep your Airsoft AEG in top working order.

About A&K

A&K has been in business for more than a decade, boasting a huge selection of popular rifle models as well as unique platforms; Machine Guns, SMGs, DMRs, and even WWII replicas. A&K provides a great lineup of Airsoft products at a great value.

About Matrix

Established in 2001 for Airsofters by Airsofters. Team Matrix thrive on the vision to better the sport of Airsoft with affordable high quality Airsoft equipment. With decades of experiences as Airsoft enthusiasts ourselves, we live, sleep, and breathe Airsoft. Matrix offers a wide selection of skirmish grade replicas from rifles to pistols, a wide variety of accessories, and tactical equipment from helmets to boots. It is the Matrix mission to prepare every Airsoft shooter the perfect experience!

15 Customer Reviews

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by Stephen M. on 04/21/2019
"I bought one of these the day they appeared in the UK. I’d always wanted a (What we call in the UK) GPMG. Yeah, I know it’s not the same, but it’s the only FN Mag on the market and the closest I’ll come to having a real Brit GPMG ever again.

I used to be our teams support gunner and have been through M60’s (I even have 2 TOP M60’s, vintage eh, plus a few of the A&K’s and some very rare ones. Also M249’s in different configs, a couple of Stoners (Do defo buy a G&G Stoner 63 if you can, PKM, MG34, MG42, CZ, and a load of other weird MMG’s, Ha, even a BAR). This without even blinking is the best EVER!.

I used it as my day gun and used it every weekend for about 4 years. I ran it on a 350 spring but that was the only upgrade/downgrade I made. On average I’d go through about 10,000 each weekend (I didn’t say I was good, just enthusiastic).

I think I cleaned the barrel every month, the gearbox just once over all that time. The only time it was out of service was when I leant it to someone I hardly knew for one game, he managed to trip over a log, smash the mag pouch into a tree and shear all the holding lugs off. EVIKE managed to send me replacement for all part! To the UK! On such a RARE gun! I was very impressed. And she was back up and running like a bream the day I got those.

This M240 or GPMG or FN MAG, whatever you want to call it is LEGENDARY to me. When I die, I want to be buried with it.

The only downsides I found are:
You have to understand support gunning, this is NOT an assault gun.
Get to the Gym, this is HEAVY
It’s also cumbersome... Not for CQB lol
Awkward and silly to the max (You could do the same thing with an MP5K, massive external battery and huge drum mag)

Good points:
Never Ever went wrong
You can load and fire at the same time.
It intimidates
You’ll get a good workout
You can stop an entire team assault, on your own, if you have the b*lls
After doing a “Predator” style “constant fire without releasing the trigger, until everything is dead” you may find your team mate who had to hit the dirt 3 mins earlier turning to you and saying “HOLY F*** THAT WAS AWESOME”. Just smile.

All in all
This is a difficult piece to use, for sure. But when it comes together, there is nothing else I would ever want to go on to the field with! Have a FANTASTIC day :)
by dylan c. on 07/07/2015
"Very good product, I've had this weapon system for 7 months now I still have stock internals though I run a 10.8v. I've probably had over 12 hours of trigger time, My favorite weapon ever.
by Steven L. on 03/02/2015
"This gun is simply amazing. I got it in a JG box with no instruction manual. Just a piece of paper from Evike saying to have fun. There were bbs in the box mag already. I guess Evike already test fired it. At first I was disappointed because when I put the battery in, it did not fire but the box mag would turn on. Turned out to be that the black connection to the motor unplugged itself. It's really easy to accidentally pull that one motor wire out. Anyways, after I solved that, it was fine.

I took it out back and measured 50 paces (_150ft) and set up a cardboard box about the size of a torso and adjusted the hopup. With every burst, I was hitting that box with most of the bbs. I'm not the best shot or the best at adjusting hopups, but I'm pretty satisfied with being able to guarantee a hit with a short burst of bbs. I was firing from a slightly elevated position so that I was at the same height as my target. This was so that I was aiming directly at the target while using the bipod for stability. The bbs didn't really drop in that distance, they just kept going. I was also using .20g bbs because it was all I had at the moment.

So then after a couple of weeks I got to take it out to a game. My team has a lot of heavy weapons, so the refs set us up for a bunker defense game. It's 10 against 30, and our small group has to survive for 15 minutes. I setup my position and waited until they got 150 ft in range, which was well within my range but it was windy and I didn't want to miss. It has a 5 second wind up time to feed the bbs through the tube because it only feeds bbs when you pull the trigger. There was a loud whir as it sprayed bbs at the approaching team. Everyone on the side of the bunker that I was on lept for cover. My teammate who was 10 feet away from my position commented on the noise it made, beautiful. Despite the gun being a bit heavy, I was able to turn it rather quickly and thus I was able to keep people at 3 positions hiding behind cover.

I also got a chance to fully test out the bipod. Most bipods that I have used in the past like to stick to the ground. Not this one. This one lets you slide it around. It surfs on the dirt instead of digging in so that you can slide it around for maneuverability. I set up a position to the left of a wall. I wasn't barely peaking around the corner, I was clearly to the left of the wall. And I was set up on the floor with no cover in front of me, just lying there. Some person at some cover 150' away decided to shoot at me. The wind was blowing from him to me. He started to shoot at me, but then he found out that I still had range on him and he had to duck behind his wall for cover to avoid my wall of bbs coming at him. It took me a good 5 minutes to get him. bbs travel slower against the wind, but I finally managed to tag him. I could see his shadow whenever he was about to move around the corner, so he never got much of a chance to fire at me before the bb barrage peppered his wall and he had to rethink his strategy. After I finally got him, I was able to roll to the side and slide the m240 right along with me just by holding on to the handle. The bipod never broke, bent, or gave out with all of the sliding that I had it do to keep up with me. I did drop it at one point, but it was fine. I was running and trying to get to cover. It was too heavy for me to just whip it around like I do with my l86, and my arm just gave out. It hit the floor and landed on the bipod. I was carrying it by the barrel handle, running it like a briefcase, so it didnt fall far. Nothing broke.

After 5 hours of running around with it, I had to call it a day. I'm 5 foot 10 inches and 200 lbs. A little fat, but not that much. It is very hard to run with this gun. You definitely don't sprint with this much weight swinging around, especially since the box mag likes to get in the way while you are running. It is a large and heavy airsoft gun. The metal is thick everywhere except for the bipod and the box mag.

My friend has the Echo1 m240, so I got to compare the two. The box mad is slightly different. Mine has some metal cut out and routes the wire through a different route. All of the other parts are the same. His stock where we keep our batteries are the same and fit. The box mags work on both. The gearboxes are the same. The bipod, top cover, rails, everything. The only differences are that some of his had a different color and trademarks on them. Inside of the gearbox may have been different, but it didn't matter to me.

I use a 9.6v large type brick. The big one here on Evike. It fits in the stock just fine. I also use a side grip so that I can move it around easier. It may make the m240 weigh a little more, but it's worth it since I have something that I can hold on to.

The bipod seems well made to me. I know that other people have reported problems, but I don't seem to be having any of their issues. It seems to me like the people who are having the most issues are people who have used a real m240 in the military and they are treating it like the real steel bipod. It's just not surviving their abuse. I own an ICS L86 and a PKM. I'd say that the bipod is better than the PKM but on par withe the L86 bipod. Nothing beats that L86 bipod, but I find myself liking the one on the m240 just as much. There is a latch on the bottom of the m240 that keeps the bipod from deploying. I find that latch system to be better than the L86 bipod latching system. Its easy to use but it isnt quick to deploy. People who are pulling the bipod out of the gun are going to break it. You have to let it fold out. Its like for snipers, the difference between pulling the bolt back and yanking it back.

The stock is kind of weird. It's plastic, but it's the thick type. Evike says that it's built like a tank but I disagree. It's built well but it's not going to win any awards for taking a beating. I would say that it will survive many years of wear and tear but it won't survive if you intentionally try to break it. In the end, I like it, plastic and all.

The sights flip up to a secondary firing type. I think it is for people who are using it as a mounted gun. Its cool to have. They are metal and look like they will last a long time. They adjust in elevation too, not that you are going to spend the time to adjust them while running around. You will most likely be like me and just adjust your fire as you go.

The only issues I have with this gun are about the box mag. The box mag loves to get in the way when you run while trying to carry it like a rifle, so I ended up carrying it like a briefcase most of the time. The box mag even gets in the way if you have a sling. I tried my big gunner sling on it that I normally have on my PKM and it didn't help. Next thing was the wire for the box mag. It loves to get caught in the top latch after you connect it. I opened up the top latch and then the bullet cover thing. I slid on the box mag on to the mounting point just fine. I close the bullet latch and then plugged in the wire so that the box mag has power. And then wham, the top latch would close and catch the wire. Every time I had to work with the box mag, I ended up catching that wire. I dont know if it was the wind or the demon who lives in the gearbox and screams when you pull the trigger, but it happened every time. The box mag also started to sag and stretch since I kept filling it up to the brim with bbs. Don't do that. I know it holds 4,000, but only put 3,000 or 2,000 if using .28g or heavier bbs. It will eventually break the straps that connect to the metal part. You could easily fix that by drilling through the box and putting some bolts in the side, but if you are like me and you are too lazy to do the work, then you may be out of luck.

My m240 was shooting at 375 fps out of the box with crappy .20g bbs.

If you want a big machine gun, then get this gun. If you want a lightweight LMG, then this is not for you.

Sturdy, mostly metal
Heavy (if you are looking for an m240 then this is a pro)
Sights are metal and flip up to gunner mode
No feeding issues
No jamming issues
Long range, more than 200 feet
Comfortable grip
Fits large brick batteries
Front rails are solid
Ammo capacity
Bipod is sturdy (just don't use it as a hammer)

Box mag is annoying but can be modified
No trademarks

11/10 for this gun. It may not say Echo1 on the side but it's still a good weapon right out of the box. If you want the Echo1 version, just buy this one and the Echo1 gearbox. You can just drop it right in.

The Matrix m240 in one word: Demoralizing

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