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by Ty Swain
" I really appreciate the excellent service I've received during my time using Out of every product I've ever ordered from this site, nothing has ever shown any fault. In my most recent package I found a handbook of sorts relating to Airsoft. The information I found in that booklet is extremely useful and will most certainly affect my gameplay. You guys are truly doing the sport justice, what with your wide array of products, your educational and entertaining videos, and your exceptional customer service. Keep doing what you do Evike. I know I will; that is to say: Airsoft!
by Ty Swain
" I was told to write here for a testimonial to be added to your site, so here it goes: I used to exclusively shop at another large airsoft retailer (I'll skip the name, but I'm sure you can guess who), but after my experiences with Evike over the past few weeks I will never buy any airsoft item anywhere else. Other online stores took forever to process my orders, around 2-3 days, but Evike would always have my order processed and shipped by the very next business day, even when I ordered something in the afternoon. Also the guys over at Evike were really quick in responding to any emails I would send regarding to product information/compatibility and recommendations, usually responding by the next morning, whereas other airsoft took days to respond, and sometimes never even responded to my questions. I assumed Evike was no different, but after my first order with them I was very surprised with how speedy they were and the deals are really good, too, most of the time better than competitors. So to wrap things up, Evike is THE BEST online store for airsoft in terms of pricing and costumer service, and their videos are awesome, too! Thanks,
Justin M.
by james Boparai
" Dear Sir or Madam, My name is James (Jimmy) Boparai I am from Champaign, IL. I am a reservist in the United States Marine Corps that just got activated to go to Afghanistan within the month and right now I am stationed in Camp Pendleton. On my civilian time back home I airsoft a lot especially during the summer months cause we cannot do it that much during the winter time this sport has been a hobby of mine since I was in eighth grade and last year my friend and I decided to form our own team him bringing organization and myself the training. It took my friend and I sometime to find our airsoft website that we love a appreciate and about 2 years we found you guys. Ever since then we have ordered all of our stuff from you guys and we appreciate all the products you have given us. All this has led to us finding more and more teams in and around the central Illinois and Indiana areas so this brings me to why I am emailing you. This past week I made a decision and told everyone on our forums that I would take a trip to visit with you guys and see your store so yesterday, April 6, 2012, I took a trip up to San Gabriel it was about a 2 hour train ride up there and another 20 minute cab ride to the store when I walked into the store it was better then what I saw on Evike Tv. I enjoyed every minute of it your sales staff and team were amazing I did not get the gentleman�s name that was helping me but he did a very good job, he was very knowledgeable, and very kind, and I should have mentioned it was my first visit up there to. I test fired the kwa s 10 I believe, the MP7 by KWA, and finally the HK KWA USP COMPACT if you mention those to your sales staff you might find the guy that helped me if you do tell him I said thank you and I love the USP COMPACT I bought. When I told him I was from Illinois he was shocked but I told him since I was stationed out here and I was so close to you guys I would take the trip to represent a very grateful east central Illinois and parts of Indiana. I want to thank you guys for all you do for us in Illinois and that there is a big airsoft industry over there. We also want you to know that we helped support the vote against SB 798 we called the California Congressman up and told him that we did not want the bill to pass. We also stress proper safe gun handling techniques and have the support of local law enforcement. I want to thank you again for all you guys do for us you guys have treated us very well and we thank you for it every time we get new people into the sport we send them straight to the website from my team Vanguard 6 and the rest of Central Illinois and parts of Indiana THANK YOU!!!!!
Thanks again,
Jimmy Boparai
by Michael J. Clark
" To Whom It May Concern:
I was on your website today checking on my order (BOA!) and clicked on your BBB link. After reading several resolved complaints I was reminded that clear, concise descriptions and excellent service is often not enough to satisfy ignorant, combative customers or meet unrealistic expectations. After dealing with the aforementioned customers some CSR�s become jaded or apathetic feeling as if their best efforts will be met with further conflict from irrational often immature customers, compounded by the fact that adequate/excellent service goes unrecognized. Keeping moral high in this environment is one of the more difficult jobs for management and with that in mind I would like to take the time thank you and your staff for the service I have received from your online sales team. When there were problems they were addressed quickly and proper compensation was given before requested. Keeping customers satisfied across the country and the globe selling products as complex and diverse as airsoft weapons is difficult, thanks for doing it well and with integrity.
Michael J Clark
by N/A
" I would like to Thank evike custumer sales service or good and fast responding :) I have told my airsoft buddies here in norway about evike:) And they seem to like your products:) Thanks again evike!!:)=
by Mark Twain
" First of all a huge thanks to EVIKE and Moondog / friends for putting this together !
The level of support from EVIKE was amazing. It's great to see a vendor give back to the sport when they really don't have to. I hope they thought this was worth the effort and will do it again next year.
I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a Condor messenger bag full of goodies as one of the sportsmanship awards. Thank you to EVIKE ! ( btw - my 15 year-old son who was supposed to accompany me to the game latched onto it and the contents as soon as I came home. He unfortunately broke his leg in 5 places during a soccer game last week and was crushed that he could not attend )
This was my first big op and I thought it was great ! I think the number of players and support logistics made the am chrono/sign-up interesting. The is no doubt that notes were made and improvements for the next one are already in planning. It was a learning experience for all.
With that said we as players need to help the process. Adhere to the pre-game checklist; bring your paperwork ( that would be both waivers, Evike receipt, photo id, safety gear, ALL weapons that you might use that day, and notarized waivers if applicable). It takes extra time to fill out the waivers at the table and I heard support staff making phone calls to solve paperwork issues for people at the table. Very nice and exactly the way I would expect a Moondog event to go ( doing their best to accomodate everyone ). We were told what we needed to show up with and we should be accountable to do so. Don't have everything ? Probably shouldn't have waited until game day to find out that you didn't. Just my observations..........
Okay - I'll get off of my soapbox now. On to the game. It was absolutely a blast. Working with the SOF group was an honor. We had a huge diversity in age ,experience, background, and lack of fitness on my part. But also a common theme of commitment. Samurai and Shogun did a great job "herding cats" with us; thanks guys ! The NEO crew was pretty self sufficient as always. Our spawn area was at the base of the 3 ridges in the south map. The only way for us to go was up ( unless we crossed the river which we did late in the first half of the game ) which ended up w/ some foes spawn camping us from the ridges. We did have the embeds deal with that. SOF had a tough first half on the south side. ( BTW - I was pretty much shot after the first half from those ridges so I apologize to the SOF )
But we had a sledgehammer rout in the NW sector where moved forward and just eliminated everything in our way. A real morale booster. Late in the game a section of SOF followed the NW boundaries to the swamp for one final push. We found decoy boxes and huge firefights for our little band. We made it appear as we were a much larger force and drew some serious attention and firepower down into the lower swamp ( nice shot Primer to finish my day ! ). With minutes left in the game we searched the lower area and came up short. The NPC sample kit would have been a game winner for the SOF and we missed it by feet as it was just outside of our last search grid. As Shogun radioed Samurai " We have cookies but no milk". Gotta love it !
Hit calls were decent. No different than most games. Grenade kills were a bit spotty but then they always are.
I do have one suggestion and remember this comes from an old fat guy. Our spawn was roughly .5 miles from the parking lot. I think direction upfront to take supplies there ( ammo, food, coolers ) and a way to get them there (or we could drop them off ourselves in vehicles) would help. We spent a lot of time chasing down extra ammo, spare parts/gear, extra water etc. Plus it would keep us off of the road.
Thanks once again to Moondog and crew for all of the work that went into this. And Evike for overall support and just being a great bunch of folks. I hope we in the NE didn't disappoint.
Overall it was great fun with great friends old and new. Isn't that way it's supposed to be ?
Mark Twain out
by Will Snowden
" Hello my name is LCpl William Snowden. I am currently on a combat deployment in Afghanistan with the United States Marine Corps. Recently my wife has unknown to me at the time contacted your sales team on the phone and placed an order I have been putting together the entire time I have been in Afghanistan. The things she told me were phenomenal. She said that your team there at Evike was the most helpful and down right amazing that she has dealt with, not only in airsoft, but in retail all together. I want to personally thank each and every person there for the help and assistance my wife received that day. is now the ONLY site that I will purchase airsoft gear from. The fact that my wife said that you took your time with her and time out of your busy day to put her on the phone with management AND sales associates, and how generously she was given a coupon code for 20% off. Much of my limited free time I receive here on my 100m x 100m patrol base in the middle of nowhere Afghanistan is spent browsing your website, and talking to my fellow Marines about airsoft. Many of my friends I have shown your website are showing interest in the sport and will probably start playing once we get back to the States (Don't worry I'll make sure they get their gear from you guys). I just wanted to let you know that your professionalism, commitment, and all the other things that make Evike the greatest airsoft retailer period don't just fall on deaf ears, but here even in the desert are much appreciated. Please for the sake of the sport keep up the good work.
Semper Fi,
Will Snowden
by Lt. John Bennett, Charleston (IL) Police Department
" My name is John Bennett and I am a lieutenant with the Charleston Police Department in Charleston, IL. I run our firearms and defensive tactics training unit and recently made a purchase of two airsoft pistols to be used in force on force training for my agency. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that from a customer service standpoint, all went smoothly and my order was promptly shipped and received. The quality of our pistols was second to none and I anticipate using Evike again for future purchases. Also, a shout out to airsoft Team Fox Die for their help in pointing me in your direction. Sincerely,
by Tyler McDonnell
" I just wanted to write you guys and thank you. You have an amazing company! You have a large selection, and you always have new products, so I never run out of things to look at and buy. Your prices are unbelievable. I haven't found better deals anywhere else on the web. Also you have incredibly fast shipping, I ordered a peq box using your saver shipping and it arrived to my house in Missouri only three days later!! I always visit your website first when I need something new, and I always reccomend you when I'm at the fields! Lastly, your tech support, and customer service are outstanding! Thank you for your incredible, and unbeatable service!! I can't wait to place my next order!!
by Michael W.
" I wanted to take a second and let Evike manager team know how very pleased i have been with your sales staff. every person ive talked to has been more than respectful as well as helpful. all of my emails were returned promptly and when it came down to finding my package and dealing with UPS you guys really took to the front lines and got that worked out for me. So once again this is a Special Thanks to Evike and its Sales-Team, from Ruidoso Airsoft thank you guys for all your hard work.
by Brian
" To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to express the high level of satisfaction that I have with doing business with I have been extremely happy with the warranty service that I have received on several products that I purchased from you.
I wanted to especially recognize Cargan from your RMA department. He has been extremely helpful and has gone beyond the call of normal operations to ensure that I am happy with the equipment that I have ordered from your website. He has taken the time to ensure compatibility of my replacement parts and has even steered me clear of purchasing incorrect parts for my guns.
I will never order any airsoft equipment from anyone besides
Your Loyal Customer,
by Sandy
" Eric, I am sending this to let you know that Robert B. (agent 120) has been wonderful to work with. He sent the two RMA Labels to me very quickly because he knew how dissappointed my son was. He also followed up on them as soon as they were received by your company so that he could expedite the exchange. The gun we were going to exchange for, that was in stock last week when we spoke, was now out of stock so he suggested others and very quickly got approval for us to have a free upgrade to a comparable gun. Again, he is doing his best to ship this out as soon as possible, knowing that these were Christmas items for my son and he is so anxious to go with his friends. I'd also like to mention that I know (although he didn't bring it up until I asked,) Robert has not been feeling well, but he made the effort to hang in there until this situation was handled. He is a true asset to your company and I have told many people about him and about my comfort level with ordering from Evike, even though I'm not fond of ordering things online. I've told friends in Florida and many that are in my area and I will continue to tell people that Evike is a reputable company with very efficient and courteous employees. I hope you have a wonderful day and Thank You, to you and Robert!
by Mr. Granados
" Sir/Ma'am, My name is Ramon Granados and I recently placed an order with your site. My order number is #######. I simply wanted to say that the service I received over the phone from one of your representatives was one of the most polite and helpful customer service engagements I have ever experienced. The gentlemen was very helpful and at no point did I feel like just another order number as I have with many other companies for whatever the product may have been. I wish I was better with names so I could tell you the name of the person who helped me. I want to say it was Thomas. I know the initial call was at approximately 20 minutes to 6pm your time and that he called me back not to long later which I really appreciated. I have a handful of people at my squadron who are also getting into airsoft along with me and I will be recommending your site to all of them due to the exceptional service I was provided with. Whatever it is you are doing please keep it up. As long as customer service like that is being provided then will be my one stop shop for all things airsoft. Thank you for your time.
Very Satisfied Customer,
Ramon Granados
by Judith
" Dear Garrett, Thanks so much for all you've done for us. You have been extremely patient and such an attribute to Evike! You have most certainly put the customer above all else. I can see angel wings forming now! David loves both his guns and all the equipment. He only wishes you were close so he could thank you personally and shake your hand, from Florida to California is quite a distance. You have brought back true customer service that has been forgotten by so many companies and corporations. It has been such a pleasure doing business with Evike and you have most certainly been so patient with a "Mom" that really wasn't sure what I was talking about. The owner of Evike, and your supervisor certainly need to give you a raise for your patients and customer service and satisfaction. You, as I said earlier, have earned your wings with us. :^) It's a pleasure doing business with you and I know we will be buying much more equipment with you in the future. We'll also share with many students (My husband is a teacher) and friends about how your company puts the customer first and has the highest quality of merchandise available. You have my permission to use any or all of my email to promote your business. It's so refreshing to find a company that truly places the customer first. Thank you for your great patience and expertise! Respectfully, Judith
by J
" I just wanted to compliment evike on their customer service, product support and fast delivery. I ordered bulk bbs for an airsoft organization that we are starting in the Tampa Bay area of Fl and I felt like it was important to give good feedback.
You guys are awesome. From the call back to check on my purchase, to the quality customer service over the phone, you guys pulled it off without a hitch. I was even surprised to see that all the information was notated in my delivery confirmation.
I prefer not to buy over the internet when I can just as easily go down to my local store and buy what Im looking for but I couldn't find bulk bbs cheaper and at the quantity I wanted. Evike was recommended to me by a friend who is helping to start our organization and your site was great. Its easy to use, has pretty much everything you could ever want and when you couple it with the support, its literally the best airsoft supply out there.

After my great experience with Evike I'm not interested in reselling or becoming a dealer through your site and Im convinced that if the service is this good at those levels our organization will blow up. Myself and our admin are now recommending Evike to every player exclusively and will continue to order exclusively from you.
In a nut shell:
Pros: Best customer service out there. Best site and ease of use out there. Fast friendly service. Awsome product.
Cons: Its not a con, just wish there was a chat feature that could answer quick questions without having to call. But if this is the worst issue, this is the best damn company I've ever had the good luck of working with.
J founder of ATAK
by Devon P.
" Hi evike, i just wanted to tell you how good your website is,its so easy to use,you have great costumer service,you all never make mistakes with my orders and i would just like to say thank you for your wonderful efforts to spread the sport of airsoft!
by Billy
" Dear Evike, I would just like to tell you how pleased I am with your online experience. I placed my order on a Friday and it arrived on Tuesday of the next week! That is extremely quick for a large order traveling all the way across the country. When I had a question about my AEG, I knew I could call Evike and talk to a real person. After having purchased airsoft guns and supplies online from several different retailers, I can safely say that is the best online airsoft distributor period. Thank you! -Billy
by Travis
" Hi, I just wanted to leave some positive feedback for you guys. I ordered a laser/light combo quite a while ago, but I only use it rarely for large indoor scenario games such as Lion Claws and it worked great at those events. However, recently the spring loaded on/off switch on the back broke. Since I hadn't used it much I was disappointed to see it break after such light use. I contacted you guys about it, but didn't expect much since a lot of time had passed since I bought it. However, without even having to send the defective piece in, you guys sent me out a new back piece pronto. I was amazed at how quick and efficient the whole process was. I really appreciate great customer service like that and it's comforting to know you guys stand behind your products. You guys get 5 stars from me!
Thanks again,
Travis B.
by SPC O�Connell, Sean. U.S Army
" To whom it may concern,
I will be returning to the states here in the next couple of weeks from Afghanistan. We are Infantry, so glad to be coming home soon. My buddy, got me to convert over to air soft from paintball. I just made two orders in the past 2 days, love your prices and product. I only wish you carried Woodland combat shirts, I would make another order from you guys! I just wanted to e-mail Evike and say thank you for providing such a great website with great prices. If you have any spare Evike patches laying around, I would have wear them and take some pictures for Evike. Would love to rock the patches during Op: Blue/grey in October as my first big air soft event.
by Ronda
" Good Afternoon,
I meant to write this email a week ago, and of course life gets away, but I did not want it to be missed, even if it�s late.
I am the mother of an enthusiastic 15 year old �air softer� that made the drive to the store last Saturday, Feb 16th for a daily deal. I had no idea what I was walking into and was really not prepared. I was in a huge hurry and overwhelmed. I was directed to the express center with a computer and instructed to put in our order to expedite everything. I was approached by an employee named Denny, who clearly knew I was overwhelmed and over my head. In just a matter of minutes he was able to completely handle everything we needed and then some, all with a smile and sense of total reassurance. I must say that his customer service skills were outstanding and he made a real impact on me. I will make the drive to the store again, but only on a day that I know Denny will be there. He was just fantastic and in today�s day and age of lack of personal attention and service- he stood out head and shoulders to me.
People are always quick to tell you about what is wrong with your operations but not so fast to tell you what�s right and for me Denny is what�s right about EVIKE.
Thank you so much and we will see you soon!
by Michael J.
" Dear Evike, I'm sorry to take up any email space. I'm sure your answering questions and handling problems non stop, so I hope reading this message causes you no trouble. I have been purchasing airsoft items from Evike for a while now. I just wanted to take some time and let you know how satisfied I am with your website. I have to say it's the best online shopping experiences I have had, and I am quite the avid net shopper. I am happy with the professionalism, I am happy with the quick processing and shipping time, and I am happy with the customer service. When I had a question about my G36 on the phone line, not only was it answered correctly, but we even engaged in a little conversation about the gun in a 'wouldn't this be cool' type of discussion. I like that when I called it wasn't some fellow who I couldn't understand from some country I've never heard of... I also like that he was willing to have that type of discussion and not look at my call as, "Well lets get this one done so we can handle the 99 other calls that will come after... Thank you come again!" He took his time and actually seamed to be enjoying the talk himself. I'm a cashier so I know how hard it can be to deal with people. So to whoever at Evike headquarters gets this message. I want to say thank you for all your hard work and please let everyone of your coworkers know that I'm very happy with what you people are doing over there. Thanks again...
Michael J. Provenzano
by Nick
" To Whom It May Concern, Yet again, you guys have blown me away with your great customer service. I Just want to thank you guys for all that you do for us as people and airsofters. Aside for the other ways you guys have gone the extra mile for me, I would like to share with you the most recent testimony. I placed an order on sunday night, 9/25. the order wasn't an expensive one, so I wasn't sure how soon my order would be processed and shipped. I live in Alabama, so the normal time for a package to arrive here from CA is around 4 days. Well, I have a major airsoft event this upcoming weekend, and needed the usual 4 days-process to be expedited. I made a simple call to the customer service hotline, and requested an expedition of sorts in order to make my deadline. As always, the customer service representative was helpful, and hurried my order right on along its way. They not only immediately processed my order, but shipped it out mere hours later, via USPS. Because you guys ALWAYS give tracking numbers, I was able to see that my package was to arrive on Wednesday, the 28th. I was astonished to see such customer service!!! sure enough, on Wednesday, the package arrived, a mere 3 days since I made my order! wow!! thank you all so very much, and PLEASE continue to go above and beyond most standards!!
by Justin
" Thank you guys so much, i just want to let you know how much i love I mean you guys have like every airsoft product in existence, and when i need a question answered, i can ask it, and have it answered by a real live person. Thank you again!
by I.F.
" Hello, I'm contacting you regarding an employee named Garrett who gave me wonderful service via telephone when I placed an order last Monday. I had to call because I was having difficulty accessing's order page and Garrett came to the rescue. This person is articulate, and very polite which seems rare these days in young people. I'm a retired Marine, and I enjoy taking boneyard airsoft guns and turning them into non-firing toys for disadvantaged kids. I enjoy shopping at Evike and plan to continue doing so in the future. Sincerely, I.F.
by Shaye
" Hey Evike, I ordered a WE Tech M1911 GBB from u guys on Saturday... And lo and behold i was extremely happy to have you guys literally ship it out on a Tuesday, today!! Haha Evike thanks guys keep up the awesome work dudes!!! Love ya guys Btw I love your selection of $80-$100 M1911 GBB's
by Mike P.
" Dear EVIKE thank you for processing my order in a timely Manner i think the Order only took 3 business days from start to finish and i wanted to let you know that i appreciate the turnaround as fast as it was ..I received my order and all items were good everything was there and wanted to let you know that the US MAIL seemed to have there way with the poor box as it was bent and torn and broke open lol however everything was good and all there ...THANK YOU
by Anonymous
" To whom it may concern: I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding my interaction with your RMA department. Specifically #108 (I believe his name is Jeff or Geoff). I was not aware that airsoft existed until two months ago, so I am a newcomer to the sport. I played paintball 15 years ago, and always hoped that a more realistic and less tedious alternative to paintball would come to market. I happened upon airsoft by chance while shopping at a local Army Store last Halloween. I was immediately interested in what, to me, seemed like a much more realistic alternative to paintball. The owner of the local Army Store also owns a small field outside of town, and holds bimonthly airsoft games. I attended one of these games, and was immediately hooked on airsoft. I made a significant initial investment to make sure I had the guns and the gear to be able to take advantage of any local games I could attend. Unfortunately, there is only one local supplier of quality airsoft equipment. The local team, field, and supplier of airsoft equipment are all run by the same individual so, as a newcomer to the sport, my decisions were highly influenced by this one individual. I spent spent over four years in graduate school studying business, investments, and markets so I am a firm believer that competition results in higher quality goods and services. I knew that I was being forced into placing a large amount of trust into what the local supplier told me since there was no competition to give me a difference of opinion. As I purchased more and more equipment from the local supplier I realized that some of the information I was getting was contradictory. I decided to look online and was almost overwhelmed at the amount of airsoft gear that was online. Initially I was searching for a specific item rather than a webiste in general. My original searches led me to I ordered an M203 and a heat-shield to go with the Classic Army M15A2 I had purchased locally. I was very disappointed with the experience. I received a broken M203 launcher and an adaptor for an entirely different style gun than I had ordered. I called, and was treated indifferently until I spoke to a manager. I demanded a refund since they had sent the wrong adaptor and an M203 that was split in half. The manager complied and they sent UPS to my home to pick up the package and issue me a refund. It took them an extraordinary amount of time to issue my refund. I called them and was told it was because my package had "gone to one of their warehouses where no people were stationed at the time". Needless to say I was extremely turned off by the online experience, and went back to relying on the local Army Store. I became frustrated with the local supplier after a couple of guns I had handed over to be upgraded were returned to me with damaged parts. I also became skeptical of the advice I was getting because I was purchasing AEG's that were upgrades over AEG's I had purchased only a few weeks before. I told the local supplier I was only interested in the highest quality gear because I was certain I liked the sport, but naturally I was only exposed to the best that he had in stock at the time. After buying 7 AEG's, and still not having a gun which was completed or that I was in love with I decided to go back online and do some research. I had also spent $180 on top-of-the-line ESS goggles to protect me eyes, but could not convince the local supplier to order me a half face mask. That is how I found I was very impressed with the number of options evike carried for each of my AEG's. The first AEG I purchased was an M249 SAW. I put $400 into internal upgrades for the M249, and I had been waiting 7 weeks to get a few simple external upgrade parts. I noticed that evike had all the parts I was looking for. Before going hog wild, I decided to place a few test orders to see how the site worked. I was truly impressed that most of the items I had ordered were shipped within 24 hours and at my home a few days later, just after the Christmas holiday. I placed three orders with over the New Years Eve weekend. A couple of the items that I ordered were duplicates, or items that I only intended to keep one of depending on the size/fit etc. I briefly read over the return policy, but figured that it was obvious that I was ordering duplicate items and I would not have a problem returning the items that I decided not to keep. I called after I decided which mask I wanted to keep. I was told that no refunds were given as a matter of policy, regardless of the situation. I had a hard time believing that no returns were given a case-by-case evaluation and that under no circumstances would refunds be issued. I totally understand the issues that force companies like evike to adopt such policies. I told the agent I spoke with that I would want to inspect returned items with a fine-toothed comb if I were selling equipment that people could use and return. However, barring refunds totally would make someone like myself very hesitant to place orders, knowing that I could not order two of the same type items with the intent of keeping the one that I liked better. I airsoftGI had given me a refund when they sent me damaged items, so I asked to speak to a manager. I was connected to #108. I could not have had a better experience. I wish all of my employees conducted themselves like Jeff. He went above and beyond his job description while helping me. First, he put the rest the issue of no merchandise refunds even on a case by case basis, so I was able to return items I had not opened or used. Beyond that however, he really became the source of information I had been looking for. He spent almost an hour on the phone with me giving me advice that no one had given me so far. He explained to me the difference between AEG's and gas blowback rifles. He gave me an objective opinion on brand quality. I was very impressed when he did what my local supplier would never do, and recommended a brand of BB's that evike currently does not carry. That showed me that he had my interest at the forefront of his agenda. I came away from our conversation realizing that the $6,000 I had spent on airsoft to date could have been better utilized had I had a better information source. He went out of his way to answer all of my questions, and added his personal advice when I didn't know exactly what to ask. I can say this, I try to create relationships between myself and the vendors I use that benefit me the most as a consumer. I find that when I establish a relationship with a vendor, it serves their interest as well as mine because they get a stream of future cash flows by me being a repeat customer. I can honestly say that customer service is the most important thing to me when it comes to online shopping. I can tolerate items being out of stock, etc. and will actually wait on my preferred partner to stock an item than give the business to someone else that has done nothing to earn it. I have been very satisfied with all phases of my experiences with, but #108 sealed the deal. He gained my trust, and that isn't something easily attainable without a brick and mortar shop where you have face-to-face personal interaction with the consumer. Let me state for the record that, because of the attention I received from #108, I will definitely use in the future. At this time, is my first option when it comes to airsoft equipment. I believe that performance like that of #108 deserves to be rewarded, and can honestly say that he "earned my business". I just wanted to share this positive experience with you, as I thought you would appreciate hearing how one of your employees went above and beyond to satisfy a customer half way across the country. Applauds to #108. Thank you Jeff. Thank you
by Norm W.
" To all at
I am a 58 year old retired physician who just found out about airsoft in September while visiting an Army/Navy surplus store. I was captivated by the realistic look and feel of many of the weapons I looked at. I purchased several items and brought them home and was equally impressed at the realistic construction and action of the equipment I had purchased. It was at this point I knew I was hooked. I went researching retailers online and came across I placed and order and received it in quick order. Since that time I have placed about 8 or 9 orders and have been extremely pleased with both the ease of ordering and fast, efficient order processing and shipping. I have had to use your RMA department only once, but the experience was a pleasant one.
Overall, I would have to admit, your company is one of the finest I have dealt with (online or offline)! This kind of service and satisfaction seems to be getting more and more rare in these times. Keep up the great work. I am a loyal customer.
Norman E. Worsley II, M.D.
by Matt
" I love your website me and my friends I've told at least 50 people about u guys Never disappointed ABSOLUTELY great SERVICE rate u on a 1 to 10 scale u guys are. A 10 -matt Will never shop anywhere els for airsoft
by Jon P.
" I just wanted to say thanks for the great service you have provided me. I have been lied to and money was "stolen" from me by another "large" airsoft retailer but you have been nothing but great to me! I appreciate the great service you provide and will continue to do my business with you. great work guys, keep it up!
by Don
" Hello, I am writing to you to praise and compliment your online customer service employees, and your whole organization. I recently became interested in Airsoft. Having searched around for places I should buy from, I was disappointed that I didn't get much online help from places I emailed. Except, that is, from Evike. I have asked a ton of questions through email, and your team has answered every one of them. And the answers have been quick, and courteous. Your products are excellent, and the descriptions and reviews are honest and thorough. Everything a potential buyer could ask for! Because of that, I chose to make my purchases of airsoft items through Evike. Rob (customer service/sales) and Michael (Tech Support) in particular have responded to my many questions with courtesy and expertise, and have had the patience needed to make and keep me as a new customer. Please be sure to give them the praise and incentive they deserve in order to keep this kind of dedication and customer service going! It is appreciated! Thank you! Sincerely,
by Tiaan
" Dear Evike,
Thanks for the excellent service i received from Evike personel.I received my KWA M226 today.I stay in South-Africa and only waited 6days for my product.I paid my shipping fees twice and evike refunded me with no hassels. Thank you again,evike will definitely hear from me again.
Best Regards
by Judith
" To Whom It May Concern; I am so impressed with your customer service representative. I believe his name is Garret, not only was he a true gentleman, he efficiently and swiftly corrected a minor glitch with my son, David Bowman's order. The problem was 2 of the clips ordered worked improperly and the 8.4 volt battery did not charge properly. Garret, not only corrected the problems he upgraded the two plastic clips to metal clips. A new battery was sent along with an eighteen percent off coupon. Customer satisfaction extreme. It is so refreshing to deal with an honest and customer friendly company. I'm 57 years old and have dealt many years with different circumstances involving customer satisfaction. Your company has exceedingly gone beyond my expectations for resolving an issue. Not only was Garret very patient with me not actually knowing what I was talking about, (I'm the Mom) he resolved the situation quickly. I talked with him on a Tuesday at 1:30 in the afternoon, (Eastern) and in the mail on Friday at 12:30 your replacement products arrived. From across country from California to Florida. I realize I may have "rattled on," however, I am just so impressed with the efficiency of your company. Especially in a time when many companies have forgotten how to nicely treat customers. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops how you are such a quality company in all aspects. Not just the best equipment, but also the best service possible. Ethical, honest and friendly superbly describes your company. Thank you so much for your time. Oh, by the way, Garret needs a raise!!
You have my permission to use my letter any way you see fit.
Respectfully, Judith Bowman
by Matt
" listen your customer service is so dam good i have told all my fellow airsofters at school to use evike on my airsoft team (yumadesertcobras) youtube channle i get all my gear from here when i review it i ALWAYS say buy it from evike they have the best prices and a supper fair with warranty. i just broke my gun so i called up evike the worker i don't remember his name helped me choose the right gun to get next so i took his advise and order the echo 1 scar (230$ black) just last night i wake up this morning and its already in the shipping center. i will never buy from anywhere else but evike when i went into the store (im from yuma i dint now) i didnt have my m4 in a case worker rushed up to me and helped me out with that little problem. my dad=VERY IMPRESSED me = VERY IMPRESSED my freind ordered a m4 it came broke he came to me i said call evike back i promise you they will work with you and you sent him a new gun he was supper happy my team orders no where except evike believe me or not but its actully a rule ur gun must be ordered from and be full metal :) AWESOME JOB! from all of us at desert cobra airsoft
by Ray
" I was just in your store a couple days ago and may I say wow!!! It's amazing, you guys did an amazing job on designing your shop. I love your guys service from on the phone service to person to person service. All of is amazing! Your prices honestly surpass any other retailer. I personally will keep buying from you guys and hopefully one day get sponsored for my YouTube videos in the future. Keep up the good work guys!
by Ryan
" Ok I'm writing this Email to advise you of the employee Robert. He went above and beyond what I expected in means of customer service. He was patient and above all very courteous , called me sir before and after coming back and forth on the phone. I would like him to be given priority status when considering promotion and pay increase. I am a professional firefighter out of Jersey City and also run a bail bonds business. I am always telling my teams that be polite and courteous is how you win over on customer service. I will be ordering from again for the simple fact that Robert was the gentleman he was while taking my order . If their is a way that when I call next time I would like to place my order directly through him. I hope to receive a response to this email , so I know he is a where that he received this positive report. Sincerely your newest customer.
by The Cameron Q.
" To Whom This May Concern,
Who cant think of a time they've purchased an airsoft gun, an electronic, or really anything and it didn't work? How many times have you had to call customer support and been dissatisfied or had the feeling that you're being shrugged off? Ever feel like the person on the other side of the phone is just dragging along, barely committed to their daily chore of "helping" you? Yeah, we all have been there and probably more than we can count on one hand.
On Friday (May 3) I called into Evike after receiving an e-mail saying that my box magazine wouldn't be in with my weapon due to the fact it was on back-order. The sales rep who answered my call was named Sabrina and I honestly have NOTHING negative to say about this young woman. Sabrina was able to answer all of my questions and solve my magazine issue in a quick manner. On top of being efficient, she was also very polite and friendly, not once did I get the feeling that doing her job was a "chore", despite it being a Friday afternoon. I enjoyed speaking with Sabrina and I hope that if I ever have to call about an issue, I get her because she is the epitome of customer service. In the event that she decides to seek promotion to a crew trainer, she has my personal recommendation.
I also spoke to a SR today (Monday-May 6) named Robert who was very friendly as well as helpful. Robert stood out in the fact that he offered to help me locate my magazines in the hope that I'll get them before this weekends event.
I wish the best for both of these SR's as well as the rest of the Evike team.
Cameron Q.
A customer for life.
by The Casillas Family
" I am emailing to let you know how much I appreciate the great customer service we received from your employees, especially Robert. My family drove up from Ventura to take advantage of the 25% off sale on November 20th. We purchased several things and Robert was the gentleman who helped us. Unfortunately, once we got home we realized that the scope rings we purchased were not the correct size and needed to be exchanged. And since we live in Ventura, this posed a slight problem for me so I called Evike and was luckly enough to get assisted by Robert once again. He helped walk me through the necessary steps so I could perform my exchange via the mail. As luck would have it, we didn't have to do the mail exchange. I got a call saying that my son had won the Echo 1 MP 5 in the drawing and in order to redeem the prize we had to go into the Evike store. We made our way to the store to handle all our business and everyone working at the store was very kind to us, especially Robert. I greatly appreciate how great Robert's customer service was and all the time he took to help us and I also wanted to let his managers know as well. Thank you for all the time, cooperation, and great customer service we have recieved from the Evike employees. Sincerely,
by Rudy
" Hello Evike, I woukd to compliment your great customer service and delivery. When I did have a issue ya had a representative ready at the phone to assist me. Garrett was great, asked the questions to find out my issue and took the appropriate steps to resolve my issue. He got my product replaced and with a speedy delivery. I would like to express how happy I am and how much care ya put in. I will referring ya to my friends and family for future business.
by S.M.
" This is the best airsoft website ever! I ordered a gun for the first time, and got 10% off. I then put it on the cheapest shipping and got in in 9 days! I was having soo much trouble trying to find the gun I was looking for, then I found your website and what do you know, you have it! You can count on me buying from your online store again soon!!! Thanks for the great service.
by Knightshade
" Hey, I know you guys are as busy as you can get. To be able to do what you do day in and day out is incredible. But, to pull it off during the holiday rush is friggin' unbelievable. I placed a three day RUSH order yesterday morning and it went out last night. It was four different items and it still went out! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I have used any number of other guys and so have my friends but we all come back to Evike. You always have the best prices, the best customer service and products. Anyone that has a problem with you guys is probably lying or just plain stupid. Again, thank you for your time and I know you guys are the best!! B.H.
by C.D.M.
" TWO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I just wanted to THANK YOU so very much Evike and your representatives for how our order from 12/7/10 was handled!!! We ordered it on that date, and I teetered between doing ground shipping and 3 day shipping because I couldn't afford the 3 day. I was also informed that the 3 day shipping may not arrive until Monday or Tuesday due to the holiday surge in sales. Your reps worked with me and my son's order (early xmas gift :) ) and it arrived on Friday the 10th!!! And your reps worked with me on the shipping price! I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and care in handling our shipment. I am so very grateful to everyone there. The reason I am so thankful to you and your teams is that I am a struggling single mom, with one wonderful son - whose life (besides school) revolves around - an organization here in Texas - that provides a wonderful, safe & hardworking, playing and training ground (81 acres). Their mission statement is to provide a safe place to build teamwork, leadership skills, and lifetime skills for all involved, therefore a very wonderful place for a young man without a father present. Again just a THANK YOU for your representatives and Evike's SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Hopefully I will be able to order some or the rest of the items my son has on his Christmas list. Where is Santa when we really need him? LOLOLOL Now I just have about $350 more to order, and will make the order as soon as I can get the money together - I know the time is getting close!!! :) Many, many, many thanks & Happy Holidays to all of Evike's staff for this act of kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful company you are! Please know that we will ALWAYS order his AirSoft gear through your website. Respectfully,
by Anonymous
" To Whom It May Concern: I just placed an order online for a Christmas present for my son with the phone help of your support tech, Michael. I want to commend him and offer sincere praise for this young man. I knew nothing about your products and was ordering pretty much with just the information given to me by my son. This young man was very patient, informative, and helpful and with his help I was able to order the best parts available for my son. It is not often I run into such patient and caring help, so this was extremely appreciated. This young man should definitely be commended for his tech support in your company. With Sincere appreciation.
by Anonymous
by Hamid Daroui
" I would like to commend you on your fantastic customer service and the way you run your business. I have rarely seen such professional and organized way of handling orders as I have experienced exceptional work on the phone, by email and your fantastic WEB site. I say the employees in customer service, shipping and sales would deserve great appreciation for their professional work.
by Anonymous
" Thank you very much for all the help you've given me. I have shopped online in the past but no other site has such a quality customer service such as yours here at Evike. Once I receive my next paycheck, I'll place my order for it. Thank you for being so understanding.
by Anonymous
" Thank you, thank you very much!! You guys are great!! You always respond to my emails quickly. I have received (2) shipments from you so far and each time I was very pleased with everything.
by Tom Chuluota, FL
" My Review of EVIKE.COM: 1) Your Customer Service is GREAT!! 2) You as well as some others have lots of instructional videos on youtube that help with people like me wanting to learn about the guns, how they work, and what features they have as well as reviews on how well they perform. 3) You and others give free ground shipping on orders over a certain amount. 4) Bottom Line: NO ONE CAN BEAT your HOLY COW MAG SPECIALS!! For example, I just purchased a JG P90 from EVIKE which I could have gotten at a similar price elsewhere, buat who the heck only wants (1) mag? That's retarded. If your in a battle you want to be able to drop the mag and reload!! I will be recommending you guys to a friend who wants to get his kid a M16 for Christmas.and anyone else that wants to purchase airsoft items. Thank you so much,
by Anonymous
" I just want to say thank you for your great service. I've only had one issue with you guys in the past, and it was resolved and I got what I wanted. That's why Evike will always be my number one source for airsoft supplies, and thats also why I am using guns that I have purchased from you guys in my short film.
by Ken Madison
" I just wanted to write and let you know I spoke with Rob from your customer service department this evening. He was very helpful and friendly. He answered all of my questions and was a pleasure doing business with. I wanted to let you know what a fine employee you have in Rob! Sincerely,
by Brian M.
" Hey there guys at Evike, I just wanted to let you know that out of all the websites that I've dealt with, you are truly the best. It's great to talk to actual people and not some automated machine, and I've been helped out by many of your staff, especially Clifford Tjing (give that guy a raise, will ya?). To tell you the truth, I've gone to XXXXX, but their customer service is just horrible, and every product I've received from them was an old or damaged one. I'd rather spend a couple dollars extra and shop here knowing what great service and quality you have. Oh, and before I forget, I wanted to ask you about the mystery box that you used to have; did you remove it from your site permanently? Thank you for continuing to provide great quality and service! Sincerely,
by Anonymous
" Evike!!!! whats up you guys just wanted to write to you guys saying how much i love your products and most of all your prices. you guys have by far the best prices out there and you guys actually care about the customer!!! which is a HUGE plusssss so no matter what ill always by from you guys. like i said the prices the coupon codes all the great deals its just amazing. So i decided since you guys are so good to the customers (me) ill be good to you. I'm going to start making reviews on the guns ive bought from you and plan on buying from you so hopefully it will get your name even more out there and increase your sales. Just a little way of showing you guys how asome you are. Hope you guys have a good day i look forward to buying more stuff from you once i save a bit more cash.
by James
" I have ordered a from a couple of stores online, and evike is the only one that I have come back to. All of my guns that still work have come from you, and I plan on ordering many more times. Your customer service is great. You should seriously think about putting a store in MA though, you would be the only airsoft place in the state.
by Hunter
" Thanks Guys you know I was pretty frustrated the other night ,but I have noticed something; other sites when they send E-Mails they all talk like robots. you ;however, talk like a human being just a little complement. thanks for your almost immediate service
by M.K.
" I just wanted to give you guys a word of gratitude for your customer service. Today, I received an actual phone call from one of your staff about my back-ordered item. His explanation was very clear, and he did not hesitate to answer my questions. Sure, back orders are big pain in the eye, but with such courtesy from the retailer, it is a pain that I can deal with any day. So thank you again very much.
by Orlando Wolf Pack
" To all Evike staff, I just wanted to write to you guys to express my satisfaction with the serves I recently received. I recently placed a large order with you guys after another company gave a run around on some of the items I was looking for. Not only did you have everything I needed but you also worked with me to get everything to me on short notice before I flew out do compete at a major operation with my team. Because of the excellent service, flexibility and helpfulness of your staff my team had everything we needed. I will sure to recommend you guys to everyone I know of in the airsoft world. Thank you again.
by Daniel Varnum
" Dear Evike I would like to say thank you for your great customer care whether it be on the phone or by email they all ways do a perfect job at answering my questions and helping me with orders or choosing an item. I have bought many items with different accounts on your site and i have to say you have some of the best gear, guns, and bbs out there and by far the best site just saying thank you for being a great company Daniel Varnum
by Darren Shipley
" I received my order from you today, and I must say, "I am extremely satisfied with my order." All the products were in excellent condition, and of great quality for the price. Thank you, and I look forward to doing more business with you soon.
by David Bruce
" Hi guys, I'm a noob to airsoft, and I just wanted to express my appreciation to your store's professionalism and quality customer service. This is my story- I'm an early 40's dad who likes "real" guns, and I own quite a few weapons, mostly milsurp (yugo SKS, a couple Tokarevs, etc). I ended up getting my brother a CZ-82 when I bought mine, because the value of that handgun was excellent. Never been much into airsoft, just from lack of knowledge (the only things I saw around here were the walmart crap, which I considered not worth the time of day). My bro wanted to shoot stuff for fun in the backyard, so he researched airsoft and ended up getting some KWA gear (M9 ptp and later the M4). We were impressed with the workmanship especially of the GBB pistol. He returned the favor to me on xmas, getting my son a KWA PTP M9 too, and we really enjoyed it. I decided 1st that having more than 1 pistol would be fun (actual shooting of each other instead of just popping some soda cans, when not around my brother), so I looked around for decent value guns- and found your site. I ordered a WE 1911 and the Snow Wolf M9; I figured either 1 was nice, and for the price of the KWA we'd have additional for when his friends etc showed up to play. After ordering, I admit I saw some iffy feedback et al regarding your site, so I held my breath, but I was very impressed by the customer service I received on my order (#751665). I had not known if the 'Holy Cow' magazine would work, so I didn't order it. I later emailed and asked if it would have, and was told yes and you guys went ahead and extended the courtesy of adding it in! Part of my order is on preorder, but 1 gun arrived and is very nice, so I felt that warranted some loyalty on my part. My son's 16th birthday is today, and he decided he wanted an AEG to compete with his cousin's M4. So remembering your service and nice selection, we looked around on your site last week and placed an order #753757 last Thursday, before the 1st order had arrived. Not my choice of gun (the anime-looking IKA ZUCHI), but nice reviews and all, and he'd said he wanted something "different" anyway- his 2nd choice was an AUG (the odd looking Steyr). And ultimately, this thing is definitely "something different"... Anyway, the pistol arrived on Monday and we really liked it. Feels good in the hand, good shooter, nice box. The groovy IKA SUCHI arrived yesterday, and he's having a blast exterminating Mountain Dew cans. I just wanted to share that with you guys, as I said I've seen some poor site reviews, but my experience with you has been extremely favorable. Everything is as described, great prices, fast shipping, very large selection, and very good description of the items on the site- more info than on other sites. I will definitely recommend your site to friends who are interested in Airsoft; and I gather it's gaining strength around here (south Louisiana). Thanks and good luck, David Bruce
by Anonymous
" Just a brief note of thanks for taking care of my son's problem he was having with the product that came with this order. Its nice to know that you guys are taking care of this with very prompt and courteous attention. I will not hesitate to allow him to continue ordering from you, but I will recommend your company to all his friends parents who are into Airsoft. We all love your website so keep up the good work.
by Anonymous
" Thank you for all the help and I will continue to buy guns from because it has proven to have great customer service
by Anonymous
" Okay you guys have been AWESOME! Customer service is perfect. I asked a lot of questions and got all the answers. Thank you guys so much! I love evike!
by Leviathan Airsoft
" Just wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to for providing the best service possible. Our entire team (9 people) favor evike over any other competitor. I recently ordered a JG M4 614, countless tactical gear, a WE MEU 1911 pistol, and other odds and ends. Evike was speedy with the delivery and when items were out of stock the alerted me quickly and easily provided me with a refund. I ordered a 9.6 V Large Type battery for my 614, only to realize that it was much too big to fit. I had to run out to a nearby store, whose prices are noticeably higher, and purchase a small type. When I informed evike of this, they said it was no problem, and that I would receive a complete refund. I know countless other members of my team are loyal to the best airsoft site on the web, EVIKE.COM Thanks, Leviathan Airsoft
by Orlando Wolf Pack
" To all Evike staff, I just wanted to write to you guys to express my satisfaction with the serves I recently received. I recently placed a large order with you guys after another company gave a run around on some of the items I was looking for. Not only did you have everything I needed but you also worked with me to get everything to me on short notice before I flew out do compete at a major operation with my team. Because of the excellent service, flexibility and helpfulness of your staff my team had everything we needed. I will sure to recommend you guys to everyone I know of in the airsoft world. Thank you again. A.K.A. Chicken Orlando Wolf Pack
by Anonymous
" WOW i really love evike im new to airsoft i ordered some spring pistols and a rifla and a few other things.i was missing one of the items so i contacted evike and told them the next day they were shipping the missing item!! i just wanted to say what amazing services you have here at evike. I cant wait to get a vest,a AEG and a gas pistol! thanks you evike you guys rock!!!
by John
" Dear Evike, The one thing that every consumer fears is opening a package to find the item broken or not working. this happened to me and from hearing horror storys of your returns dept. from people on google and other sites, i can truely say that theyre wrong! from the minute i contacted you, you were professional, nice, and immediate with a remedy to my problem and replaced the item asap and made sure i had it in time for my battle. all i can say is that you guys know what your doing and doing it right which is why i trust you and tell all my friends about you so that when they need airsoft gear, they go to the best people! i cant wait to come back soon for some more gear because you guys are the only people in my book i go to for my airsoft needs! thanks again! John
by Douglas Ely
" Sirs; I just wanted you to know of a positive experience in dealing with a one of your employees. We have purchased from other sellers in the past and I was shocked at how we were handled. In one instance, from another seller, we received a broken product. When I "emailed" (ugh! 5 day turnaround time) for an RMA, I was told that shipping cost was my responsibility for any returns. I argued that item was broken. The person told me that if I had been a walk-in customer, I wouldn't be reimbursed for my gas to and from the store so why should I be reimbursed for shipping? Ahhhhh! Such was not the case in dealing with Tony. As you can see from our order history, we had more than our share of problems in getting a working item for my son. Though no fault of yours, I was very frustrated and about to give up, but Tony handled it professionally and personally as well. Through his perseverence and genuine concern for making our purchase positive, we are now very happy with our product and our decision to deal with Evike. We will go no where else when we need anything for our Airsoft needs and recommend you as a seller. Three cheers for Tony! Thanks again, Douglas Ely
by Anonymous
" hello evike my friend took me to evike store in San Gabriel and it was my first time there my exprience there was the best the people there are nice and helpfull and i love the airsoft guns there and i recommended evike to all my friends i love evike my team and i wanted to get sponser by evike but you guys already have alot of teams to sponsor but im still going to buy my gun and my supplies in evike
by E.T.
" Thanks to all. We received the new battery and all works great. I appreciate the high level of customer service. Regards
by Kyle
" Hey do you guys do any events or stuff in Nebraska? It would be AMAZING if you did. I once was visiting my dad in California and he let me go to one of your events and it was the best time of my life! It was soooo cool. If you had anything in Nebraska i would go to every one of your events. If you don't please at least take it into consideration to do something here. Sincerely (and truly!), Kyle
by Connor
" Hello, Evike is the first, and only place I've dealt in airsoft with. I just wanted to say I've had nothing but good experiences with you guys. The only issue I've had was quickly and efficiently solved by a very helpful representative named Garrett. I will continue to shop at Evike, and be sure to refer my friends to you. Thanks for all you do! -Connor
by Kirby Morrow
" Hey Evike, I would just like to thank you for the great serice over the past two years i have been a sniper. Every single AEG, GGB, or Bolt operated sniper rifle i hae boughten has been top of the line/ high quality. I love going to your store when ever i can (like once every 2 months), and eeery time i go to your store i always have the best service, and the sales reps always help me and wait as ong as possible with me by my side until my decision i have made about my purchase. Once again i would like to thank Evike and it's staff. Kirby Morrow P.S.- i am probably going to be stopping by the store to buy some .20 BBs for my recently purchased m14, M99 Barrett, and my vsr10.
by Hayes
" I am not sure where to add my testimonial or if you guys are still accepting them, but ill leave it with you and hopefully you can add it to the sight. Dear Evike, I feel completely compelled to write this review and give you the best writeup that I can. You guys manage to run a large walk in store and give top notch service to your web customers, which makes your company a rare breed. I don't think you are likely to find this type of customer service anywhere else. I live in Northern California, so I haven't been to the walk in store, but I am nothing but impressed with how quickly orders are processed and shipped. You guys have a gigantic variety of products, a lot of which you aren't going to find anywhere else. I was one of the lucky few that managed to get the WE tech G39E sniper variant with the 500 fps upgrade pre-installed. I had some problems and called the service center. The tech and I got straight to the point, narrowed down the possible problems, and before I knew it, i had a packing slip emailed to me and shipped my gun in for warranty repair service free of charge. You have no idea how relieved I was to have such a supportive staff help me after dropping 300$ on an airsoft gun. If this is your first time to the store, trust me, these guys know what they're doing, and they know what they're talking about. Put your faith in evike's prices, their products, and their services because they deliver, bottom line. I love this store and your company makes buying and maintaining airsoft guns and accessories 100% hassle free. Love It. Hayes
by Aaron Poplawski
" An Awesome Experience. I am writing in regards to my recent experiences with and one of it's employees in the RMA department. All together the entire experience at has been pleasant, ordering online was easy enough, the orders processed and shipped relatively quick with no inaccuracy and the only item(s) not shipped were on back order and even that was handle well with a letter packaged inside the box informing of the status and when to expect the item in a later time frame. Really the only negative part so far has happened to be the two guns I had purchased, both Guarder T65k2 M4's in which all together the batteries, the charges, the motor's and the selector switch had faulted out. Calling into the service line and speaking with the sale technicians, explaining the situation I found myself being transferred to an RMA department in which an employee by the name of Tony | RMA Department Email Correspondent 108 | was put on the line to assist me. I explained the problems with both guns as well as my concerns with having invested over $500 in these items and that I was not happy that they had become more or less paper weights. Tony told me that these guns had been known to have a few issues and that had even tried to solve them but had no luck doing so to date. Tony also explained the repair and replacement procedures and helped me explore all options available. All while doing this he was very professional, never talking too fast as if in a hurry to end the call or too slow as if he was bored. I'm sure he takes many calls a day but while on the line with me he acted as if I was his very first call of the day. If all of the employees at act and work as efficient as Tony then you guys have a great team there and I look forward to bringing my business over from XXXX. Thank you for your time-
by Camotyger - Team F.U.B.A.R.
" I just wanted to say hello and thanks for giving airsoft enthusiasts such as myself such great prices and quick shipping on the items we love. I know Im just one person saying this but my thanks also comes from many of my fellow local players who, due to the current economic state, would not have been able to enter the sport if it waesnt for you. some may say $10-20 diffrences may not be a big diffrence, but thats easyier for some to say then others. So, thanks again for being there with afordable prices and great custermer care. I have placed many orders with evike, and will continue to do so as long as Im in the sport. Till then..
by Daniel
" Dear Evike,
I just wanted to express my compliments to your web sight and all the staff for jobs well done. With my last order I ordered a CO2 blowback rifle and it just so happened to be out of stock. Within 24 hours of me placing my order a person tried to call me to straighten out the problem. Unfortunately, I was in class and couldn�t answer. When I was finally able to get back to you, we got everything sorted out and swapped out a few items in my order, and within 3 days my package was shipped to me. Thank you. You have once again shown your professionalism. I will be ordering more guns and gear from you.
Gratefully yours,
Daniel Grande
Veteran: USN
by Charles F. Souhrada Sr.
" People are quick to complane but not to quick to complement, thai is a complement. I have ordered MANY things from your company and all the products are good. Sometimes I make a mistake and have to call to cancell the order before it is processed. The person I speak with ( customer service ) is always polite and very helpful, they are a asset to your company. I ordered a red dot scope and had a problem with the lens caps falling off ( right out of the box ). I called and explained the problem and he ofered to send another lens cap, I refused and he said he would send me a RMA # to send it back. As a customes that tells me that you put your customer satisfaction first. I would never hesatate to recommend your company to anyone. I have been buying for years from your company and will continue to.Thank you for having such a good staff and a good product and you stand buy it.
by Erik
" I've been shopping for airsoft and other goodies through your website for about 2 years now and I just wanted to say thanks. Back in May I bought an airsoft rifle and it didn't work. I tried to get it repaired locally with no success. Eventually I got the rifle back to you guys and it was repaired and it works GREAT. I'm really glad to be doing business with y'all and have recently referred a couple of my buddies your way for some good quality AEG handguns they wanted for CQB scenarios. Being able to use these airsoft guns has been a great addition for our overall training for our department for those officers that are interested in supplemental training. (Which is a fancy way of saying we like acting like 13 year olds.) Anyway, I just wanted to send on some praise for a fantastic website and a fantastic company and expect to keep sending business your way for airsoft needs. Respectfully,
by Anonymous
" I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about the professional and pleasant conversation I had today when speaking with Tony about a return issue. He dealt with my issue quickly and made me feel valued as a customer. If each time I call for help or support I get to speak with someone who is only half as capable and professional, I will be shopping with Evike for a long time. FYI, at the end of our phone conversation I asked him for owner contact info. He did not solicit or in any other way suggest that I contact you. I am a small business owner and have worked in customer service for 35+ years. I wish I had a dozen Tonys working for me. Thanks,
by Raf, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
" I used to buy all my stuff from the Internet and it was an OK experience but with Evike it was really superb as they advertise their services. I made couple of orders from Russia and all arrived correctly not missing anything. It became a hobby to just do shopping from I did send them lots of Emails and they were very kind and understanding. Thank you Evike.
by Smith
" Hello, I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome customer service I have always received. Just recently I made an order and it was delayed (I later found out) by U.S. customs. Your responses to my questions were prompt and so was the shipment of my order once you guys received it. I really appreciate all the effort that goes into your customer service and I will always recommend Evike to anyone I meet. Thanks from a very satisfied customer,
by Jeff Richmond, Texas
" Just wanted you to know that I received excellent service from your company recently. I ordered your Echo-1 SCAR package and many other items. These items shipped very quickly and were exactly what was presented on your website. Among some of the other airsofters at Houston Airsoft, there was some question about your service and backorders. I couldn't be happier with your service and will continue to use your company as well as recommend it to others. Thank you,
by Christopher
" I just wanted to write and say thank you for being very helpful and polite and I know this was for reporting bad customer service but I just wanted to report good customer service. I live in Japan and your staff was helpful in getting me my purchase for the shotshow here. Thank you very much. I will continue doing business with you in the future. Thank you. I do not know why those on Airsoft Forum speak so of Evike, my first experience was a good one again thank you.
by Anonymous
" Hi! I would just like to say how impressed I am with your company. I have emailed questions multiple times, and each time, I have received a very quick, and knowledgeable response. I have also emailed companies such as *removed* and *removed*, but I never head back from them. I am buying a new gun soon and when I do, it will definitely be from Thanks so much and keep up the good work
by Anna Bryant
" Many thanks. My son is enjoying his Christmas gift. It arrived in time and he is estatic! Thanks again,
by Bowie DB
" I thought I would drop you a line and let you know. Yesterday I came into Evike with no intention of buying and just researching and buying on the Net. It was so busy that we thought of leaving because the wait was long, but after our number came up and we got speak with Cezar we realized it was worth the wait. Cezar can "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" one day he will be the "Duke of Evike" he spent time thinking over the various benefits of re-constituting an older ICS -vs- purchasing a new KWA M4. We test fired the KWA M4, and looked over the King Arms scope, we did this with the Duke and at no point did he make us feel rushed or belittled as we were price conscious and did not want to spend more than $400.00 We eventually chose to buy a New ICS as we could get that time for Christmas, it was a win win for Evike, you got to make a sale vs just taking time out to repair and we got our product in time for xmas. Keep in mind the Duke is real and loyal to the Chair, when he did'nt know the answer to a technical question he went and asked the Tecs in the backs. A jewish profit called Memodities once said " Ask when you do not know and you will prosper" At the end of the day the sun will rise elsewhere, but today it is Midday at Evike. That goes for the Manager too, he gave us some posters for 3. He's the Bishop of Evike looking out for his customers. I accidently walked out with my sons ICS (that we were going to reconstitute), he noticed and gave me a plastic bag to put it in, Thanks it was a fun experience. P.S. you really need more stores... Keep up the good work men.
by Garrett Douglas
by Jerry Senior Agent / Firearms Instrutor U.S. Customs Service (Retired)
" I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to whichever person in upper management would be the best to receive it (owner, store manager, etc) To whom it may concern: I have been an established customer of Evike's for the past few months, and I would like to take a moment to complement your organization for the very professional service that I have received during that time. Specifically I would like to complement "Eric" (in the Admin section) and "Clifford" (in the webmaster section) for their prompt and personal attention to the few times that I have had to make a return of an item. Both of them displayed the kind of caring and gracious customer service that defines a good organization, and which is the primary reason that I choose to do my online ordering exclusively from Evike. Before "discovering" Evike, I had been purchasing from (removed).com, and although they have a very good selection of items, their customer service (when things weren't correct) left a lot to be desired, and that is why I am so pleased with Evike in general and with Eric and Clifford's efforts in particular! Please pass on to these two employees my best wishes and thanks for their attention to maintaining a high standard of Customer Support. Jerry Senior Special Agent/Firearms Instructor U.S. Customs Service (retired)
by Steve
" Hi Evike, I recently ordered a Metal body for my M4 and spoke to Kenny in your sales Dept and I was very happy with his customer service! he went as far as to go get the item I was looking at on your web site to read me what was engraved on the item! and he also made sure it was available to order. He also prepared my order to ship that day because I was planning to be out of town when the item was probably going to be delivered, so to make sure I get it he had it go out the same day I ordered! He is a great asset to your company and I will order again from Evike because of him! Thanks,
by Nuri
" I have no idea how to start this email, should i say i love you, thank you or what? you are the best! You guys send the box out on the 29th, and i got the box today! great customer service, great deals! u bet we will buy more and more from u guys! thank you again! we go to our big game on Friday, and we will test everything that be bought from u by then, i will give you some feedback! Thank you again!
by Michael Union City, TN
" Dear Evike Staff: I would like to thank you for your great customer service and product service. I am retired form Active Duty from The United States Army, I have enjoyed every product that you have sent and they work excellent. I have accumulated a few and have them displayed in the "MAN'S ROOM". I let the local law enforcement use them for training and I use them to sell your product. I also have started a local team and they dread the outcome when I show up with my "ITEM". I look forward to ordering more from you and possibly opening up a store here, maybe with great reference to your line of product. Again, thank you for your desire,promptness,and outstanding product. Sincerely,
by Matthew, NC
" I am writing to thank you for great support when I was buying some gear from your site. Your prices are very cheap and affordable and the deals are top-notch. Your products arrived in a timely manner in perfect condition. I am have used your company as a reference to buy from. I look forward to shopping at your site in the future. Thanks again.
by Chad
" i've made several orders by now and i just wanted to let you all know there at Evike that YOU KICK ASS! i think your all doing awesome jobs and couldnt be more satified so i just thought i'd leave you a message i look forward to doing lots more business thanks for everything
by Jean
" Dear Evike, From the past two orders i have made, i have had nothing but amazing service. from the time of delivery to arrial, everything has arrived on time, in perfect condition and preformed outstanding. i will recommend you to everyone i know and cant wait to order more again soon! Thanks!
by Steven Stilson
" HEY EVIKE! My name is steven stilson, emailing from cold Ohio. I was really thinking about how since you ARE the number 1 airsoft store in the world i feel, that you should start a franchise of the walk in store. that would be amazing. put one in northeast ohio, or even north west PA. you would have many purchases from there guaranteed, because i know of many people who talk about how they order from other expensive sites just because theyre closer, when you guys have the best deals on everything. I just thought i would put in y thought as to how it would be AMAZING if you started a franchise.
by Anonymous
" I just wanted to leave you guys feedback. First off you guys are amazing! the customer service is friendly and efficient! easy to purchase and very easy to receive. Even though my shipment was late you guys definitely made it up to me, EVEN THO YOU DIDN"T HAVE TO!! AND THIS WAS JUST MY FIRST TIME AND IT SURELY WILL NOT BE THE LAST !!
by Abel<
" Today my Order was finally shipped, I will be ordering from Evike again, It took abit of time to come but thats because of backorders, But your Customer Support is AMAZING, i called back and each time the agent was as Nice and Helpful as can be, he even made sure my new gun was in stock before changing my order Thanks so much,
by Matt
" I love your website me and my friends I've told at least 50 people about u guys Never disapointed ABSOULUTLY great SERVICE rate u on a 1 to 10 scale u guys are. A 10 -matt Will never shop anywhere els for airsoft
by Jacob (Virginia)
" I know that this email address is for telling you about bad services but I am going to break the rules and report good customer service. I have asked TONS of questions to Clifford and possibly your tech. ALL of the answers/responses were great. They talk to me like I am a human not an annoying customer wasting there valuable time. All of the answers were correct and no misspellings or any stuff like that. I have ordered $700+ from you and never had a problem besides long shipping, which is ok since I live in Virginia which is on the other side of the U.S.. Also all of your prices are nearly impossible to beat from anyone and I have never had a problem with you. And if it is okay you should show this message to all of your employees or anyone who should see this show them so they know that their hard work pays off and makes their customers happy. Its hard to write how gratefull I am for your great prices, top-notch customer service and your creativity and noledge (if thats how you spell it) of airsoft items. Every single person who has asked me for a reliable, good airsoft website I have told them ( I am thanking all of your workers and everyone else who is involved in Evike thank you all so much. Your #1 fan/loyal customer,
by Austin
" Thank very much you have shown me how much you care about your customer and I will most likely order from you for all my airsofting needs. Your Customer for Life,
by Anonymous
" I'm just sending a mail to tell how amazed i am by your GREAT services! My son accidentally ordered some products and after sending an email to cancel it you cancelled it right away! You are really the best site for airsoft! Other sites would have just send the products and let me pay. I'm really,really thankful to all of you! I'm sure to keep on shopping at your site! Again thanks a lot!
by Taylor
" Hello i don't know if this is the proper e-mail address to send this but i would like to thank Evike for providing me with awesome service and awesome products thanks a lot :) i will definitely come back for more! - Taylor
by Anonymous
" Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to thank for their absolutly excelent technical support. When I went to you guys about a problem I was having with a gun, you were easily able to diagnose the problem and guide me through the solution. Unlike Airsoft GI, Evike has over the phon technical support, and with the help of Evike's techs I was able to fix my AEG and it works flawlessly now. Thanks, you guys really are the #1 airsoft retailer!
by Anonymous
" Thanks evike, you guys are really awsome. Thanks for being really cool about helping me through my RMA and going through quickly and smoothly. You guys totally rock airsoft's socks off! (cheesy, I know)
by Orlando Wolf Pack
" To all Evike staff, I just wanted to write to you guys to express my satisfaction with the serves I recently received. I recently placed a large order with you guys after another company gave a run around on some of the items I was looking for. Not only did you have everything I needed but you also worked with me to get everything to me on short notice before I flew out do compete at a major operation with my team. Because of the excellent service, flexibility and helpfulness of your staff my team had everything we needed. I will sure to recommend you guys to everyone I know of in the airsoft world. Thank you again. Mark Kaleshefski A.K.A. Chicken
by Venezuela Airsoft
" Dear, Kent and Lauren and all the Evike Staff With warm and heartiest feelings I congratulate you and appreciate you for maintaining strong and great business relationship with us during this years. On last week we had our third event of this year and the event as well as others we commneted to you in the past was a total success with more than 300 airsofters joining forces to play and enjoy our beloved sport. On behalf of all those peoples who attended that event I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support during last years and send you a link to a video of some of the vents as well as some of the pictures of the different tournaments as a demostration of what we can do with every peace of advertizing you have gave us in the past, increasing our exposition to the public at the same time we advertize your company at the international level. You can click the following links to be directed to our Facebook webpage to see the pictures and videos of the most recent events:!/?sk=myuploads
by Anonymous
" To Whom It May Concern, I just wanted to send an email expressing how pleased I am with your company. I have had issues with other online airsoft stores (especially hobbytron. I will never order from them again) Your customer service is fantastic and the products you sell are excellent and fairly priced. I want you guys to know that you will be the exclusive store for me and my friends (we are starting an airsoft clan) for all our airsoft needs. Thank you so much for everything you guys do and keep up the good work.
by Laverdiere
" Hi, I asked for this email so that I could send a note to let you know how courteous and understanding Robert B. (Agent 120) is. He was very helpful in checking on some orders for me. In particular a headset for my son. In fact, another Robert in customer service also took the time to actually check the shelf for the product. Robert B. also explained to me that although I could not get an upgrade, because I used a coupon, (as I was trying to trade the upgrade for priority shipping) that he would check with his supervisor to see if there was anything they could do, since we have placed many orders with Evike. They did agree to ship 3 day UPS for me in the hopes that we will receive this item by Christmas for my son because when it was ordered it was not listed as out of stock. Thank you very much and please know that as people are quick to blame and judge others....I'd like to say that you have a very good representative, Robert B. (agent 120) and his friend Robert as well.
Have a wonderful holiday season!!!
Sandy and Mike Laverdiere
by Kim Swanner
" I want to give one of your customer service reps, Will, a wonderful review! I ordered an airsoft gun which came in damaged. My son was very upset & disappointed! After waiting a week for the gun to arrive, when it finally does, it was broken. I immediately emailed Evike & then followed up with a phone call. When I called I spoke to Will (I don't know his last name) who went above & beyond to help me. He was very nice, understanding and quick to react to our problem. He had me take pictures of the damaged gun & email them to him, which I did. Shortly after, he called me & told me what to do, giving me the exact information I needed to get a RMA# & return label. I wanted to let management know what a fabulous employee Will is and how caring he was. Please tell him "thanks"!
Kim Swanner