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JG / AGM Full Size SPAS Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Version: Full Stock)

ID: 28757 (SG-M180D1)
4.1 stars, based on 44 reviews
JG / AGM Full Size SPAS Realistic Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Version: Full Stock)
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Optic and flashlight shown in images not included.
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FPS Range: 280-330

Optic and flashlight shown in images not included.The JG / AGM SPAS Shotgun series is designed after the Tokyo Marui SPAS shotgun platform utilizing the same shotgun shell specification and chamber design. The SPAS is now an all time favorite for it is a fraction of the price of it's original yet packed with power, features and performance. The shotgun comes complete with shotgun shell holder, cheek rest, metal inner barrel, integrated RIS, scope rail, serrated pump, on frame safety, adjustable hopup, realistic shotgun shells and a full stock.
Each SPAS shotgun comes with a set of four shotgun shells that are fully compatible with both Tokyo Marui's single and 3 round burst shotgun series.


  • On frame adjustable hop-up
  • Four 14 round shotgun shell included
  • Realistic pump action
  • High durability single shot pump shotgun
  • 1:1 true-to-scale replica
  • Full stock for enhanced stability and aiming
  • Deluxe shotgun shell holster & cheek pad included
  • Integrated RIS for flashlight and laser attachments
  • Integrated scope rail for scope and red dot attachments
  • On frame safety
  • Ergonomic design with serrated pump and grip
  • Tokyo Marui / Matrix and other major shotgun shells compatible
  • Sling ready with integrated sling swivel
  • Sling, Shotgun shells, BB loader, and unjamming rod included
Magazine Capacity: 14 bbs per shotgun shell. (4 Shells included). Spare 14 round and 30 round shells available here at
Muzzle Velocity: 280~330 FPS
Effective Range: 70~120 feet
System: Realistic Pump Action / Single Shot. No gas or battery required
BB: 6mm. Matrix or compatible high grade bb recommended
Package Includes: Shotgun, RIS, Shell Holster, Sling, BB Loader, Four Shotgun Shells, Manual and some bb
Hopup: Adjustable

Manufacturer: JG / AGM

About JG Works

JG Works is among the world's largest Airsoft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) factories and has pioneered high quality, affordable Airsoft AEG rifles. As the largest Airsoft manufacturer in China with a longstanding production infrastructure, high volume output, and their close relationship with, JG Works has positioned themselves to provide the world market with a large catalog of reliable Airsoft products.

44 Customer Reviews

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by Dominic Z. on 03/20/2017
"Its a pretty good beginners shotgun for like backyard Wars and like for CQB
by Joeseph B. on 02/05/2015
"This airsoft shotgun is a great indoor CQB weapon. While I understand the usefulness of a multiple shot shotgun in a CQB environment, it isn't exactly necessary. A single shot shotgun gives you A) long life span and B) it reduces the headaches caused by filling up some of those multi-shot shells. Overall, I think this gun achieves a 5 out 5 for the role it fills in a person's airsoft arsenal.

Since the gun is spring powered, it has a dramatically longer lifespan than a gas shotgun
Comes with multiple shells
NOT a shell ejecting gun (you won't have to pick them up afterwards)
Shell loading, stiff cocking spring, and full stock add to the sense of realism
The top rail is easily removable to make the gun seem more realistic
Reaches right up to most CQB indoor arena FPS limits to allow for safety indoors while still providing speedy bb travel
Has a hopup system!
Comes with a free bb speed loader (can never have enough of those)
Keeps up with other top of the line shotguns in terms of accuracy at CQB range, and shoots top quality bbs just as far and accurate as you need it to

Once you remove the top rail, there are not iron sights (of course, just makes me sad)
Stiff cocking spring (bonus b/c of power, yet con to smaller children)
Plastic isn't terribly high quality
The hopup system isn't the greatest
My shell holster came broken with the gun

*This gun isn't the greatest airsoft shotgun ever made, but it certainly is worth the price for it. Some may even use it as an indoor primary. It works GREAT as an outdoor secondary in case of primary gun failure or for close range combat. The best thing about it is it's price. You get a full-stock shotgun that shoots great for a steal. And, it it ever breaks on you, don't worry about fixing it, because buying a replacement it's that expensive. Obviously don't treat this gun poorly and it should last you much longer than it's price tag would suggest.*
by Sameena H. on 08/17/2011
Long Review
Short review at bottom

I got this gun about 2 months ago, and waited to write this review because I wanted to fully understand all of the guns features, and problems. After a good 20 to 30 backyard skirmishes I found that I had very few difficulties using the Shotgun itself.
This gun has a higher FPS for a spring Shotgun (Around the 300 stated on this site). But the BB's that come with this gun are .12G; they leave the barrel without shattering, but after about 20 feet they curve up. So I do recommend .20G BB's (King Arms BB's seemed to work best with this gun).
This gun does hurt like mad and will break skin from 10 feet away or less. So be careful around small children and those who are afraid of pain.
The Shot gun will shoot accurately up to a good 80-90 feet, and has great accuracy if you have a scope (Mentioned later in review) and you have Okay aim. I was able to hit a paper plate placed in a tree, from about 60 feet away. Also I hit a person from about 80 feet away during a skirmish. Both of which were done with accuracy delivered by the gun. Although around 85 feet the BB's start to fall slightly.
The gun does have a good feel in weight, both realistic but not too heavy such as a hunters shotgun.
I do recommend this model over the other two because of the retractable stock, which sits in 5 positions and actually provides comfort and ease in shooting long, short, and medium distances.
The gun also comes with a tactical rail which includes many spaces for flashlights, lasers, and scopes. There is one rail on each side and two rails on the top of the gun (In the picture it looks like you can aim under the rail and down the Barrel but in truth is a sold piece, although it can be modified with a Saw,Screwdriver and Sandpaper).
The Hop-up feature on the gun works great, because it can be fine tuned to taste. So experiment with different scopes using the paper plate test.
I cleaned the gun after every skirmish (Barrel, Lube, Etc.) And to this day my gun has not broke, even though most of the gun is plastic (Aside from the inner-parts and the barrel).

Overall Gun Rating: ***** Five Stars (Great)
During the 2 months the problems I did notice were mostly difficulties with the shells that hold the BB's. First and foremost the shells DO NOT hold the 14 BB's that are stated here on Evike and on the packaging, but instead they hold 8 at max, which is still putting your shell in jeopardy.
I did attempt to add more than 8 BB's to the shell; and the feeding spring in the shell I was using, broke. Luckily, the next day I dropped the shell on hardwood floor, when I picked it up the shell was magically fixed.
So I experimented, and found that 7 is a good number of BB's to have in each shell. Although I would recommend buying shells for this gun that are higher quality although I did not (Because I don't want to pay another $10.00 S&H fee just because I live in Michigan).
Second: When there is only one BB left in a shell, it doesn't feed into the chamber, instead it falls out of the chamber, and when you pump and shoot it ends up dry firing the gun. This only occurs with two of my shells, which I marked with a pencil to prevent dry firing.
Extra info: My shells are painted with the Winchester logo on them.

Overall Shell Rating: **''' Two Stars (Buy some if you can)
My Shotgun came with extra accessories, which may or may not come with your gun. These accessories were: Speed-loader, Shell Holster (Leather), Flashlight, Red-Dot Scope, Sling, and AG-13 Batteries.

Speed Loader: The speed loader that I got came cracked but not broken. It is a useful speed-loader but doesn't work well with the shells that this gun comes with, because you need to count how many BB's you put in each shell (7). If you get new shells, have a Pistol or an AEG its a cool speed loader that has a pretty accurate BB Count/Fill meter. It has a locking handle and has a good capacity of about 100.

The Shell Holster: The Cool thing about this Shell Holster is: It's Leather. The leather part is Durable but it has straps that hold onto your gun that are't durable, one of mine already ripped but it still works just fine. I do recommending putting the holster on the stock so it does't bother you when you pump, or open the feeding chamber.

Flashlight: The thing about the flashlight is.... Well... it's a Flashlight. It is pretty bright but it's not blinding, so don't get shot just because you went commando and flashed it into your opponents eyes.
One thing I do like is it doesn't dim visibility of the laser on the Red Dot Scope. (Requires 3 AG-13 Batteries)

Red Dot Scope: This scope is actually surprisingly accurate, even from longer distances. Just put the cross-hairs in the middle of the scope and adjust your hop-up to curve very slightly, and you should be able to accurately hit about 50-60 feet, going farther is harder because of hop up, but is possible.
This scope doesn't magnify anything so if you want to shoot really far really accurately, buy a scope that magnifies and adjust your hop up accordingly. (Requires 3 AG-13 Batteries)

Sling: The sling that may come included with this gun isn't that great because it is hard to adjust and needs to be put together manually. But it does the job, and is pretty durable.

AG-13 Batteries: These batteries were very disappointing. They died within the first day I received the Shotgun, and the gun came missing one of the 6. But a quick search on Amazon fixed that problem.

Overall Accessories Rating: ****' Four Stars (Buy new batteries before you get the gun, The strap isn't great)
This Shotgun looks pretty sick, What really attracted me to buying it was the realistic shells. If you buy new ones this shotgun is a total steal, all the real features of a Shotgun, and a working safety.

Overall Presentation Rating: ***** Five Stars (Ooooo- Ahhhhh)

Short Review

Pros Cons
------ ------
High FPS Shells do not hold 14 BB's
Metal Inner Parts Shells may leak
Metal Barrel If more than 7 BB's are fed to shell
Durable the shell may break
Reasonable Pricing Shell holster may rip
Painful Strap Isn't great
Accurate Batteries Suck
Realistic Weight Shipping May be expensive
Retractable Stock
Tactical Rails
Easily Cleaned
Good for Experienced and New Players
Shell Holster
Cleaning Rod
Red Dot Scope*
Realistic Looking
Realistic Shell Feeding
Realistic Pump Action

*These Items may or may not be included with your gun
If you have $25.00 to spend cash in on this wonderful shot gun, just remember to borrow some money from someone to buy some shells.
The $25.00 will be really, really well spent.
(Be safe, wear glasses, Play airsoft!)

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