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WE-Tech 30 Round Magazine for WE AK Series Airsoft GBB Rifles (Type: AK74)

ID: 36518 (MAG-WE-AK74U)
4.8 stars, based on 4 reviews
WE-Tech 30 Round Magazine for WE AK Series Airsoft GBB Rifles (Type: AK74)
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  • Polymer casing
  • 30 round capacity
  • High tension spring ensures reliable loading
  • Heavy duty rubber O-rings ensure reliable seal
Compatibility: WE-Tech AK series GBB rifles
Capacity: 30 rounds
Gas Type: Green Gas

Manufacturer: WE-Tech


WE is one of the world's premiere Airsoft manufacturers, designing and creating some of the best Airsoft products in the world. Exclusively distributed by in the USA, we offer unmatched after-sales support, full parts support, and gun servicing.

4 Customer Reviews

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by Nicholas S. on 08/26/2020
"I got the AK74 mags for my WE AK74 GBB, and I must say these things are awesome. The amount of gas they hold is absurd and the build quality feels like a real AK mag.

I get about 3 mags worth of shots from one gas fill, which to me is simply outstanding. you could probably throw one of these at a tree and it still work just fine. If you need extra mags, get these. Theyre worth it.
by Hollin P. on 04/21/2019
"Had these mags for a few months. They seem to have fixed a few issues I have seen previously in other reviews, Such as the shell coming off or something like that, But mine all came with a screw in the bottom of the magazine on the outside, and I have never had any problems with the shell of the magazine, so they most likely improvised a fix for it.
None of my mags leak, The efficiency is actually pretty good, I hold down my gas can for about 20s when refilling these, and I was able to fill each magazine for each round for 2x 4-hour sessions at my local field. Only con is that the magazine shell on the outside is a little to easy to scratch, and after a few magazine insertions might start to wiggle a TINY bit. This is fixable by putting some electrical tape on the sides of the magazines.

Overall, Would greatly recommend if you don't want your AKS-74u kit to be tainted by the fact that AKs-74us rifles don't use AKM style mags IRL. But the GBB rifle and these mags go perfect with my Russian FSB kit. I might do a mod in the future where I will take plum magazines and put the WE GBB mag internals inside for a better look.
by Lucas C. on 10/31/2015
"These magazines are really great!

The external shell is made out of stamped sheet steel that are heat treated with a beautiful gun blue just like the real steel AK and its real steel mags. The WE AK airsoft guns, WE AK74 PMC and WE AK74UN, are also gun blued steel like the mags. So they match each other beautifully.

The mag internals are made up of a 3 part aluminum gas container, 2 rectangle seals (like o-rings) between those, an in valve at the bottom, an exit valve at the top, a plastic top part, a rubber top part and the plastic BB-slide with room for 30-35-ish BB's.

Each magazine weighs about: 620g fully loaded with gas, which is 220g short of a fully loaded 7.62 AK-mag which weighs about 840g. So the weight is quite close to the real deal. Which, of course, is awesome.

The mag can be set to continue without BB's, so called dry-firing, and it can be set to stop firing when out of BB's and it. Some mags may malfunction stopping the gun from working altogether at this last setting so I'm always having my mags set on dryfiring and thus never having to worry about such malfunction.

In terms of amount of mags. How many do you need in a fire fight?
6 mags is an absolute maximum load. 5 and you are safe. When i hook in the 4th mag the fight is usually over. 3 mags are for the adventurous type, make sure you bring a side arm. 2 mags and you sure are asking for it. Only 1 mag... don't even bother walking into a fight.

- Steel shell that will not wear out on you.
- Lasts as long as the gun itself.
- Real Steel Gun Blue.
- Can empty about 2 mags on a single full gas charge on a warm summers day.
- Fits both AK74 PMC and AK74UN!
- Realistic weight.
- Doesn't drop any BB's when removing the mag from the gun. Unlike AEG-mags that usually drop 3-5 BB's.
- After some heavy use all the mags and the gun itself will have an awesome patina with nice wear on all the protruding surfaces, making it look just like the guns you see on TV from Africa and the middle east.

- Can jam, but it can be fixed. Keep reading...
- Can leak, like all gas mags, but it can be fixed. Just keep reading...
- Beware the plastic mags made for the AK74UN. They wear out, because they're plastic and plastic should always be seen for what it is: total shit. They are also known to break in other troubling and irreparable ways, you can see films of it on YouTube. Always get these steel mags no matter which type of WE AK you have. Search YouTube for: WE AKS74UN Plastic Magazine Issues.
- GBBs dont work well below 15 Degree Celsius: Must be used in summer weather.
- As of late summer 2015 some of the newly made mags are not gun blued but treated in some other, not as nice, way. I have no idea why this is. If you read this, please do as i and send an email to WE and complain about this.

Hints & Fixes:
- Because the gun is so violent the bottom plate of the mag shakes loose when firing. This can and must be fixed before you carry it out into the field, otherwise you will loose it. The fix is really easy, just remove the plate and bend its narrower front part inward (upward) so it clips on harder on the small ball-shape on the underside of the mag. Just look at your mag and you'll understand what i mean. Real easy fix.

- Some of these mags are known to have feeding issues from time to time. Ill explain why. You see, the 2 seams were the three aluminum containers meet usually have an elevation difference that the plastic BB-followers' side-lip can get get stuck on. This happens on every 3rd or so of these mags I've come across. But that can be permanently solved by removing the steel shell (small screw at the bottom) and the plastic BB'slide. Then, with a half-fine metal file, file down about 2mm of the thin ridge of the aluminum container where the plastic BB-follower-side-lip sticks out. Then sand it smooth with an emery-cloth. Voila, fixed for all time.

- If the exit valve leaks you need to buy an Airsoft Valve Key (search the term on eBay) and disassemble the whole mag and thoroughly clean out all the aluminum cutting. This goes for every GBBP and GBBR mag out there. At one time a microscopic piece of cutting had got stuck on the exit valve rubber on one of my WE AK74 mag, causing a constant leak. That piece of cutting was so small i could only see it in certain angles only when the sun hit it. It's rarely the rubber that is faulty on GBB mags, its usually the leftover cutting that gets stuck on the O-rings and valves. So be really thorough when cleaning the inside and all the parts. Use a Q-Tip, silicone spray and silicone grease to do this. I've opened a ton of GBB Mags from all kinds of brands and weapons and there are almost always aluminum cutting residues left in there that haven't been properly cleaned out.

- Always keep the mags fully loaded with real airsoft-green gas at all time. This goes for every GBB mag you've got. Airsoft-green gas contains silicone lube that will keep the rubber parts lubed on the inside. But you need to lube the outside of all the O-rings manually. All the rubber parts, the large rectangle seals, the rubber rings of the in and exit valves and screws needs to be greased with silicone grease or silicon oil to keep them moist so they don't dry out, preferably 2-4 times every year depending on what climate zone you're living in. Everything dries out faster in warm areas.

- All the plastic parts, the BB-slide and the top plastic part and top rubber part, should also be sprayed with silicone spray preferably at least once every year to make sure they don't dry out. If plastic dries out it gets weak and cracks. Plastic sucks, but it can hold up better for a long time if you keep it slightly moist with silicone spray or silicone grease. Drench it in silicone, leave it be for a few minutes, then wipe of the excess. You'll get the hang of it.

- When you load the mag with BB's, load it fully and then remove the last BB. GBB mags are constructed differently than AEG mags. In a GBB weapon both the mag and the nozzle can take damage if you slam in a maxed out mag since the BB's are being forced further down into the BB-slide than possible and thus have to press up hard against the nozzle instead, with risk of damaging or even breaking it. If you fill up a GBB mag to max and then remove the last BB the BB's will have some safe spare room to flex downward into the mag when you slam in the mag, and your gun's machine spirit will love you for this careful use.

- Most other rifles has a construction that allows their mags to simply be 'slammed in'. But AK mags needs some training to change quickly. Hit yourself up with the movie "Lord of War" with Nicolas Cage and just sit there and practice to insert and eject the mag without looking during the whole movie. Preferably by yourself and with headphones on because you or will be really tired of all the noise it makes. Point the gun in all possible angles while doing it... up, down, to the sides and every strange and impossible angle you can think of and just keep inserting and ejecting the mag and switch hands from time to time. After the movie is done you will be fluid and lightning quick doing it. At least i was. Also practice the Russian way of pulling the charging handle by twisting the gun so the right side of the gun faces slightly downward and the charging handle points slightly down to the ground and then pull it back with your left hand from the underside. You can see how its done on YouTube, just search YT for: KhanSeb AKS74UN WE.

- Don't do the Russian-style-mag-removal where you slam off the empty mag with the full one. Just don't. These mags are too expensive to be treated like that and if they fall and land on the mag's plastic top part it will most likely break.

- Always bring silicone spray, a clean tooth brush, a cleaning rod and toilet paper with you out in the field. You might get sand or dirt on the mag and in the gun itself that needs to be removed before you hook in the mag and start shooting.

- Get yourself a large and nice Mag-Dump. You don't want to loose a single mag as expensive as these.

- Write your name or initials on the inside of the bottom plate on each of your mags to be able to prove they are yours.

- Buy the AK Operator Training DVD made by Polenar Tactical.

Praise the Omnissiah and Bless the Machine Spirit

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