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EMG Custom Built Colt Licensed M4 SOPMOD Block 2 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Daniel Defense Rail System (Model: 9.5" MK18 / Dark Earth)

24 Customer Reviews

by Willie T. on 10/17/2022
"The block is hot!!! This rifle is solid!!!! Might be to heavy for the weak!!! Shooting at 345 fps with .25 💪🏼 this rifle functions well and looks badazzzsss!!!! The laser carved NATO 556 on the front of the barrel is sick!!!! The government issued Colt laser trademarks, sexy!!! This rifle is the really deal brochachos!!!! This rifle is smoking 🚬 hands down top tier 🫡 Get it while you can!!!!
by Jack B. on 06/13/2022
"First airsoft gun that I have owned. This gun performs perfectly and looks hot as hell 🔥! One minor problem that I saw was that when I was taking off the upper of the gun, the charging handle spring got caught and it broke. This resulted in the dust cover no longer working. Although over all I would recommend this gun to any softer. I would also recommend getting a 11.1v for this gun.
by Daniele V. on 11/19/2021
"I hope my review is useful to someone. I've been playing for 25 years and this is my 29th replica so I have some experience with it. The replica is very well made, the logos are beautiful and it is not heavy or unbalanced as I had read on other reviews, indeed having the barrel and the gas block in aluminum is less unbalanced than a 416 for example. The handle is made of very good plastic material and the low receiver are just 29.5mm wide so the magazines are firmly in place and do not wobble in their seat. This is a detail that few look at, as you know real m4s are about 28mm wide and usually the airsoft aeg replicas of almost all brands have 30-30.5mm lower receiver, these are the narrowest and closest to the real I've seen. I have tried magazines guarder, g & g, g & p, vfc and fishing with all without problems. I did not try the original barrel and rubber / pressers because I immediately replaced them with other aftermarket ones that I had, however, the pattern of the replica is very narrow and very precise. The only note is that I found it not very constant on the chronograph, perhaps due to an air leak so I decided to take it apart. I found all the screws that weren't tightened, the air unit leaking a little air and the gears not very greased, so I greased both the gears and the air unit well, leaving all the original parts. Having done this, I found him very constant in shooting. The second criticism concerns the mosfet in the stock, unfortunately the cap with the screw in the tube tends to scratch / tear the gasket of the mosfet once tightened, to remedy this you will have to file the cap at the bottom by removing a portion in the shape of a half moon, done this the mosfet will no longer be touched once the screw is tightened. Having said that and made these two interventions, I recommend this replica, also because I have not found a single replica that did not need an intervention in my life, it has an excellent value for money. Greetings from Italy
by Matthew E. on 11/11/2021
"I've had this gun for about three years now, and it's a great starter/intermediate gun for players with a little bit more money for their gear. Although I feel the value you get for the money is well worth it. It has full metal construction.
It also has an electronic trigger, which means when you run an 11.1V battery, it doesn't overcycle (although the 11.1V will wear the gears more quickly than the 9,6 they recommend).

full metal
Electronic trigger
high ROF
good licensing around the gun

the stock it came with felt cheap and wobbled
the pistol grip is okay, but not the best
hopup works, but doesn't excel

Should you buy this gun? for the full price its a decent purchase. On sale its a great buy.
by Shila A. on 10/10/2021
"Very good product, I got the black 400FPS MK18. Works well with 11.1v lipos. Some people were saying that 11.1v lipos would make it overshoot on semi making it burst, but mine seemed to be fine. The charging handle was kinda weak but not a big issue. Highly recommend it to anyone, a great replica.
by Dylan B. on 05/14/2021
"I got the 9.5 350 fps version and I works amazing would recommend.
by Kyle L. on 11/05/2020
"I’ll start by saying, I really enjoy this gun. I had been on the hunt for a full metal colt M4 for a while and when this came up on sale for $280, I scooped up the 9.5” Mk18. The Daniel Defense RIS was exactly the styling I was looking for too so it was a win/win. I waited quite some time to leave this review so I could really get a feel for the weapon but the gun is built up and in use now so it’s time. I purposely haven’t alter anything for internal performance yet to see how it would do and it is a quality gun. I will be upgrading the hop up and barrel in the extended future but, for now, this is exactly what I was looking for.

- Shoots well and quite accurate for a shorter barrel rifle
- Great exterior quality. Very solid.
- Colt DD trades
- Built in mosfet
- Good Internals (could still use upgrades like any gun)
- Worth the price; even better if you can wait it out and pick it up on sale!

- It’s a bit heavy for a smaller rifle (if you fall into the weight-weenie category) but for a full metal gun, it’s as expected.
- The fake gas tube on mine was quite loose so it was VERY rattly; even louder than running with a high cap magazine due to this issue being metal on metal constantly tapping against each other. This could have been solved by taking off the rail and gluing it in but I just bought 25 ft of paracord for $6 and weaved it through the RIS. Worked amazingly well, was super cheap, very easy, and it even added a little unique aesthetics the gun too.
- The gun said it’s wired to Tamiya but it was standard Deans. Really just came down to having to buy more equipment to move to dean lipos but it’s nice once you upgrade, I guess. Con but a long term pro.
by Michael P. on 08/06/2020
"I just received this item today and I love it. Its build quality is superb and it performs great. For the price I was hoping it would shoot a little quicker but im using a 7.4v so don't quote me. The markings and trades look great and are not going anywhere. The trap door on the high cap mag broke but that was my fault but it did break easily. When I got mine i didn't get the fancy stock instead i got the standard stock but I prefer the standard stock anyways. The gun is as solid as a rock and is definitely not breaking any time soon. The only slight problem i have with this gun is that it came with a few scratches and didn't look too clean but it wasn't bad just minor scratches. Also my gun did have a wobbly gas block which iv'e yet to get to but i can tighten it and the stock is a little wobbly but nothing some tape can't fix! All in all, if you want a MK18 that will last you, get this. Honestly this gun should be way more popular. This is my first M4 and King Arms gun so I have high hopes and plans for it in the future. Hopefully this review helped someone out there looking for a MK18 or M4A1! Have a nice day (or night)!
by Ronald M. on 05/10/2020
"I am in love with this rifle! Snappy trigger with a 11.1. I usually don’t see many reviews on what mags fit in some rifle so I want to help some out. I only use Dytac Hex Mags in my builds. These mags fit perfectly with this gun. Remember, this is a King Arms body. But over all EMG did an amazing job with this rifle. The hopup is good but it can be upgraded. I definitely want the Block 2 next!
by jake m. on 04/14/2020
"I’ve had my tan block 2 for about 3 months and have no complaints so far.
The stock it comes with is a bit underwhelming so I swapped it out for a magpul stock which fits perfect with very little wobble
Overall the gun is super solid and with a quick shs hs motor swap it can shoot around 30rps with an 11.1 easy. However the stock motor it comes with is still a neo motor and doesn’t need to be replaced.
If you’re looking for a mk18 I’d highly recommend this
by Brad B. on 01/06/2020
"I bought the tan block ii from the shop that I work at and so far so good. If you didn’t know the OEM is king arms.


- mosfet
- wired to deans
- QC spring
- decent motor out of the box
- steel tooth rack piston
- great trigger response on an 11.1
- respectable ROF
- proper markings
- proper colors
- locking mock bolt for easier hop up adjustment
- shoots around 380 with .20s (I run .30s)
- very nice build quality


- the mag it comes with is pretty much trash
- orange tip was a little bit annoying to get off
- mock has tube is a little wobbly
- accuracy and range are kinda meh for the price tag

Overall it’s a really nice gun and it saves you a bunch of time and money instead of building a block ii from the ground up like I was going to do before this came out. It definitely feels like a $300+ gun, kinda wish the performance was a little bit better but it’s definitely not bad.
by Christian G. on 01/03/2020
"Got myself the MK18 MOD 1 with the tan rail, grip stock.
The gun is solid and the Colt trades are definitely neat.
The guns does in fact have a QCS system, in-line mosfet, and 8mm bearings.
Also has a working bolt catch feature.
Authentic DD trades on the rail too.
They also have Military Action 19tpa torque motors installed, which was super nice to see.
The piston does also have full metal teeth with the 2nd to last tooth removed.
Does have a 1 piece metal hop up unit.
The gearset looks solid and the gun is decently shimmed.
The rest of the internals are pretty average. Brass ported cylinder. Polycarbonate piston head and cylinder head. Standard nozzle with no o ring. The stock compression is ok. Gun shot around 410-420 fps before and after taking it apart. The spring guide does have bearings btw. Gun is also wired to deans.
Orange tip is easy enough to remove after digging out the metal pin and forcefully threading it off clockwise.
Be aware that the charging handle must be pulled back and UP if u want to separate the upper reciever from the lower reciever, the same must be done for putting the upper and lower back together. Very happy with the gun and I definitely see myself getting the tan Block II variant at some point as well.
by Lucas R. on 12/29/2019
-shoots straight
-looks cool
-lots of rail space

-wobbly stock
-sharp rails
-weak charging handle extension
by Alexander S. on 12/18/2019
"just received this the MK18 with tan furniture and holy shit can i tell you how happy i am with this thing. Not only does it look super cool but its full metal and feels amazing. The tan furniture is badass and this is for sure a great feeling and looking gun. What shines the most to me is the internals. For a gun you can buy and play right out the box, it is amazing. The trigger response is amazing and feels so good, range is perfect and you will for sure hit your shots and the ROF on full auto is crazy.

-shoots great for a gun right out of the box
-can for sure take a beating
-compact for CQB but also has that sweet ass range.
-Amazing trigger response and ROF
-obviously extremely custom

-the little caps on the stock of mine keep falling out so i had to put some tape on them which isnt a really big problem
-has a tight magwell and has a hard time fitting some of my midcaps, but since i bought this off someone else it came with 4 mags that fit so it wasnt a big deal
-the battery i have is too big for the rifle so i need to extend the buttstock almost fully outwards to even fit my battery and i cant use the secondary smaller butt piece or else i cant fit the battery in so i need to play with my battery sorta exposed but it for sure wont fall out.
-my friend told me the orange tip it comes with was an absolute pain to remove but once you get it, it will screw off very easily and you cant easily put a suppressor on.
-sometimes the gearbox will lock up on semi but a quick switch to full auto and back to semi is an easy fix
by Gabriel L. on 12/05/2019
"Got the gun a week ago and will update accordingly.
Externally she is a beauty. The DD hand guard is flawless and the lower receiver is made from a solid piece of aluminum. The markings are engraved into the receiver so there is no way they will fade away, although I would have liked if they had some color in them. The crane is nothing to write home about. It works as it should and has decent space for the battery, I believe an 11.1 nun chuck Titan Battery should have no problem fitting there.
IT IS WIRED TO DEANS which, at least for me, is wonderful.
Trigger response with a Titan 7.4 is phenomenal and the sound it makes when firing is very pleasing. There's none of that "springy" sound, and the whole gearbox assembly makes a nice "thump" when firing.
For being made mostly out of metal it's surprisingly light.

The one thing I dislike is the old-style pistol grip; it's bigger than average and it's very uncomfortable to hold but it is also fairly easy to change. Oh, and the stock iron sights. They are not bad it´s just that the aperture hole is tiny.

Overall a nice looking piece. Will update after field testing. A must buy if you want a MK18 just for the looks