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Elite Force H&K Competition Kit MP5 A4/A5 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun by Umarex (Color: Black)

35 Customer Reviews

by Ian R. on 05/05/2022
"this gun is so based it was my first gun i got it in 2015 still kicking still taking names mid caps are cheap and effective
by Johnpaul G. on 04/18/2022
"Owned for a little over a month, fielded once at HGA


-Clocked in around 319 fps when chronoed at HGA (My hopup was adjusted, but you should still see sub 350)

-Just buy a 7.4 Stick lipo and you're set

-Hopup is easy to adjust and works very well (although mine was reversed for some reason)

-Comes with two hi-cap mags that have had no issue feeding

-Yes, it has 14mm CCW threads despite not being listed

--You have to remove the orange tip held on by glue
--Then you have to remove a small piece of metal
(Mine just punched out, but don't leave it in, it chipped my bbs and sent them flying everywhere)

-Can be rewired to the stock (includes a4 and a5 stock!)
--Although be aware, for me at least, I had to disassemble the gun down to the gear box to do this, as to keep
the fuse I needed to move it to the back (There's a youtube video for this, just make sure when looking it
mentions the MP5 is JG / Echo1, as I'm pretty sure this shares the same body as those other MP5s

-Shoots well, surprising trigger response with a 7.4v lipo, very accurate despite the fps, just remember the fire
rate isn't the best

-Very sturdy body, little to no wobble when shaking


-Charging WILL break off NO MATTER how lightly you slap it
-I slapped mine as light as possible, like REALLY light, I got about 20+ slaps before the top part broke off
-If I'm not wrong the JG branded charging handles should work as replacements (yet to test)

-Fire rate (sorta outweighed by the accuracy and range of the gun)

-As with most MP5s, it's extremely tedious and long to disassemble and reassemble the gun

-IDW of heavy production

Overall a really good gun for the price!
If you're looking for a beginner gun, a gun to make a project with, or just a gun to use once a month at a field then this is a great option!
by Kyden D. on 04/03/2022
"I've had this gun for a long time and I'll tell you what I think about it. It is an amazing gun but the charging handle broke, I had to fit it back in. it is amazing in CQB experiences and I've had a blast clearing building with this beautiful piece of machinery, and the best part is that... it slaps,
But honestly it is a very good gun my fps ranging in At about 398 with a 9.6v battery(I wired mine into the back of my stock I use the fixed rifle, non adjusting one because it has some space that after a few mods I could keep the battery in the back) the only reason I would get a newer gun would be so that I could have more universal mags such as an m4/m16

by Everett S. on 02/16/2022
"Best SMG I have ever owned, 5/5. Here's some tips/advice for the gun.

-The charging handle should be slapped with light force (Breaks if too much force)
-I would recommend using the Solid stock over the retractable, the solid one is way less flimsy.
-7.4 Lipo is one of the only batteries this gun can take.
-It is very light
-Easy to take apart/disassemble.
-Mag feeds well

-Charging handle is pretty cheap, can break easily.
-Mainly designed for CQB, I have used it outdoors, but get overpowered easily due to this guns FPS
-You not owning it
by arrgh p. on 08/02/2021
"this gun... oh my. I've had it for a little over a year now and I have never had a single problem with it. I've been to countless free play CQB games with this thing and have always had an amazing time. not only do you get the sturdy and pristine feel of what is basically an actual MP5 with an airsoft gearbox in it, but you get the longevity of the most expensive airsoft guns to date. many say that beginners should start on the M4, but I believe they should start on this gun.
by Andrea A. on 03/16/2021
"Just got it and I am IN LOVE with it, I can't wait to take it out and use it, definitely would buy again.
by justin s. on 02/04/2021
"Agreed, these are great AEGs!
Barrel shroud easily comes off to paint (threaded barrel underneath for attachments)
Fits the common mp5 mags
Love the option for stocks (though the sliding stock is flimsy and the locks fail easily)
Battery can go in stock or in handguard
Simulated bolt handle works well and is solid
Using 7v these have lasted me through at least 5000 shots over the last year and still going strong
by Daniel S. on 09/29/2020
"I run this gun with completely stock internals, a sling, rail adapter, and red dot sight. The battery I use is a 7.4 Li-Po and I have never even managed to drain the battery while playing. This gun outperforms more expensive guns easily and in my year of using it never once has it broken down, jammed, or had any real issue. While my friends' more expensive guns have broken down and had issues this remarkable gun always pulls through. Side note: My mp5 has no issue doing the H&K slap.

Pros: Price, lightweight, reliable, above-average performance, good mag sizes, fair accuracy, and comfortable handling.

Cons: Short barrel length, isn't entirely reliable outdoors, If you use a bigger battery the larger stock feels strangely light and isn't adjustable.
by Frankie M. on 09/28/2020
"This thing is great, fun to use, and its pretty accurate!

-Feels good in your hands
-Metal magazines
-Pretty hefty (Anyone could carry this, i belive even a small kid could carry this around, its not super heavy, or light. Its just right)
-Easy to access were the battery goes

-Not much battery space at all, I'd reccomend a stick battery because of how limited you are when it comes to space
-The stock tightens, but I can't get it to lock. It's still not very easy to move when it's locked which is a good thing

Overall I can reccomend this to anyone. If your a beginner and have a decent budget, get this. If your a veteran, wouldn't be bad to add to your collection. Overall great gun!!
by Victor L. on 08/30/2020
"Very good gun for the price. Pretty light but still feels good in the hands and in no way does it feel cheap. Haven't taken it to a field due to COVID but I have shot around a thousand rounds through it. It is very accurate but the rate of fire is a bit slow. The two hi caps it comes with are ok, but the trap door is very small and hard to get bbs in it (just buy a few cyma mid-caps). The retractable stock is nice but it is very hard to fit batteries in the handguard due to its small size. The large stock has a lot of battery space and that's what I'm using rn. The charging handle is plastic but still Hk slapable, however, I wouldn't do it all the time though. Overall its a great beginner gun and would highly recommend to anyone.

-pretty light
-good construction
-very accurate
-great looks
-great fire selector
-good iron sights

-bad trigger response and rate of fire
-plastic charging handle
-you not owning it
by Evan H. on 08/01/2020
"Had a missing skrew on my Mp5 when I first got it and I lost my front sight and flash hider. I want to just say the Umrex's support was great and they where able to help me get the parts I needed. They Even through in extra parts and 2 extra mags. I highly recommend this gun and Umarex as a whole!
by David B. on 07/12/2020
I picked this gun up a few days ago, and have only played a single 1v1 with it, and it's an insane gun. It shoots further than my matrix SR-25 (even though it's stock) but this thing really can reach out.

-Accurate (for it's price)
-Trigger is crazy smooth, and the trigger pull is short
-comes with 2 hi-cap mags and a4 style full stock

-collapsable stock isn't the sturdiest (Might just be mine)
-little battery space (9.6 nimh barely doesn't fit)
-hopup is difficult to adjust with gloves on
-magazine well is tight
by DANIEL T. on 12/03/2019
"Bought this a couple months ago, I've only been to around 4 games in that time but this gun is working pretty well. Short list of cons first: It does appear to have an alternate hookup in the back for bigger batteries in the full stock but on mine they're crammed in there really good and I'll need to take the gun down before I can get at them. The handguard is also pretty tight on space for batteries but I found a valken 7.4 lipo at my local shop that fits well with the space. Finding a better fuse would also probably help cut down on space. The only other gripe I have is like others have said the trigger is a pretty long pull so its not super spammable but it gets the job done. Occasional stoppages for unknown reasons but moving the selector switch seems to fix it.

Apart from that this gun is great, surprisingly durable, the last 2 games I have done a full face plant and the gun has eaten shit along with me, once on forest hard dirt and once on concrete, no problems, just picked it back up and it works, mags are also durable. Having the choice of stock is nice and its easily changed with one screw and a pin so you aren't really committed to just one. Aims good, looks good, feels good to hold, the materials are great and the plastic isn't cheaped out on anywhere. Also the big plastic flash hider can be removed for a more classic looking orange tip. Mags feed good, selector switch is really positive. I heartily recommend this if you don't want to shell out for the avalon equipped model or want a lighter weight package.
by Collin C. on 05/09/2019
"An amazing beginner gun. Perfect for CQB, with an FPS of 350-340, and its compact size. It comes with a retractable stock, and a solid stock. There are also two battery connections, one at the back for use with the solid stock for larger batteries, and one at the handguard for smaller batteries and for use with the retractable stock. I use a 7.4 Lipo, and it works fine. Trigger response is okay, ROF is not the best with a 7.4. Also, it requires a mount for any sort of red dot sight or scope. The big orange flash hider can be removed, by pushing it in and to the side, revealing a smaller orange tip. This one can also be removed, by punching a pin out, and unscrewing it, revealing 14mm CCW threads. The hopup is in a weird position though, it is a little lever under the handguard. The charging handle does nothing, but you can pull the charging handle and do the HK-slap. Don’t do this all the time though, since it will snap off (like mine did lol).

Cheap and great performance
350-340 fps, perfect for cqb
Easily removed orange tip
Two places to put batteries
Two stocks

Trigger is not spammable. It has a long pull and you need to pull all the way each time to shoot.
ROF is not the best, but you don’t full auto in CQB anyways
Hopup is a little lever under the handguard
Continuously doing the HK-slap will break the charging handle.
by Skyler M. on 04/04/2019
"This thing shoots pretty hard out of the box. I was using an 11.1 battery in it although if you use the full auto be mindful not to hold it down and burn your motor. I never had feeding issues with any of the magazines or the gun, and the mags that I bought and came with the gun itself were great. Uses a hardened polymer construction like the real MP5, although some other parts are a cheaper plastic metal. for $150 I was impressed.

Shoots about 350-380 with .25s out of the box
Hardened polymer construction
Changeable stock from A4-A5 (with A4 you can use it as a battery compartment)
Easy interchangeable parts for upgrading or using better handguard/trigger/mag release, etc.
Convenient Hopup

100 ft. range or less, any more will need upgrades to be accurate or reach targets