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Matrix High Performance 7.4V Butterfly Type Airsoft LiPo Battery (Configuration: 1300mAh / 20C / Small Tamiya / BMS Smart Charger Starter Package)

9 Customer Reviews

by Silas C. on 07/21/2021
"Yes this works great.!!!..!!👍
by Zachary S. on 05/18/2021
"Works just fine, small enough to fit in a real Car15 slim handguard without issue.
by Chris A. on 08/24/2020
"Charges fast, and lasts a long while.
Fits in my SR47, AKs, P90, ARP9, and SCAR

Good little battery, no complaints!
by CALEB K. on 12/13/2019
"I've now had this for 9 months and still have no issues.
Since it's 7.4, I usually stuff this into an AK74u or the stock of an M14 which are still without FETs.
by Steve S. on 10/29/2015
"I've used these batteries for around 8 months and they work fine. Not quite the rate of fire you get with a fully charged 9.6v but pretty darn close. What I really like about them is they fit into any crane stock or hand guard with ease and because they are 2000mah they will easily last a full day without a recharge. A little pricey for a 7.4 but if it's dependable and performs well, to me it's worth it.
by Victor b. on 12/30/2014
"First off, this is a great lipo battery. I use it in my G&P Mr and it basically turns the gun into a monster. Takes about 30 mins-1 hour to fully charge. Overall this battery is worth every penny and I have no regrets.
by Nick W. on 12/31/2017
"I use this in my WE Tech R5C AEG. It is extremely lightweight and rather compact, so it may be able to fit in much smaller battery compartments. It's pretty durable as well, so it should last you a very long time if you take care of it properly.

That said, 7.4v batteries aren't quite as good as 11.1v batteries, but the size of this one allows it to fill a unique role in fitting in smaller battery compartments. However, if you have more space for a battery, you're much better off with an 11.1v because it will give you better trigger response, a higher rate of fire, and a slight improvement in muzzle velocity. If you can, go with an 11.1v before this one.

Not much else to say about this battery, Matrix makes some solid LiPos.
by TJ W. on 08/08/2015
"First of all let me start by saying that this battery will turn your gun into an absolute beast. However I'm giving it 4 stars due to the fact that after about 5 months of having this battery, it went bad on me. I have been doing everything properly with this battery as far as usage, charging, and storage. It may just be a dud battery but i have to get it replaced and I'm sure will be excellent to me and send me a nice replacement.

Make trigger response much faster
Increases RoF dramatically
Increase FPS

Mine went dud but I'm sure yours won't

Overall I do recommend this battery to anybody interested in buying it.
by Michael H. on 02/05/2019
"I purchased this for my Kwa M4 and I was not really impressed my 9.6 nimh a bit better, full auto 7.4 is a little smoother but overall the 9.6 performs better for my needs.I personally not a fully auto kinda person like to control the trigger myself.