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Most common Airsoft guns on the market nowadays are battery-powered AEGs (Airsoft Electric Guns). Here you can find the exact battery to match your gun and desired performance, along with all of the necessary accessories and maintenance components.

Airsoft Battery 101

ROF (Rate of Fire) and overall performance and durability of an AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) have a direct relationship with the power and capacity of your battery. If you want to upgrade your AEG, start with a better battery!

  • We recommend upgrading all 8.4V low performance battery and cheap wall chargers commonly included with Chinese made AEG rifles for optimized performance and durability.
  • We recommend a minimum of Matrix or equivalent 8.4V battery packs with at least 1400mAh or higher mAh rating for all AEG rifles.
  • A 9.6V NiMH battery is recommended for powering an AEG with an FPS output rating over 350 with the exceptionof LiPoly batteries, where a 7.4V LiPoly battery may have equivalent power output to a 9.6V NiMH pack.
  • Certain AEGs equipped with a high torque motor may allow a lower power battery pack to be used at the cost of ROF (rate of fire).
  • Smart chargers are strongly recommended for providing longevity for battery life and a better gaming experience. Smart chargers will stop charging when the battery reaches capacity and charges the battery in a fraction of the time of a regular charger.
  • Regular/cheap battery chargers will not tell you when the battery reaches peak capacity and will not stop charging on its own so they require manual monitoring of battery temperature and precise calculation of charging time after the battery is discharged.
  • Finding the balance between ROF (rate of fire) and FPS (feet per second) of your rifle is critical. Expect lower ROF and higher wear and tear as the FPS increases. Expect to use a higher power battery as the FPS increases to prevent potential gear locking. Avoid using batteries not suited to your gun, or running lower power batteries.