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CYMA Standard Stamped Metal AK74U Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Steel Folding Stock and Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

23 Customer Reviews

by Mads N. on 08/10/2022
"This gun is a powerhouse the trigger response is really good(compared to other AKs). I run E&L 120rd mid-caps and a Titan power 3000mah 7.4v. In my opinion, this is the best sub-200 dollar gun on Evike(non-sale).

Mostly Steel
Real wood
Super fun

wood is alright but not symmetrical in thickness
by Tyler H. on 12/04/2021
"AMAZING GUN i have had zero problems with this amazing gun, the wood furniture is perfect quality, and the stamped metal is durable and nice weight distribution along the gun, my favorite part is the overall feel and response of the gun have had this thing for awhile and no problems, if ur having a hard time pulling the trigger IM TELLING YOU DO IT YOU WONT REGRET IT
by Chance R. on 11/03/2021
"Absolutely love this gun, very solid. I have run it through grass and mud and shot at least 5000 runs from this and it's still as good as the day I got it. 100% would recommend for durability.
by bryan m. on 07/09/2021
"great gun! it's well built and solid and performs flawlessly. the only changes I've made to it is adding a tracer suppressor from Angel and a Gates Warfet. I'm using an 11.1 lipo in it as well. I'm very pleased with my little suchka. the only gripe I have isn't even due to cyma. it's an incompatibility of accessories between the iconic folding stock and the optics mount that, when installed, keeps the stock from folding completely and latching. like I said, not at all the fault of the manufacturer. I suppose, had I foreseen the issue, that I could have ordered the 048 model instead but I'm quite happy as is. anyone that really wants to mount optics using the original side mount may want to pay attention to that and order the 048 instead.
by Stefan K. on 07/06/2021
"Overall a great AEG battery storage is limited but you can get in relatively easy I would recommend buying this for starters or a polymer AEG if your trying to get it for a younger kid but overall it’s a great gun definitely the best airsoft gun I’ve ever owned out of my 250+ guns. overall you get a great gun which is worth 500+ dollars and for a great price I strongly recommend getting this gun.
by bryan m. on 06/26/2021
"ok, so I've been looking at this malen'kaya suchka for a couple weeks now. long enough to learn 1 of its pet names in the Russian military translates to "little bitch." and long enough to quit procrastinating and order myself one already. it arrived right on time, unboxed pristine and undamaged, so impressed! it's everything others have said of it and more. we ran a quick 600-700 rounds thru it with no issues beyond operator error derps (oh, that's how you unlock/unfold the stock...). sorry, no chronos or anything, but it was solid and flawless on a 8.4v/1150mAh Ni-mh. on my 11.1v/3000 Lipo this gun screams! wow! it does overrun pretty bad in semi on Lipo but my 2 Gate Warfets arrive in 2 days. 1 of them should fix that issue, and alot more. I can hardly wait.. anyways, after playing with it for 1 day, it gets all my 5 stars. I've got zero negatives to report. in fact, my battle bud made me, and paid me, on the spot to order him one since I wouldn't sell him mine, lol! I plan to use this as the base of my 1st aeg build. I may post random updates on its progress, if there's any sort of interest.
bottom line; if you're even just considering this gun, quit waffling already and buy it. you won't be disappointed.
by Holden V. on 05/14/2021
"This gun is amazing. It is front heavy if you compare it to a CYMA AKM, but regardless it is phenomenal. I personally am in love with the real wood furniture, because it feels so good. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a great gun for a good price, most definitely worth it. And it also hurts to get shot by, so people will call their hits, which is a big plus.
by Josiyah S. on 12/09/2020
"I got this gun as a gift about 2 months ago, and I love it! I also went to an outdoor airsoft battle with my friends and this gun performed great! I highly recommend this as a starter gun.
by Baylee M. on 06/08/2020
"I have had this gun for a year or two now, and the entire time it has been absolutely amazing and I use it as my primary gun when I go out! The quality of the weapon, and it's price is out of this world!

Accurate with the right adjustment and BB's. I use .28's and it's like a laser!
Shoots amazing right out of the box!
Weight is super nice, not too heavy and not too light! Perfect in every way!
Battery compartment is the best of the best when it comes to AK's! Right under the dust cover and can fit long type stick batteries. I use an 8.4 volt 1600mAh type battery in mine and it lasts me all game!
Unlimited customization when it comes to your favorite AK! The CYMA metal rail hand guard looks amazing with the real wood top.

At times it seems to skip a beat and miss fed to fire a shot, even with a midcap mag. Although, this could just be my weapon. It isn't too much of an issue and happens rarely to the point I barely notice, but it's worth mentioning.
Flash hider is a pain in the back to get off! I haven't even bothered trying to take it off anymore and will most likely just see if I can get it removed at one of my local shops.
You don't have it yet!

Seriously, it's that good! Best of the best in my books! You will fall in love with this weapon the moment you get it in your hands and fire a few bb's through it. I know I did!
by stan k. on 01/05/2019
"this is a fantastic gun. the only problems i have had with the gun are that
1. the sights were crooked out of the box but I popped the rivets and re drilled them and replaced them now it's just about perfect.
2.if you want to run a barrel extension or a tracer unit you are in for a rough time, I would recommend buying a replacement barrel and whatnot instead (really. it is on there that well, I had to cut new threads on my lathe).
other than that this is an absolutely fantastic gun for the price. it will fit 9.6v stick batteries easily.
by Justice W. on 01/17/2018
"It's been a long time since I've purchased this, two or three years, and this thing is still my main gun. I would really recommend this gun for people either starting out, or someone that just wants a good gun. Really, I love this gun, I'm going to probably retire it here soon as I'm looking into more high end guns but this gun has never failed me, not once.
by Alex M. on 05/02/2017
"First the bad yet easily fixed issues:
1. The iron sights are canted to the left. I think they pretty much leave the factory like this. You can easily put a side scope mount and apply a red dot.

2. The stock magazine doesnt like to feed .25+ weighted BBs very consistently. Just bought new mags from Lancer Tactical and they work real well.

3. Power is pretty hot for most fields. Mine was shooting 388fps with .25 BBs and shoots 345fps with .30 BBs.

The awesome:
1. With .25 BBs I think the spring is a bit too powerful and the hop-up a bit sensitive. The .25s would just fly right or left after about 90 feet. I used .30 BBs and it shoots spot on. I dont even use a scope and I am getting some decent range and accuracy. I am able to reach out and touch opponents at 120 feet with precision.

2. Its an AK. The battery is loaded in the top receiver and can easily install/remove battery.

This is my go to AEG. Its affordable and performs great. I have only used it twice in the field but the performance on game day is spectacular. I have no complaints, other than the iron sights, of the build quality. Everything seems to function flawlessly for a $150 AEG.
by Nick P. on 06/02/2016
"CYMA has really stepped up their game.

Handguards are real Oak, finish from the factory is meh but i refinished them with stain and oil finish and it looks beautiful now.

Steel Parts:
Almost everything is steel except the outer barrel, front sight post, rear sight trunnion, bolt assembly.
YES, THE RECEIVER IS STEEL, but evike will not label as such.
Gives the gun some decent heft and weight.

Gun comes with neodymium motor which is a nice touch, shoots a little faster on a 7.4 lipo but not a huge noticeable increase from a regular motor. Metal hop up further increases the gun's value.

With .3 Goldenball BB's, I had relatively small groupings at a decent range (keep in mind that this is a more compact rifle, shorter barrel.)

Overall, very nice build quality and performance for the price. Cannot beat CYMA for their value.
by Jesse S. on 01/22/2016
"Best gun I own right now. Super accurate, long range, well built. It comes with a 1200 8.4 but i recommend getting something higher like a 9.6. Battery space could probably accommodate a 2200 mah battery. Metal hop that is easy to adjust. Working slide that does not lock. Magazine feeds well so far and can hold a lot. Accurate up to about 100 feet or more. It is heavy with a full mag and I recommend getting a strap. Durable build. Overall, just get this gun.
by christian z. on 07/21/2014
"Just got this gun and its a beast..ran it with a 11.1v lipo cuz cyma aks are truly tanks

Pros:cherry wood finish, full metal, accurate, metal hopup, accurate, its a tank so run a lipo if u want

Cons: shoots at 430fps to hot for even field use

Definitely getting more than what u pay for