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Cybergun Licensed Thompson "Chicago Typewriter" Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Drum Mag (Package: Gun Only)

41 Customer Reviews

by Max D. on 06/14/2019
"The Chicago Typewriter Thompson is my first airsoft rifle, I have ordered from Evike. If you have the money and want someone that has historical tone, and like Thompson style weapons in general, I do recommend this rifle. The drum magazine is easy to load with or without a speed loader accessory. The gun itself, shoots very far, on both semi and automatic. It has shot about 75-100ft on a new battery charge. Loading the magazine into the weapon, is very simple as well. Inserting the battery is simple. I have had no issues with the Thompson so far. But, for some people, the weapon may become hefty and it does have weight behind it, with the metal pieces. Apart from weight issues, the stock and "wood" pieces are made of plastic. There are kits that can switch these pieces with real wood, but it adds more weight. The rifle is my favorite so far, easy to use, and transport with the battery.
by Laurie R. on 07/04/2017
"Toss a 9.6v in this baby and she's ready to go! The Thompson will preform at the same level as your standard M4. As far as mods go on the Tommy gun the only thing you can really do it mess with the internals which I highly recommend. While the gun preforms great out of the box it never hurts to up the FPS. I would also recommend using Mid caps as they will provide a much steadier ROF and flow of BBs for a SMG/Assualter loadout.
All in all, great gun. I've been using mine for over a year now and it never fails.
by Russell R. on 06/16/2017
"This is a very great gun. I have had this for almost 2 years and it still is accurate, good range, reliable, stylish, fast rate. ( depending on battery ) Recommended 9.6 Small type Battery. ( Took off pistol foregrip, replaced with horizontal Thompson grip for a more military 1928A1 look ) I am defiantly gonna get another one for my Thompson collection.

Stylish for Mobster Gangster or WW2 players
Accurate up to 200 ft
FPS is good for outdoor use, sometimes it shoots at 350 for indoor usage.
Full Metal Body, imitation wood is good.
Easy to shoot ( I have longer arms so its not awkward to hold )
Pretty Fast rate of fire.

No problems after two years, but my only complaint is the gun Isnt time period correct. The receiver should be on top not the side. ( That is just for me )

Cons: Can be awkward for players who dont have a long reach or are left handed, The Thompson was made for right handed people sense everything from safety, select fire, and magazine release is on the right side.
No Blowback action :(
by Cole W. on 02/28/2017
"About 7-8 years ago I got this as a Christmas present, and too this day it still works perfectly. I've dropped it multiple times, dropped it in mud, used it in the rain and snow, but she refuses to quit working. I cannot recommend a better airsoft gun to use.

-never quits working no matter what
-good for a mobster or ww2 look
Drum mag will last a while (mine only broke because I dropped it on a concrete floor then someone stepped on it)

-heavier than my real Thompson when it's got a loaded drum mag.
-No front sling mount (I use a zip-tie)
-it's hard to find a place to keep the mags unless you have the right pouches.

Do not doubt this gun, if you love classics, get this now.
by Thomas Y. on 03/22/2016
"This gun is a BEAST!
When I first took this gun out for actual airsoft games, I was extremely surprised at how easy it was to see the BBs fly out. It was a great advantage since I could whether or not I was hitting my targets or not! The drum mag is not only great for looks for ammo capacity as well, at 450 BBs.
*Stylish period gun
*Visible line of fire (able to see the BBs fly out)
*Great and stylish hi-cap drum mag which is easy to use
*Compatible with Thompson stick mags
*Built in fore-grip
*Easy hop-up adjustment
*Extremely light
*Doesn't feel awkward when firing on semi

*Kind of awkward to hold, you have to lean in to shoulder and fire (You can always hold the drum/ stick mag as a fore-grip though)
*Battery rattles around the stock a bit but you can put in bit of tissues to fill in the empty spaces
*Not a lot of places to put away the drug mag on your load out unless you have a big pouch
*A bit expensive as it is almost $200
*Can't be used it in indoor airsoft fields
*Faux wood (eh... not too big of deal)
*Compartment on the stock to change battery sometimes gets jammed if the wires are pushed up against it inside

Gun is totally worth buying, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone buying their first airsoft gun.
by Jacob F. on 06/04/2015
"This gun is just amazing! It is a heavy beast with all full metal construction, besides the wood stock, pistol grip and forward grip. The internals are great. You should get a better battery then just the one it comes with. The stock doesn't have a lot of space for the battery so be careful with the size I had to kind of just bunch everything in the stock to fit it. And oh my god the drum mag just makes this gun even more of a beast, it is sturdy and feeds great and holds a crap ton of bb's. I didn't happen to get this gun from Evike because it was on pre-order, I got it at my local sporting goods store. The gun is a hard hitting gun and has great distance. I do recommend using heavy bb's because of the high fps. 0.20g bb's worked great. It is a heavy gun too, with the weight so be prepared for that. I do approve of this gun and if you think about getting it then you should! GET THIS GUN, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
by Corey R. on 08/01/2014
"I've had this gun for a few days now and have already used it in a war with some friends. By far it is my favorite and it dominated the field (My friends were using Aks FAMAS, and M-4s). At first I was doubtful about how well it would compete, but I was soon shown there was no need to worry.
Great ROF
Good FPS
Extremely Durable
Heavy (Some may find this to be a con, but I personally like the weight as it adds to the guns realism. Although after a 6 hour war, your arms do get kind sore.)

Heavy (Arms get sore after long airsoft war)

Overall, I would recommend this gun to both pros, and beginners.
by Jacob H. on 08/16/2013
"Great gun for a WWII battle. All markings on gun are historically correct as well as the look of the gun. If your looking for a gun that is combat ready out of the box this gun is perfect. The gun is large and heavy though this is not a con. The real Thompson was the same size and weighed approximately the same. If you are a person of small stature and have trouble carrying around a heavy gun then this is not for you. I believe in full metal guns that are heavy weight to simulate actual combat.

-Top receiver is metal as well as barrel
-Heavy weight for a more realistic feel
-Accuracy is good enough
-FPS is sufficient
-Drum mag is excellent for look as well as a capacity of 450 rounds
-Looks good and has great character
-Bolt can be pulled back
-Gear box has moderate internals and version 6 gearbox is easy to upgrade compared to an m4/m16 version 2 gearbox
-Has one sling mount for a "under the arm sling"

-Feeding system stall fires about every 20-30 shots (easy fix by deburring out the edge)
-Lower receiver is ABS (this does lighten gun but I would prefer to add the extra 1 1/2lbs)[Can be purchased else ware]
by oscar b. on 12/31/2012
"Ive had this gun for about two years now and it still works like the day i took it out of the box. excellent support weapon, and field presence.
by Andrew P. on 03/04/2012
"Overall Pros:
-rate of fire
-muzzle velocity (not as high as advertised, but still awesome)
-drum mag and vertical fore-grip make great partners
-fun to shoot
-can be formatted for cqb

Overall Cons:
-connection of pistol grip (very minor con)
-length (can be shortened for cqb if desired)
-may be heavy for some (vertical fore-grip really helps with the weight)
by Juan carlos K. on 10/22/2011
"This gun is GREAT! I got mine from the boneyard for 70 dollars and all that was wrong with it was that a red bb had grease on it, and this bb was in the barrel so I fixed it. Lol. Saved myself 140 bucks. Thanks Evike. You guys are great.
by liam t. on 08/19/2011
"This gun really is as awesome as it looks. It fires straight, fast, and with the 500 shots you know it has enough ammo for a game. It is a heavy gun but I dont mind it too much and I'm only 5' 2". I now know why the gangsters fired from the hip because its huge. I can aim pretty well from the hip though because it fires straight and with a good rate of fire and a full drum mag you know youre going to hit your target. Ive got a wingun revolver and this and they both theyre a deadly combo. If you like cool, historic, and authentic guns, then I would highly recommend this and the wingun revolver.
by lee b. on 07/23/2011
"this gun is AWSOME ! i have the cybergun version but there all the same basicly . the gun is the most realistic looking gun i have ever seen the bbs go stright very nice if you have the money BUY IT!!!!
by Wes E. on 07/13/2011
"This is a very nice gun. i havent used it in a war yet, but there are great specs....

1. You never have to take out the magazine because it reloads from the side.
2. It has a !!!huge!!! battery compartment for a 9.6v battery.
3. A trustworthy safety.
4. You feel like a gangster using it.
5. Insanely good fps, and is accurate.


1. You need long arms.
2. No attachment rails... ( but who cares )
3. Kinda heavy with a drum magazine.
by Robert S. on 04/12/2011
"I bought this gun about 3 weeks ago and I love it. I went airsofting with some of my friends at a CQB course near my house and it was fantastic. I also bought the stick mag on Evike for $26 and it worked like a charm. I borrowed my friend's lypoly battery and it increased the rate of fire for 10 rps to about 15 rps.

Good rate of fire
Really good FPS (about 420ish when i used it)
Great Range
Pinpoint Accuracy if you adjust the hop-up correctly (I used .20 bbs)
It is a scale model. I don't really care about that but it is what it is.
The drum mag it comes with it holds a lot of ammo, so you never have to reload in the middle of a game.
The length of the gun is perfect for me and I am a 5 foot 11 inches and 150 lbs.

There is only a clip to put a strap on in the back, so its hard to put straps on it.
The battery it comes with isn't very good, but you can buy a lypoly and fix that issue.
If you completely fill the mag, it can get a little heavy (about 10 lbs or so)

Other than that, this Tommy gun is great and I would recommend it for all skill levels of players: from beginners to experts. This gun can be used in either a field match or a CQB course and works perfectly. Haven't had a single issue with it yet and I am looking forward to using it again. This gun is awesome.