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Matrix Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .20g / 10000 Rounds / White)

303 Customer Reviews

by Benjamin D. on 09/08/2021
"Great BB's! good price, never had a problem!
by Jerry S. on 07/29/2021
"For the price these are my go to bbs for aegs. For sniping buy something better since every shot counts. But in m4s to saws these are hard to beat. Can we get .28 blacks in the 20000 bulk bags please.
by Mateeallah I. on 04/03/2021
"It Worked perfectly. No problems.
by Adrian M. on 02/04/2021
"good bbs so far very clean and preform well
by Stan T. on 05/29/2019
"Awesome super consistent BBs. We bought 12 bags of .28s (60000 BBs). We are now running out after less than two months! We are planning to buy more!
by Alex C. on 02/02/2019
"Great BBs. Been using them in different weights for almost 3 years
by Francis W. on 06/05/2018
"These are pretty str8. I'm gonna go with heavier, though.
by Earl D. on 03/28/2018
"If you're looking for that night time Airsoft game these are the best to use. Almost impossible to see in the dark.
by Matthew K. on 08/03/2017
"Got these for training as a substitute for training with real ammo. It's black, making it nearly impossible to see. This is great for training for real firearms so you don't have the distraction of a slowly moving white bb in the air. Seamless and reliable
by Jonathan C. on 03/29/2017
"These are nice bbs, no defects, runs smooth, however i would like to point out that when i used my digital calipers on a handful, they actually measure 5.93mm, not the 5.95 advertised, not a huge difference, but still not the advertised measurement. Btw, my calipers are dead accurate, i use this same one when building engines, which is what i do for a living.
by James C. on 03/26/2017
"Nice bbs, good for guns 320~380 FPS
by Allen A. on 02/03/2017
"I bought these bbs and put them in my P* F1 and boy do they fly straight and far. I would recommend these bbs to anyone who is running a P* or a DMR.
by alex c. on 10/04/2016
"good bbs. they do what they are suppose to do and they do it well. they dont jam or break easily
by Cody P. on 09/10/2016
"Good bbs but hard to see, i whent to white, i miss ordered this but still accurate.
by Blynn B. on 05/12/2016
"These BBs are one of the best out there

-Less hop, my gun is powerful and hop up is hard to adjust(can be a con)
-fair price
nice and shiny BBs