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Matrix Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .20g / 10000 Rounds / White)

303 Customer Reviews

by Andrew S. on 05/12/2016
"I love these BB's. I have bought 2 bags so far and am buying 3 more i have a WE F226 and i figured since they are WE to why not buy them. I compared them to some TM BB's and they were way more accurate than the TM ones.


by Vincent D. on 05/12/2016
"Got this for $8. Very affordable and performs just as well as any other bb manufacturer such as G&G or Matrix.
by Tyler S. on 05/12/2016
"These are awesome bb's! They are very accurate and they get better range and fps than other bb brands in my guns. I would reccomend these to anyone, but get em while they're cheap.
by Ross H. on 05/12/2016
"these are amazing bbs. I compared them with some KSC bbs i had and could not tell the difference. I bought 15 bags when they were on sale for $6. they feed flawlessly in my hicaps and midcaps and don't jam in my 6.03 tightbore barrel. I have not had one single issue in 50k+ rounds.
by Carlos R. on 05/12/2016
"Ive only used walmart bbs for my thompson and ak47. I didnt think it was worth it to buy online. But for 7$ i had to try. They are AMAZING! really accurate and they shoot way harder. Thanks evike!
by Matt R. on 05/12/2016
"Initial look and feel: Perfect, great packaging, great polish, no dings and dongs.

I have gone thru maybe about 10 bags of these and no problems whatsoever. I cannot do extensive reviews with scientific equipments, but I vouch for these bbs being great bbs.

packaged very nicely, not like it matters....but definitely a big difference than the Chinese bbs sold else where. I only trust with their bbs because they seem to be the only retailer that carries only high grade bbs. I have used these and the Matrix and they are by far the best bb money can buy.

You seem to only be able to find matrix and we bb only here at Good bbs are a must have, take this as the best advise an Airsofter can give another airsofter.

Thanks for offering great products!
by valentine t. on 04/05/2016
"best bb's i've ever purchased ever. absolutely love these bbs. very high quality for a low price.
by Tristan G. on 02/17/2016
"These bb's are the bomb. I use them in my Krytac SPR, shooting around 400 FPS, with Elite Force mid caps. They fed flawlessly, meeting their mark and reaching farther then ever... until i didnt clean my mags (which i couldnt, for some reason the screws were so stuck it just messed up the plastic) and then they went in white and came out brown. A few mags are okay and they still feed amazingly, i would recommend these as long as you keep both the bb's clean and your magazine clean.

Pros: Good distance, quality, price, feeding speed

Cons: none
by Mark O. on 01/18/2016
"These bbs are great and have really good quality and shoots perfect on my gun, no jamming, no issues, nothing.

by Ramiro R. on 11/24/2015
"These high quality BBs, far superior to crosman or equivalent at sporting goods stores. Feel solid, no shatters or jams so far.
by Andrew R. on 10/03/2015
"Matrix match grade ammo is the best deal on bb's I can find. They're mid-line quality but for the price of $20 for 10,000 they can't be beat. There's really not much to review here; all I can say is they're good and very inexpensive. Most field ammo I buy is about $20 for 5,000 and other brands of bb's are in the upper $30 range. So if you shoot a lot like me, go ahead and pick up these bb's!
by Sherri P. on 08/17/2015
"Exactly what you'd expect from BBs. They shoot straight and work great. Next to no feeding problems, there's really nothing to complain about. Great quality, cheap, high accuracy .2s.
by Samuel O. on 06/17/2015
"I use these in my stock Tokyo Mauri Pro Hunter and they work well. Nice finish, no seams. I have 300 FPS in my TM and these just glide through the air with a nice lift when paired with my hop-up. Very good.
by Scott A. on 04/10/2015
"Ive Been Using these BB's Since 06' They have ALWAYS Been Reliable and Consistent, No Damage has been Done to my AEG's.

Best Value and Quality!

Also Brand I Would Go with is KWA Perfect Shot BB's

.20 and .25's is What I Use for Regular Engagements
by Nathan R. on 12/01/2014
"good quality bbs they shot great through mauser sr pro tacrical no jams my mag broke but not cause of my bbs