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Matrix Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .20g / 10000 Rounds / White)

303 Customer Reviews

by george b. on 08/03/2011
"What can i say there Matrix bbs.... you have quality high grade bbs! dont worry about jamming your tight bore or stock barrel or breaking through metal mesh. good weight good quality, just make sure u have the fps to back up the weight!
by christopher b. on 07/03/2011
"These BBS are awesome. Never had a single misfire and they are so well polished.
by Tyler R. on 06/25/2011
"Very good BBs. No jams, doesn't leave a residue in my KWA M9 like ASGI BBs did. Great price for such good BBs.
by Nick B. on 06/21/2011
"i use these with my Echo 1 aug with a 509 mm 6.01 tightbore and NO jams and perfect accuracy. would never buy anything else. and I have searched for hours upon hours for something cheaper- you will love these- MATRIX IS THE BEST
by leo C. on 06/07/2011
"i have never trusted anyting besides matrix bbs in my co2 pistols, or aeg. i dont even no what a jam/feeding problem is! these bbs r very reliable and for a good price. buy them now u wont regret it
by Suzanne Z. on 05/22/2011
"Wonderful BBs. I have fired two bags of them and I haven't encountered a jam yet.
by Justin H. on 05/09/2011
"use these in my 6.04 tight bore. havent had any misfeeds or problems. 5/5 stars and a great price.
by Michael l. on 03/22/2011
"these are my favourite bbs, there price and quality are best bang for your buck, specially as they get heavier (as other brands over charge for heavier bbs). I havent tested the .3s yet but the .28s and .25s that ive used have never jammed on me and put out more fps than madbull bbs on my chrono.
by Abraham G. on 03/11/2011
"I bought this for my m4 carbine, and it literally shoots a straight line. the way you point your gun is where the bb will go, unless your gun is like seriously screwd up.


20,000 rounds for 40 bucks? this is a BARGAIN. i bought these deal around 4 months ago and I still have 3 1/2 bags :D

BUY IT. Dont trust other BB brands
by Thomas D. on 03/01/2011
"Ive got to agree with all of the other reviews when it comes to bbs im going to want to save money and at since the main gun i use .20 gram bbs is my m249 saw i usually go through at least 5000 bbs a day easily so the pricepoint on the bbs are the best and ive never had a single problem with them.

WHERE else can you get 10000 bbs for 20 bucks
by olav s. on 02/28/2011
"One word! WOW!!!!
these bbs are the best BUY IT NOW!!!
no jam
makes me aim (for ultimate ralism)

not a darn thing!!!

thanks for this ultimate bag of bbs Matrix!
as a cause of your quality and affordability, 60-80% of my loadout is Matrix!
by Blake C. on 02/02/2011
"All I got to say is LOVE IT! Best price, best quantity, and quality. For the price you cant go wrong, because I use these with my M249 saw and they seem to hit what it is that I'm aiming at. With the amount that you get is even a good amount for the players that play every weekend or twice a month, it will seem to last.

Good quality
Good quantity
Good price

I don't have enough money to buy the 60 pound potato sack full of these bb's.
by Dale S. on 01/29/2011
"TThese are the the best bbs you will ever buy! Smooth and seamless these will catch air evenly and fly straight.
by Jacob G. on 01/28/2011
"These bb's are amazing. Compared to the more expensive Airsoft Elite's these are the much much better kind of bb's that you'd want to buy. I haven't had one of these babies jam on me yet, and iv been using theme for 1 1/2 years. If you carefully examine them, you will never ever find a seam line on them.

White (you can easily trace the path of your bb's)
No seam line
Seem lubed almost...

NONE! :)
by Nicolas W. on 01/25/2011
"These bbs r way better then any sporting good bbs, and almost as good as golden ball my gun has never jammed, unlike with airsplat...Do not be confused by the price great deal