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G&G Armament SMC-9 Gas Blowback Pistol Caliber Carbine (Color: Black)

4 Customer Reviews

by Peter L. on 02/18/2021
"great gun i actually put a 1-4x scope and 180mm suppressor on it and use it as a mini-DMR for medium range distances cause of its higher-than-cqb fps and it's very accurate and full auto is reliable and crisp with not too much kick which makes it fun. i can convert it from smg to dmr lol. gas consumption is heavy in full auto (as expected) but good in semi. i got 2 extra mags for this gun but i probably should've gotten more as they are currently sold out, understandably. you can get a downgrade nozzle if you want to use it at your local indoor cqb field but me and my friends play neighborhood backyard games with ~400 fps guns so this gun is great for cqb too if you want it to be. i mean it's got a folding stock so it's basically meant for cqb.
by Edwin R. on 02/12/2021
"I bought this gun from my local airsoft store. This gun is amazing the only con I have is the mag. You’ll need more than one of the 50 round but if you use the drum mag then there shouldn’t be an issue. Overall performance of this gun is amazing and perfect for cqb when you fire this gun each shot sounds crisp even in full auto action sounds crisp.
by Josh s. on 10/12/2020
"Here’s honest review of the gun.
Before you go searching google for wether or not it’s a good gun let me tell you. G&g did a good thing. It is blowback however your hands are safe up front (the charging handle is static) and yes it sounds amazing to fire.

Pros: so much fun, and I mean it. It functions very well and really does what it’s made to do: blast away your enemy’s with a single pull of the trigger (or 5 if it’s a semi auto game). While using it you can reload relatively quickly and i have no problems thus far with the magazine falling out (which is an issue for some pistol type guns) the FPS is great for all cqb fields and the hop up system works great.

Cons: these are minor however they are things that may or may not change your decision to buy this gun. First is the magazine: you are going to need definitely more than one if even three. With no aftermarket version of these because of how new it is you are going to have to buy directly from GNG. It’s not a big issue, just quite pricey. Then is my least favorite part of the magazine, the beast of loading it. In my experience I’ve had no way to hold down the part that loads your bbs inside the magazine. It always keeps popping back up because of the spring, making reloading on the field a hassle. This can be made easier with an additional part, However that is just more money (only like 15 not horrible by any means, just annoying)

Sorry for all of the reading you had to go through, it’s almost done.

This gun is fantastic, and I highly recommend it because of how new it is overtime aftermarket parts will be available and it will be even better.
by Christopher S. on 01/11/2021
"Purchased this item for my son as a Christmas gift. After minimal use Christmas morning, the bolt carrier jams against the ejection port doors. After minimal use on January 11th 2021 the slide release lever has completely come apart. I would save your money.