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EMG STI / TTI Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master Airsoft Training Pistol (Model: Green Gas)

26 Customer Reviews

by Bradley M. on 01/07/2020
"I love this pistol. A few details they leave out and reviews don’t really explain though just FYI.
Barrel is threaded. You can use a tracer unit. Amazing!
The mag release button is extended and removable. This is my only gripe. When it’s in a holster sometimes the button gets hit on its own and the mag falls out. However it’s not that often. The kick is amazing. The green gas fires about 328 consistently for me. I took it outdoors once tho and it was cold in the car for a few hours. I tested it and it only shot at 250 so beware the green gas CAN get much slower if it’s cold. But when I use it in doors it’s accurate, reliable, easy to work on. There’s a tiny allen key needed for a small screw inside where you would normally remove the spring and barrel. Don’t lose it. Screw or key.
It seems to have this sort of internal short stoked pieces already pre installed BUT the slide catches. Maybe it’s just the design but it’s different from other stock guns I’ve used before. It’s gas efficient. It’s compatible with lots of TM hi cap parts and MAGAZINES but the lower is one piece and isn’t compatible with Tm lowers. The fiber optic sights are gorgeous and overall I love this gun. It fires well, is accurate, it’s fun to take apart and clean and lube, it’s my favorite pistol and I’d consider buying another as a gift to my brother.
by Bradley M. on 01/06/2020
"I love this gun

Green gas shoots around 320 330 FPS. The barrel is threaded, just remove the orange tip.

...I remove the slide and take out the inner barrel then just hold the outer barrel dipped in for a few seconds. It’ll become pliable and you can pull it out.

It’s comparable with other hi capa mags.
It’s super gas efficient (1 25rd mag gets at least two bb refills before I need to gas up again)

It has A great kick and the adjustable iron sights are gorgeous. The hop up is okay. I’m gonna upgrade it BUT it’s better than other stock pistols I’ve shot.

The only little complaint I have is the mag release can get a little stuck so my mag will occasionally slide out on its own.

Overall I love this gun. It’s compatible with lots of TM parts but the entire lower is one piece so it’s not compatible with any lowers.

You get to be John wick for real. Just get a Cyma tri shot shotgun and a couple shells.
by Kimberly P. on 01/05/2020
"This pistol is beautiful and the rose gold barrel really stands out with the black furniture. Besides being a good looker the trigger is very light and it shoots amazingly. The STI mag that it came with is extremely gas efficient with almost 5 mags per fill(for me). I have had it for a few months a d just recently the mag release cracked in half and I will order another (definitely steel). I have heard this about other EMG hi capas as well so dint let this deter you. Definitely worth the price 10/10
by spencer p. on 12/27/2019
"Great gun HIGHLY RECOMMEND it looks amazing and shoots very nice the co2 last for about two and a half mag reloads
by Jorge P. on 09/01/2019
"A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! ! !

I almost lost my jaw because of how amazing this pistol is. This pistol is so nice I wish I bought two. My next and next next pistol will be an EMG!
by Howard A. on 08/28/2019
"This pistol is totally worth the wait if you are one of those like me who pre-ordered it, which I assume you are at the moment since the item isn't technically showing "in stock" yet as of today.
The finish is superb from the color of the barrel to the imitation stippled STI grip.
Now, this gun isn't just a show-piece, upon operating it in my operator mode I have discovered it extremely accurate and fun to shoot. By far my favorite pistol on par with my SAI BLU! Initially I assumed it would be an AW Custom system as I have access within my team a few of those, but surprisingly it appeared that a lot more attention to detail and performance had been put into this pistol making it probably one of the best hi-capa I have used to-date. Great job EMG!
by frederic f. on 08/27/2019
"this pistol is the real deal ! wow ... Thanks Evike from Canada
by Ian O. on 07/26/2019
"Absolute solid and well made STI 2011 replica. It sounds awesome when fired. It is crisp and quick to cycle and is hopping 0.30's easily. Really glad I jumped onto the pre order and now I just need to get a couple of more mags. The stipple job on the grip could be more accurate but that is my only gripe.

Anyone wondering about the guide rod. What looks like a pin is actually a grub screw. Use the Hex/Allen key that came in the package to loosen it and it splits in two and removes from the front. It's fiddly to put back together though so just be careful.

Impressed with it just as a show piece. But I intend to use it as its just too nice to keep in a box!
by Thomas A. on 07/25/2019
"Awesome pistol! Shoots like a laser and all markings are good quality and correct. Extremely high quality gbb pistol, if the reliability is just as good as the outside build quality, this gun should last forever. Would like to know how to disassemble the slide though, the return rod is giving me trouble, looks like a small pin breaks it down into two pieces but I'm not sure.
by Daniel H. on 07/25/2019
"Excellent representation of the real deal! Wow! So glad I jumped onboard for the first pre-order! You will NOT be disappointed!! As others have mentioned, there are no instructions with the gun.
by Matthew W. on 07/24/2019
"This is it.
Order it while you can. You won't regret it.
Everything is spot on.
by Shay E. on 07/24/2019
"its a awesome gun that shoots really accurately. i highly recommend this gun
by Miguel R. on 07/23/2019
"I got it yesterday and the detail is amazing as well as the action. Nice weight to pretty well balanced. Well worth the weight i may consider ordering another as a keepsake who knows. I have not tried to disassemble mine. As another patron mentioned there no instructions. I do love the perks for the pre-order a holster for a Hi Capa and the holster attachment to put them together. I however couldn't get it to work b/c the screws provided were not long enough or i just couldn't figure it out. However it was a great buy and long wait for John Wick Fans. If your on the fence jump off and get one!

PS: I plan on ordering another holster with hardware make sure it goes good. Thank you to Evike, EMG, STI and TTI for making this happen.
by Christopher M. on 05/15/2020
"Nice gun, good weight to it, fires and kicks well. Unfortunately it has a very noticeable rattle in the slide which was disappointing. Still happy with it, just expected a little more from EMG.
by Evan D. on 08/22/2019
"A solid (literally) pistol with some sick looks and respectable performance.

I was in the second batch of preorders for this pistol, and am admittedly disappointed. The first batch got the correct magazine type (a second CO2 mag if you ordered the CO2 model), while I was stuck with two different types (CO2 and Green Gas, useless to me), and a hardshell holster (while I am stuck with a generic softshell). But qualms aside, it was a solid pistol. I have yet to chrono it, but it shoots loud, hard, and fast. The internals seem durable, and it is a heavy, rugged frame. Although the paint coating on the frame and anodizing on the barrel do have some scratches on contact points, nothing that impedes upon performance.

I'll be honest, the hop-up is junk. Mine ranged from nothing to almost adequately hopping 0.20s (I will admit the sheer power still lets you engage out to 100')... The thumb safety on mine was a bit sticky, but I believe mine was just a lemon, after comparing with others. It was fixed after disassembling the safety and fiddling around with the part. It's now smooth as butter and actually operates like a real-steel 2011 (thumb safety can only be engaged when the hammer is cocked), which I find really cool. Problems aside, it is reportedly TM spec, so upgrades should be easy (Anything for a 5.1 Hi-CAPA should work). The trigger is amazing. Light, crisp and VERY short (somewhere around 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch). Beavertail safety functions as it should. Field stripping is a dream (the only pin is almost concerningly too easy to remove), easily breaking apart and reassembling.

*Great trigger
*Solid, large, heavy (could be con) frame
*Looks bada**
*Runs smooth out of box
*Shoots surprisingly hot and loud for GBB
*reasonably gas efficient (two mags for one CO2 cartridge)
*Internally threaded outer barrel (I've been told this works:
*Enlarged magazine release
*It's a 2011/Hi-CAPA (flared magwell, double-stack drop-free mag, etc.)

*Poor quality control (I've heard of several problems, and experienced one. Be prepared to possibly RMA or DIY)
*Not Cerakote paint by a long shot (it will scratch at contact points starting with the first mag, but what pistol won't eventually?)
*Poor stock hop and bucking (can be fixed for cheap)

Tl;dr, It's a great base if you can afford it that may need a little work internally, but is by no means bad. A powerful and upgradeable package.