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EMG STI / TTI Licensed JW3 2011 Combat Master Airsoft Training Pistol (Model: Green Gas)

47 Customer Reviews

by Luke C. on 01/07/2023
"It’s a wonderful gun! Shoots great, has good internals, and packs a punch, both for the user, and the guy getting hit with it. I will say that because of the hefty recoil you will be getting only about two mags per C02 cartage, but it’s really rewarding to shoot. Another thing I noticed is the safety is quite loose on the right hand side (left handed operation) but I don’t see this as a deal breaker, as everything else is really good.
Overall a great buy (especially if you’re a John wick fan).
Definitely a purchase that didn’t leave me with any regrets
by Adrian S. on 12/29/2021
"it's awesome either if you want it to play or for a collection, it feels good when in your hands and packs some weight to it, the grip is comfortable, the details are the big thing of the EMG/TTI.

Something that bothers me is that the screws on the grip lose the coat of black when you spend some time with it, also the same "Lever" doesn't lock in place when you want to put the same on, it doesn't go all the way up to.

It's awesome to have this type of replica with you it will make you stand out if you take it to the field.
by Scott B. on 08/29/2021
"I love the looks and feel of this gun. I started with CO2 but it started to leak after 5 shots. This was very disheartening. Evike immediately shipped another and I ordered two green gas magazines. Next, the slide lock was not catching after empty magazine. I noticed casting ridge sticking up where the detent pin creates friction against the slide release/lock lever. I sanded it down to smooth and lubed the internals with silicon oil and grease. Now this gun is amazing, shoots accurate. Paint is coming off barrel, and the rear sight sits slightly crooked. I’m still able to use it but looking down barrel you can see it sits off by few degrees. All in all I love this gun.
by Matthew N. on 07/10/2021
"Apparently this is in John Wick?

I really wanted to dislike this when I got it in a Box of Awesomeness. But man this thing is slick and accurate. The feel, the weight, charging the slide; everything on this gun just makes you feel so cool. The trigger pull is clean and the gun is snappy.

The only two downsides I had with it was breaking it in with plenty of lube to get it to cycle properly, and the magazine release (which is unscrewable to make it shorter) is a little bit obtrusive.

Highly reccomend.
by Brandon P. on 04/05/2021
"Gun worked perfectly. A lot heavier than I thought it would be.
by Nicklaus G. on 03/23/2021
"So I bought this piece as my first official airsoft sidearm and made the perfect decision. This gun has perfect weight and tactile feel is stellar. It's accuracy is top notch and feel in-hand while shooting is A-1. They don't get much better than this for Co2 GBB sidearms. Hence the price, but you get what you pay for. Worth every penny, if you can actually get it in stock.
by William D. on 02/19/2021
"Si vis pacem, para bellum

Being a massive JOHN WICK fan, this EMG STI/TTI 2011 Combat Master was a an absolute "must-have" for my armory.

When you pull this (with a CO2 mag) out on the field, it's like lettin' the big dog out to eat. Everybody tries to get out of the way.

2 drawbacks...not really complaints...the plating on the barrel will start to get marred by the slide action. The magazine release extension will 'un-screw' itself after repeated holstering and try to pay attention to that if you use your sidearm frequently, as I do.
by Eric P. on 01/30/2021
"One of the best pistols I've ever used in a long time. good in close and at med ranges great out of the box side arm
by Jesse C. on 01/16/2021
"john wicks gun is lit. im suprised that its this good.
by Louis U. on 09/08/2020
"Great gun! used it in several matches and it works like a champ, got yelled at by a ref because the guy I hit thought I was spamming the trigger,

a few cons are that one, my slide has cracked by they slide release, which could just be an overuse thing,

the other con I had is that with that big paddle mag release it will release any magazine in it when holstered into a hardshell that covers that part of the gun.

other than that, I love it and it has become my staple sidearm for the time being
by Pamela O. on 07/19/2020
"If I buy the c02 magazine, does it come with the gun or just the mag?
by Bradley M. on 01/07/2020
"I love this pistol. A few details they leave out and reviews don’t really explain though just FYI.
Barrel is threaded. You can use a tracer unit. Amazing!
The mag release button is extended and removable. This is my only gripe. When it’s in a holster sometimes the button gets hit on its own and the mag falls out. However it’s not that often. The kick is amazing. The green gas fires about 328 consistently for me. I took it outdoors once tho and it was cold in the car for a few hours. I tested it and it only shot at 250 so beware the green gas CAN get much slower if it’s cold. But when I use it in doors it’s accurate, reliable, easy to work on. There’s a tiny allen key needed for a small screw inside where you would normally remove the spring and barrel. Don’t lose it. Screw or key.
It seems to have this sort of internal short stoked pieces already pre installed BUT the slide catches. Maybe it’s just the design but it’s different from other stock guns I’ve used before. It’s gas efficient. It’s compatible with lots of TM hi cap parts and MAGAZINES but the lower is one piece and isn’t compatible with Tm lowers. The fiber optic sights are gorgeous and overall I love this gun. It fires well, is accurate, it’s fun to take apart and clean and lube, it’s my favorite pistol and I’d consider buying another as a gift to my brother.
by Bradley M. on 01/06/2020
"I love this gun

Green gas shoots around 320 330 FPS. The barrel is threaded, just remove the orange tip.

...I remove the slide and take out the inner barrel then just hold the outer barrel dipped in for a few seconds. It’ll become pliable and you can pull it out.

It’s comparable with other hi capa mags.
It’s super gas efficient (1 25rd mag gets at least two bb refills before I need to gas up again)

It has A great kick and the adjustable iron sights are gorgeous. The hop up is okay. I’m gonna upgrade it BUT it’s better than other stock pistols I’ve shot.

The only little complaint I have is the mag release can get a little stuck so my mag will occasionally slide out on its own.

Overall I love this gun. It’s compatible with lots of TM parts but the entire lower is one piece so it’s not compatible with any lowers.

You get to be John wick for real. Just get a Cyma tri shot shotgun and a couple shells.
by Kimberly P. on 01/05/2020
"This pistol is beautiful and the rose gold barrel really stands out with the black furniture. Besides being a good looker the trigger is very light and it shoots amazingly. The STI mag that it came with is extremely gas efficient with almost 5 mags per fill(for me). I have had it for a few months a d just recently the mag release cracked in half and I will order another (definitely steel). I have heard this about other EMG hi capas as well so dint let this deter you. Definitely worth the price 10/10
by spencer p. on 12/27/2019
"Great gun HIGHLY RECOMMEND it looks amazing and shoots very nice the co2 last for about two and a half mag reloads