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EMG / Hudson H9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Parallel Training Pistol (Color: Flat Dark Earth / Green Gas)

11 Customer Reviews

by Ricardo O. on 12/05/2021
"Without a doubt the best gas blowback pistol I've had the pleasure of using in my personal experience, emphasis on personal experience(I was using cheapy non blowbacks and springers as side arms before). Gun really feels solid, comfortable to shoot, and has a nice kick to it. I do like the fact this gun is easy to take apart to do maintenance or even to work on to replace parts and upgrade the internals; there was the one loose part, the slide guard (which prevents the slide taking a chunk out of the webbing of you hand) is a bit loose, but it's really not noticeable when in a holster or being held. On the field, this pistol dominated was able to get a few hits on players from up to 50 meters, and makes for a good primary in CQB or even urban environments. I will say if you want more range, then a barrel suppressor and a longer internal barrel internal is a must upgrade. The only thing I was not a huge fan of the pistol is that the hop up is located under the barrel so you have to take off the slide to access it, again the slide is easy to take off on put back on but it does make adjusting the hop up a bit of a chore. this is a personal preference, but I do recommended to change out the polymer grips with wooden ones just to add a bit more girth to the grip and it in my opinion break up the solid black color, to give it a more a classic 1911 look.
Pros -
not made with cheapy pot metal
solid construction
easy maintenance
overall good performance on the field
solid 310 to 340 fps, making it an great choice for a primary if you run pistols
a nice kick to the blow back, adding to the realism
optional safety lever (really you won't have problems of accidental misfires as long as you keep your finger off the trigger when not shooting but a nice option to have)
hard to reach hop up
slide protector is a bit loose
no manual (not really a con since a qr code is provide and leads to a video which can be more helpful than a piece of paper)
by London G. on 07/10/2020
"i didnt expect to get this in a Box Of Awesomness but i recieved it in the Independence day edition and i have to say, this is one solid pistol! i already have a 1911 by WE and its a great one . but this one has some similar feelings to the 1911s and im very impressed . it suprisenly feels good in the hands and the material of the pistol is very good ! im suprised im liking a pistol like this and its suprisenly good . my personal preference is that i wouldnt personally go out and buy this. but this is a pistol that can work for anyone because its that solid! 10/10
by Benjamin C. on 07/03/2019
"To start this off, I am quite new to Airsoft but I am not new to guns.

This H9 clone is a nice piece of hardware. Size and shape match up to a 9mm Hudson very well. Grips panels will interchange between my Hudson H9 and this airsoft version, so you can install VZ grips on this gun. I do not know if the sights will swap, but that is on the list. Take-down is identical to the original as well.

This airsoft pistol is not as "tight" as my H9, but it is not any looser than a Glock or M&P or other service pistol. It handles very well, the weight is just a bit light compared the H9, but it does weigh about the same as an aluminum version of that pistol would.

I like this thing and will picking up another one as funds permit. Buying a 2nd H9 with a threaded barrel this week tapped out the fun money for a bit.
by Cobra J. on 04/22/2022
"I love the look of this pistol, a satisfying mix of sci fi and modern firearms. If I have any regrets it's that I got the green gas version instead of the CO2 version.

Pistol comes with an optional thumb safety to swap in if you are not happy with the trigger safety. I haven't run into the same problem some people have where the finger isn't positioned properly to pull the trigger and safety straight back, but that's probably because I have large hands/fingers. Take down is relatively simple, and it better be if you want to mess with the hop up, which is a gripe of mine. No top rail so hope you really like those iron sights. Lastly, obviously holster options are kind of limited due to the form factor.

Feels good in the hand
Optional Thumb Safety if preferred
Easy Take down
Looks awesome

Getting to the hopup is a pain
Holster options
No top rail

Overall, I am really pleased with this pistol!
by Tris S. on 03/02/2021
"I'm fairly new to airsoft, I won this pistol (along with a sniper) in the Evike 2021 BOA. Needless to say I was very excited to get such an awesome-looking pistol (though I may paint it black or some other color), and one with such good reviews. As this is my first pistol, I can't really compare it to others, and I don't have enough experience to say how well it performs (although it does feel like it shoots good, and it was pretty accurate at a fair distance). However, and this may be an issue with my particular gun, but I do have one complaint: Almost every time I shoot the pistol, if I do not hold down the slide lock (that tab that keeps the slide locked back), it will engage on its own. Meaning that when I pull the trigger and the slide shoots back, it gets locked into place, making it impossible to fire off any follow-up shots without having to hold the tab down by hand. Which, it goes without saying, is rather annoying and uncomfortable after a while. I haven't fully disassembled the pistol yet to see if I can fix this or not, but I hope it's only an issue with my specific one and not an issue with the H9 in general, as otherwise this is a really nice pistol!
by Nicolas R. on 11/12/2019
"The gun is really nice, when it works. Mine broke about a month after I received it the hammer seems to have had a bad casting and sheared off the part the spring catches on, I ended up keeping it as a paperweight for a while until i decided t try to fix the hammer. I ended up replacing the sheared off part of the hammer by putting a drill bit through it and gluing the bit in place after that fix the guns been running flawlessly.

-good weight and overall feel
-great magazine capacity booth bb count (25) and gas (managed to run 55 odd shots before having to refill gas)
-fairly easy to take apart to clean and fix
-shoots really straight right out of the box just needed less than a quarter turn on the hopup to land 40 yard shots

-hammer broke by itself just while firing although that might be isolated to my gun since i haven't seen any similar complaints
-as straightforward as a gas blowback pistol may be an owners manual would've been nice
by Pierce D. on 02/11/2022
"Living overseas I looked high and low for this and was ecstatic to find it.
The design and looks are fantastic. Fun to shoot and good accuracy overall.
Taking both green gas and co2 is also great... in theory.
Unfortunately the magazine are kind of crap.
I have 3 green gas and 3 co2. The green gas do not leak but the seem to have an 80% chance of dumping all your gas when you fire the last shot.
Don't waste your money on the Co2... Only one of the three holds pressure. The other one has a slow leak and the third dumps the cartridge immediately. Repairs only moderately help. On top of that the plastic EMG uses is garbage. I dropped one shattering the feed lips and base plate. The other base plate's guide cracked off just replacing it after puting a cartridge in. To make matters worse the meal used for the co2 caps is really weak and bends out of shape almost immediately.
Shame that such a fun gun is ruined by so many production flaws.
by Robert C. on 02/20/2021
"I got this out a box of awesomeness and I can say that it is pretty awesome in some degree. First of all, it looks very nice, and actually feels very good in your hands. Overall construction is pretty sturdy, though the mock beaver tail and the metal piece below it is rather loose. You can feel them wiggle as you shoot.

Accuracy for this thing is very bad, though. It's not consistent. One shot will go down by at least an inch from where you're aiming, even at a short distance of 6 feet away, and then the next shot will be on level, but an inch to the right. No matter how much I change the hop up, the poor accuracy of this thing remains the same.

The box came with no instructions on how to do anything, so learning how to take apart this gun was a pain. The gun has a button on the right side that will push out a tab on the left which you're supposed to turn clockwise until it's pointing down, and then you are able to pull off the slide. Unfortunately, this tab you're meant to turn is so stiff that I thought it was just for show until I found out you're supposed to apply a lot of force to it. Doing so will give you access to your hopup, but unfortunately as I said, it doesn't do a thing at least for me. Putting the slide back on is also a PITA at times since the barrel likes to move about as you're putting the slide back on.

The magazine is very good. It's probably one of the better magazines that I've had. It's easy to pull down the spring with a fingernail, even if yours are very short. It uses green gas, and a lot of it per shot. You would usually only get enough gas to shoot all your BBs if you're lucky because there are times where you're going to start running on fumes for the last 5 or so BBs.

It doesn't come with any safety installed, but there are tools that would let you install a thumb safety, though as I said, the item doesn't come with instructions, so good luck trying to figure out how to do so.

Overall, I like this gun just for its looks and feel, but I won't use it for anything other than casual games or casual target shooting if you don't mind missing most if not all your shots. Definitely not worth the $200 price tag, no. You can get much more reliable sidearms for $100+ cheaper that shoot straight out the box.
by Stanley A. on 08/23/2019
"I like the gun for the most part. Only things I really don't like, is I can't seem to be able to even go through a full mag without the grass running out. Maybe it's just the mag buy without getting another mag, I won't be able to tell. The other thing is the beaver tail safety doesn't actually work. Again, maybe it's mine I'm unsure.
by Gabriel F. on 07/20/2019
"It's decently well-made - the OEM is WE, and they make some really nice GBBs. The ergonomics are cool and the balance is excellent. It's also pretty light - mine is 27.7 ounces with a mag, Hogue grip sleeve, and small laser module attached. Without those extras, it's significantly lighter than even a Glock 19 GBB. I had to add the Hogue grip sleeve because I have big hands and the H9 has a very small and squared off grip. There are no aftermarket grip options for the H9 that remedy this, so if you have big hands, definitely think about getting a grip sleeve.

The gun (much like the real H9) has the sights set up for a 12 o'clock hold (meaning you hit at the bottom of the front sight post). This is less than ideal, because you can't see where the BB is hitting without breaking sight picture and looking up over the gun.

Another issue is that the hop up is incredibly weak. Even dialed all the way up with 0.25s, the BB is still arcing down past 40 feet. I was able to remedy this by poking at the top of the hop-up with a punch until it was actually providing some hop. Accuracy is decent, not great, as the tolerances are not particularly tight. I was able to put a couple layers of electrical tape in both the magwell and around the barrel to snug up what were very loose gaps.

Also, the gun comes with a manual safety that you can install on one or both sides of the gun, but no instruction manual explaining it. You have to use the tiny hex wrench provided to loosen a set screw on the right side of the chassis, then pry the metal blocks out to replace them with the safety.

Overall, it's cool to get what's likely a rare gun (since Hudson is bankrupt and the gun is not being produced), but for the price it's not all that good of a GBB. I have a bunch of WE-Tech GBBs that were less than half the price and perform better.
by Vincent N. on 07/14/2021
"The only positive thing i have to say about it is its almost a 1:1 replica of a real hudson. The reason i say almost is because it has an extremely loose fit in both of the kydex holsters i have for my real hudsons and can freely slide in and out without being held in place, so it is clearly off dimensionally.

This is easily the least gas efficient and least reliable gbb i have ever used. Both the mag that came with the gun and the 3 spares i bought do not hold enough gas to fire their BB capacity. I can never get more than 10-15 rounds before running out of gas in 90+ degree heat. I've done everything i can think of with both the gun and mags to improve this, but nothing helped.

If the gun gets even the slightest bit dirty, it also completely stops functioning. The slide will seize up and become very gritty when hand cycling because of how easily sand/dirt can work its way into the action and requires being completely disassembled to clean and get working again.

TL:DR gun looks cool, but performs like ass. if you really want this gun for some reason, get the co2 version to avoid most of the mag related short comings.