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EMG SAI Licensed GRY SBR AR-15 / M4 AEG Training Rifle w/ i5 Gearbox (Configuration: CQB / Grey Non-ITAR Furniture)

17 Customer Reviews

by Alfred M. on 12/11/2018
"Pros : Accurate out of the box
Light weight
Electronic trigger
Looks damn good

Cons: None!
by James R. on 11/30/2018
"This rifle comes in a box very much like an iphone box!! The i5 gearbox is extremely nice, trigger response was amazing, and rate of fire is awesome (using 11.1V 20C)
Good magazine feeding and compact, perfect for my games at High Ground Airsoft.
by Tim V. on 11/24/2018
"I love this gun! Worth every penny!

Good weight balance, comfortable to hold and this is practically the only SAI SBR you can own in California and it shoots full auto!!
All in all, 10 out of 10!!

Thank you for reading!
by Ted C. on 11/19/2018
"Thanks Evike! This rifle meets beyond expectation!
by jack m. on 11/16/2018
"This gun has been extremely reliable for me. The full metal build is solid. I would buy from EMG again for sure!
by Thomas M. on 11/01/2018
"This rifle looks and operates awesomely awesome. Big fan of both G&P and SAI, so naturally this gun is my dream gun!
by Austin F. on 10/01/2018
"I got this gun a little over 2 weeks ago and I was very impressed by it's performance and exterior finish. This gun comes stock with upgraded internals including a high torque motor, electronic trigger control gearbox, and different gear for faster trigger contact. This gun also comes with an amazing jailbreak SAI rail setup. I use a Matrix 9.6 battery in this weapon and it shoots flawlessly. Overall a great gun and now it is my primary weapon for all scenarios.
by Jonathan H. on 09/10/2018
"Best M4 CQB variant on the market! I have ran 11.1 LiPo in this gun all day/night long with Lonex flash magazines and have had no problems since day one. Amazing G&P exterior construction and the i5 gearbox is extremely nice. Electronic trigger, quick change spring, jail break, everything you want on a perfect AR-15 CQB rifle for Airsoft is on this baby. Get it! You won't regret! Amazing job EMG!
by Julie C. on 07/20/2018
"Very good gun. Get it! You will not regret it!
by Jet C. on 07/09/2018
"Really good

It is a literal laser gun and runs like itís a beast ,very accurate and fast shooting.
by Darin M. on 06/19/2018
"I just got this gun a few weeks ago, an I have to say this is one of the best gun I have had in a while. it has really good weight to it. not too heavy or too light. it has a quick change spring system. overall this is a really good gun.
by Lauren S. on 06/16/2018
"Always wanted the GRY and this SBR is perfect as I play most indoor CQB to be out of the heat.

First of all, I want to say the finish of this rifle is AMAZING! Right out of the box it is unlike any Airsoft gun I have seen. Even the box it comes in is unlke anything I have seem. The box feels like a box for ipad! Thick white clean cardboard box that is simply too nice to not keep.

The handguard feels extremely nice to hold and the jail break is amazing. All in all, this is hands down the best Airsoft gun I own out of 8 guns.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, amazing, and superior, get an EMG!
by Tim S. on 06/08/2018
"Thank you for the amazing rifle! I dominate with this every game. Can't imagine life with out it. If you are looking for the perfect close quarter rifle this is IT!
by Anna V. on 06/04/2018
"I just bought this gun and found out it is more powerful than advertised. It has a FPS ratings of about 370 and shoots smoothly. I would recommended this gun to any player that is looking for an AEG which is small and compact with light weight but has a high FPS so they can use it for large outdoor games and that the weight of the gun will not be a burden.
by Sam P. on 03/12/2018
"Just got it for my birthday and I am now in love with Airsoft because of this gun. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing! I love it that I can shoot this in my backyard where I can't with my real AR15 (duh!)

Amazing to hit targets 100 feet away dead on with this!