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Elite Force Fully Licensed GLOCK 17 Gen.4 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Type: Green Gas)

52 Customer Reviews

by daniel y. on 03/14/2023
"got this for Christmas of 2022. first off, i have to say this is one of the most balanced airsoft sidearms ive ever handled, if you're new to airsoft, of even a "pro" then this gun is definitely a recommendation. i got some extended mags, only to find out they rub against the internals and cause feeding issues. i also got a umarex mag, that seems to work just fine.

easy to field strip
crazy good gas efficiency (even in 30 degree weather)
good blowback action, recoil feels hefty
tons of aftermarket customization

chamber on outer barrel wears down quite a lot
trigger feels a little heavy
by Michael L. on 09/10/2022

I dropped this into a muddy lake on accident and had to "fish around for it" and after 5 minutes until I found it.
once I got it out I was soaked inside and out. so I took the mag out and cycled the slide once and put the mag back in and, IT WORKED, an I continued to use It until the end of the day WITHOUT ANY ISSUES and then I eventually cleaned it the following day.
by Andrew M. on 06/10/2022
"Had to purchase this in the middle of the airsoft day when my main sidearm broke down on me. I was in need of a new sidearm anyways and can wholeheartedly say that this is one of the best pistols on the market. Sturdy, accurate and for a well off price, this is one that is sure to last me for a while. Only downside is how expensive the magazines are, but that's to be expected for a GBB however, if you want multiple magazines, say for example three, expect to be paying almost the same amount for the gun. Other than that, absolutely recommend this gun to either the beginners or airsoft veterans.
by Tomato S. on 05/27/2022
"Great pistol, but one problem. Sometimes when I shoot it, the slide doesn’t cycle all the way, meaning i can’t pull the trigger unless i manually push the slide forward. This may be fixable with silicone, but I don’t have any at the moment. Other than that, great gun.
by Brady A. on 01/03/2022
"After a couple of months with heavy usage, some of the parts started to break. I don't know if it was because of the way I was treating the gun, or if it was a factory issue. The parts that broke were the nozzle spring, recoil spring, and the hammer spring. The gun ran like a beast nonetheless; great for dryfire.
by Logan B. on 08/24/2021
"love the gun just dont buy the co2 one it shoots hot at D14 my local field i got the green gas and works way better
by Jesus C. on 12/03/2020
"Amazing gun! Needs to be broken in but other than that, great gun! Realistic look/trademarks. Co2 provides hard recoil!
by Gwendolyn V. on 09/05/2020
"Works reliably. Amazing gun!
by Mason K. on 08/30/2020
"This gun is absolutely AMAZING. I got the c02 version at my local field and it beasts. For my first time shooting it I got through 5 full magazines before my c02 ran out which means this thing is extremely gas efficient while firing.
Shoots great
c02 has an amazing kick
great look
great feel on the grip

when you strip it to adjust the hop-up, it's kinda annoying trying to put it back together. (may just be my gun)
Overall this is my new favorite gbb currently and I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable awesome airsoft pistol.
by Nicholas P. on 02/13/2020
"I've only played one day with it, but my initial impression is that this thing is awesome!
I played a lot of paintball years ago, but never airsoft. I do a lot of firearm shooting and used to do competitions, and I really bought this because it seemed like a great training tool. I bought a SIRT a year ago for dry fire training, and this thing blows it out of the water. The realism is amazing. The weight and dimensions are identical to a real G19, and the trigger feels pretty realistic as well. I've got the green gas version, and the sound and recoil are identical to my G19 with a suppressor on it. This allows me to do semi realistic indoor shooting drills and room clearing, reloading under fire, etc. all with my actual mag pouches and serpa holster.

This was the talk of the group when I went (though everybody else had electric or spring fired, so the bar was low). Performed great, good accuracy, long range. I also bought a couple WE 50rd mags. They kind of fit, but they don't drop on their own and prevent the slide from dropping on its own; a bit of work with the Dremel, and they work just fine. I did also have to do a bit of filing on the serpa holster as it is an older one and I understand that gen4 glocks, as well as this, have a smaller radius on top of the slide.

All in all, I have recommended this to my friends.
by Brayden W. on 12/24/2019
"Great gun. In the box you will get the gun, mag, and o-rings. You will also get a manual.
(mags differ on the package you buy.
by Jordan B. on 11/24/2019
"Is this a co2 Glock or green gas??
by Collin H. on 09/30/2019
"I have about 5000 rounds through now and it still preforming wonderfuly. The only complaint i will have is its not as accurate for me compared to other guns i have. However this pistol is just so much fun to shoot i have the co2 version and it gives it that little extra kick. This is a perfect pistol for someone learning how to operate fire arms, which is what i do.
by eduardo t. on 02/13/2019
"After having multiple handguns the umarex glock 17 is the best ive had. Its accurate, reliable, and lightweight. Never had a fail to feed issue or any other mechanical problem with this pistol. My one big gripe are the magazine costs but either by that I couldn’t have asked for a better sidearm. Truly worth the price!
by Daniel A. on 01/26/2019
"This is A Great pistol for people who are just starting airsoft! GET IT!!!!!