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KJW KP-13 Full Size Polymer Frame Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Color: Black)

7 Customer Reviews

by brandon a. on 06/17/2019
"Got the black/gold comp model on sale for $89. (Bought 2, one for a friend)

Holy cow. This thing rocks for the cost. Cheaper than a WE G17 shipped from hong kong. Takes co2 like a champ, kicks pretty solid and is decently accurate. Love the fake halogen sights.

Mostly TM compatible. Haven't bothered upgrading anything yet besides a golden AM spring guide and strong recoil spring. The stock one is definitely too soft for co2.
by Kenneth B. on 06/13/2019
"Great pistol! Highly recommend. It fits great in a TEGE G-17 O.W.B holster (Ebay). No leaking from the stock CO2 mag. If you can get this gun on sale Buy It.
by Alvin X. on 01/08/2019
"Just recieved mine (black) today. The overall fit and finish is very nice so far. It has fired and fed with my WE Tech 17 mag and extended mag. The WE mags are a much cheaper option for the gun. And as per usual for other guns, the extended mag kicks quite a bit harder. I bought this gun due to a small nub on my WE 18c hammer snapping off. This gun is an upgrade from any WE G-style pistol. The ergonomics of the pistol grip is amazing. It keeps the same grip angle but just a more suitable silhouette to fit in the hand. Even with smaller hands, this gun feels great. Putting the mag in the gun and shaking the gun, there is hardly any rattling or wobbling. It is considerably less than my old 18c. It hardly rattles or makes a noise with light shaking. It only makes a sound when you use you're entire arm, and I'm sure you winy ever be shaking the pistol on the field. The barrel fits tight in the hop up and a little bit of the bucking being pushed down is seen in through the barrel with the hop up all the way off. Therefore, I'm sure this will easily hop bbs. The trigger is heavier than my WE trigger but a crisp break and reset. This is just the overview because I have not used the gun on field yet. Look out for another review!
by Lorin S. on 11/25/2017
"This is the best "G Series" type pistol you can get ( I am waiting on the Umarex G17)

I have many G Series guns - Tokyo Marui, Army, Stark, WE and AW (G17, G19, G26, G34, VX)

This one shoots the best. Has the best sights. The slide ALWAYS locks back. The mags hold a charge for all the BB's

The slide is gorgeous, the frame is stipped on your index finger points and looks great too.

Shoots harder than a Marui. Shoots way farther than a Marui. Slide locks back every time UNLIKE a We G Series.
I love love love the fiber optic front sight.

This thing hits what you aim at, looks great and functions flawlessly. As mentioned it can take TM, AW and We mags.

by Chris H. on 11/22/2017
"Terrific pistol. All the features of your G series but with a better and more ergonomic grip.

Shoots very well with better than average range and accuracy (after the hop-up sets in). Mine seems to like .25's the best. Sights are very good and the trigger has a pretty crisp let off and short re-set.

The other great thing about this pistol is that it uses all KJW/TM and WE G series magazines (CO2 and Green g\Gas) as well as all Guarder (and most other brand) TM G series up-grades including slides, barrels, triggers, sights etc. etc.. The only major difference is the magazine release, which is metal and has a different shape from any of the other G series pistols. Its also better.

I've made 2 custom pistols using the KP-13 as a base and they came out super. The pistol also uses most G series holsters as well.

Used as a stock KP-13 or the base for your own customization, you cant do much better than this. Highly recommended!
by matthew r. on 02/05/2018
"Let me start by saying that I like KJW. I run a KP07 with a lot of my loadouts, but wanted something lighter and that KJW made a threaded barrel for. Out of the box, the return spring was so weak that the slide would get stuck midway through its return motion.

Ive since modified it with a threaded barrel and enhanced recoil and trigger spring. However, Ive found that the KP13 is quite temperamental. It might work for a few shots, but then experiences issues.

Long story short, the KP13 didnt work well out of the box, and has yet to reliably work with the enhancements. Its possible that I simply received a lemon, but Im quite disappointed with this product as compared to my KP07.
by Thomas B. on 05/22/2019
"THE MAGS NEVER WORK!!! I bought the gold barrel CO2 version of this gun. Out of the box I could tell that the slide spring was really weak!! I upgraded the spring and brought it to the cqb arena where I go to. Only to have the gun dry fire and never loading bb’s into the chamber. I bought the gun with a spare magazine and both magazines had the same problem. The magazine spring would never push any bbs up the magazine. Long story short, the only kill I got with this gun was when I “bang banged” a guy with it. I tried .25 and .28’s, and lubricating the magazine a little but it never worked . Just bought the green gas magazines and I’ll see if it changes anything. Such a shame though because it’s probably one of the most ergonomic and comfortable feeling pistols. Will keep you posted!