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EMG / SAI Licensed AR-15 GRY HPA Training Rifle w/ JailBrake Muzzle (Configuration: Carbine / Grey / PolarStar G&P R3)

6 Customer Reviews

by Adrian R. on 03/26/2019
"Purchased the Carbine with Polarstar FE and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s truly an amazing gun to have. The receiver, rail and barrel housing is made of metal so it feels real. The jail brake muzzle adds a unique look to it. The stock doesn’t hold butterfly batteries as I thought it would since I’m going to be powering my P* with a 9.6 1600MaH butterfly type battery. I would highly recommend getting this gun regardless of the price because it’s just one of a kind. The P* FE is phenomenal, just messing around with the settings and you could notice that. You can set burst fire, your rate of fire all the way up to 99 rps like what?!? You can adjust the grouping of your shots, be able to control the volume of gas released so you can use a longer barrel and fire heavier BB’s. There’s just too much to mention. Highly recommend to anyone, save your money from buying upgrades for an AEG and just get one of these. You will not be disappointed!
by Allen K. on 03/22/2018
"To start off this review i will talk about the externals then talk about some under the hood stuff.
-the gun is fully metal and everything is constructed beautifully.
- the gun is outrageous. The fusion engine (once learned) is very easy to mess around with, this FCU device can be used to, track total shots, change ROF, selection of burst lengths, as well as other settings that are harder to explain. Awesome range.

Adjustable everything
Pretty quiet (this can be changed with some accessories)
Really easy to operate FCU (read the manual, mine didnt come with one)
Instantaneous trigger pulls (i shot 1000 rnds on semi, trust me its good)
It can shoot stupily fast
Really reliable and only uses a small battery to power the FCU unit (think of the battery as to how a car utilizes a battery)

I have not found one yet.
by George S. on 01/06/2013
"This is going to be a lot like the other reviews, because this gun is the best thing that has happened to airsoft!! I have AEG's and was tired of them breaking so i turned to this. I am very happy with my decision because this gun is like i said, AMAZING!!

-Very versatile, sniper roles, attack roles, gunner roles anything!
-FCU, very programable
-Range Extreme!!
-FPS fully adjustable
-Great externals
-Great value compared to many guns including systemas

-Have to carry air tank and line (i dont even notice either)

by Jack c. on 05/15/2012
"This gun is the best thing I have ever used! I quit airsoft for about 2 months becuase my aegs kept breaking down. After I got this gun I have been going any day I can. I have only had to do actually maintenance for the gun ONCE.

-Fire control unit
-Everyone is like "duhh fu-"
-this gun is crafted of pure awesomeness

Cons/Not so much
-Complicated at first, after reading manual and watching some videos everything was great
.............................u jelli
by Eric Z. on 10/07/2011
"HOLY %^$!

If you have not seen a Polarstar in action, you must. These guns are simply amazing and to quote myself, represent a "quantum leap" forward in airsoft technology.

Let me start with the rate of file (ROF). 30 rounds per second. Are you kidding? Until you've seen that kind of ROF it is hard to imagine. The PR-15 can literally be used as a fire suppression weapon because it spews bbs at a simply amazing rate. Only issue is, you better have lots of mags that feed well (although if they feed slow that's ok too, you can set that in the FCU). At that rate (which may not really be optimal, but can be set with the FCU) you'll empty a mid-cap in under 1.5 seconds. I use high caps and use a lot of trigger control.

FPS - Here again Polarstar is WAY ahead of any AEG. Out of the box, with the blue nozzle, your at 400+ FPS. Try a sliver and your +/- 500. Red, fuggetaboutit. All this is controlled with the 2nd stage of the air intake system. So you can dial in your FPS for CQB or sanctioned fields on the fly. Total control of +500 FPS?? Good luck getting that with an AEG.

Range - 200+ feet is no issue. Set the hop up, you can probably push 250 - 275 feet no problem.

Fire Control Unit (FCU) - Here's where it gets interesting. All the PR-15's fire controls reside on software on a chip which has a tiny LED screen and joy stick. You can set the software to control everything from ROF to dwell to open/closed bolt to settings for slower feeding magazines. Revolutionary!

Quality - I own several KWA, Echo 1, G&G, ect and I know several guys with Systema AEGs. I'll keep is short and say the Polarstar has virtually no moving parts (no motor, no gearbox, none of the crap that always breaks) and the parts it has are 100% Made in USA of the finest quality materials. The Polarstar team seems obsessed with perfection and that's what you get. You will NEVER have to worry about microscopic parts again. Even an idiot like me can service the Polarstar.

Customer Service - These guys can not be beat. They will promptly and gladly answer any questions and will correct any defects. These guys are airsoft gurus and they know what players demand on the battlefield.

Value - Are these guns expensive? NO! Here's why. In order to get an AEG anywhere close to the Polarstar's performance, you'd have to invest a minimum of $700 - $1200. You'd need to have every top-of-the-line part professionally installed and tweeked. Then have fun keeping them tuned and not exploding. With the Polarstar, you already have the best of everything out of the box. Why would you buy a Systema for $1500 which will still need another $1000 worth of upgrades and still fall short of the Polarstar??

Final comments - This is a game changer. I don't think airsoft will be the same in 3 years because Polarstars's HPA system revolutionizes the game. If I had the money, I'd invest it in this company cause they are going to be HUGE in the very near future.
by Zach S. on 04/06/2020
"I got the EMG SAI GRY with the R3 HPA stock. Good Rifle, a bit overpriced to be honest. I’d say your paying ~$200-300 for the style/EMG GRY label. You can find other systems like this for about $500-600. This DOES NOT include the tank 13cui, for $90. That’s being said this gun is great. Looks beautiful, takes some tinkering to get it set to your liking, but now works great. I used indoor (wouldn’t recommend as this is HEAVY) but cranking down the PSI to 320 FPS made it use a tiny amount of air.
This gun is QUIET, even for a P* I was amazed the lack of noise it makes
Seems very air efficient
Looks beautiful
Stock internals are good for out of the box
Good trigger response
Great use of space, lots of picatinny,Mlock and QD swivel mounts built in
Nice way to transition into HPA
No hose/regulator/ tank to worry about.
Larger M4 mags won’t fit
In order to use the stock you can only use the 13cui tanks which are sold separately
Have to take the upper receiver off to adjust the PSI (good for tourney lock I guess) then have to test fire and then take off again to adjust
Mini FCU. Just tedious to have to use trigger pulls to set the system (can be difficult to adjust/hold/set/test everything by yourself)
HEAVY also (front heavy). This gun definitely not weight balanced and understandably so. A huge heavy rail and air tank in the back

All in all I like the rifle, can’t justify its price though, I would expect my money to go a bit further than it did. That being said I don’t think I used it the it should have been, in an outdoor setting where it can stretch its legs. I will say I probably get @350 FPS w/ .2’s about 800-1100 shots out of the tank, but once you increase either that shot number is going down quickly. Once you get everything set it is very fun to shoot, though again I’d recommend something to support the front receiver (grip/bipod etc). I would not recommend this to a young Airsofter both in age, or how long they’ve been in the sport. It’s a show piece that you definitely are paying for. This is new technology in the airsoft world I personally will not get another system like this for at least 5-6 years once this becomes more mainstream. But if you must have it, it is a good system. 3.5 stars