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CYMA Sport M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun - Silver (Model: Full Stock CQB / Maritime Silver)

4 Customer Reviews

by Kenneth N. on 06/16/2019
"This airsoft gun is great! If you can pump it fast enough like me you can shoot 9 bbs per second. the only problem is magazine capacity. But 10 shots is enough. I took it to the field and won 7 out of 9 free-for-all matches. If you are just starting airsoft, and you have budget, Don't waste time on a junk double eagle, get this. This gun is great for all three: plinking, back-yard airsoft, and the field. Another down side is that your left arm gets very sore after playing airsoft. And lastly, don't do what the dude said to do in the review. DON'T HOLD THE PUMP AND SLAM THE STOCK INTO THE GROUND! If you wear full camo or a ghillie suit like me, don't get a chrome one unless you want to re-paint it.
by Gavin M. on 01/11/2019
"This shotgun is almost my favorite gun. It’s out right fun to use, good range, and is well built. Only way this is breaking is you trying to, even if it’s mostly plastic.
Great price would buy again
by Benedict G. on 12/08/2018
"there is a reason that almost every review of this gun is 5 stars. that's because it such a darn good gun. as I always say, simple, easy, effective. this gun is all these things, and more. NOTES: it does not have a scope rail, so do not plan on it; but anyway its a shot gun and it doesent need one. NEVER use a bb size smaller than 6.00mm. I got some bbs that were 5.95mm, and they just rolled out of the barrel, and then some more fell out of the mechanism housing. any bb with a weight of or over .2g is fine. i use .25g bbs. also, buy some more shells. it came with a speed loader, u will need it. TIP: if u are having trouble cocking it, then try either seizing the cocking handle, and slam it on the ground, or you could take it and put the but on your knee, and rack it that way. looks great, feels great, but the pump is a bit hard; not for the faint of heart. also, there is a saying that is used for cars:"it gets 50 smiles per gallon." that aplies to this gun. for those of u that like it in the pro/con comparason way, here it is.

good weight (could be a con, but in my opinion the weight is great)
range; u can still get 1 shot kills at ~70 ft.
spring; u dont need to buy co2 or charge the battery
overall just great

once u have one, everyone wants one. so occasionaly use .12s(they spray everywhere)
bit hard to rack
comes with 1 shell, and the bbs that are included are trash.
by Anthony L. on 09/02/2020
"So this shotgun... It’s looks great, but the first thing you’ll notice is how lightweight it is. It weighs nothing and honestly does not inspire the most confidence at first but it held up fine during testing so time will tell if it will hold up. Shooting wise it was OK, definitely over hop’d with .20’s so you’re gonna wanna use .25’s or heavier. I’ll never understand the lack of iron sights tho, it’s so annoying. Pumping the action takes some getting used to and it’s easy to short stroke it which is frustrating. Shells load and eject smooth tho and overall it’s a decent shooter but in my opinion overpriced for what it is. Wait until it goes on sale.