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Krytac War Sport Licensed LVOA-C M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Flat Dark Earth)

56 Customer Reviews

by Eldder Josue F. on 04/19/2023
"una de las mejores replicas precio-calidad
by Kristian G. on 08/21/2021
"Very good AEG with lots of customization and upgrades available. One big note for this is that the LVOA hand guard is proprietary, and you have to use LVOA specific rails to add more of them, but it comes with one in the box. Also the one I received had mini tamiya connectors not deans.
by Mason D. on 05/11/2021
"Performed very well right out of the box. The only thing I want to change internally is the inner barrel. But other than that I can't complain I really enjoy it.
by Aidan M. on 10/19/2020
"Okay so I won't make this a very Long Review but I would first like to start off by saying. I've had my LVOA-C for almost 3 years now and it's by far my favorite rifle that I've ever owned. It shoots 398-400 fps with .20s consistantly. Personally I use this gun as a DMR and I find it with the right BBs and hop settings, that It can Outrange most M4s out there on the market. Krytacs don't really need to be upgraded, but if you're like me and want to run a DMR build, get a 6.03 Promethesis Barrel, and put in a slighty more powerful spring (I forget which exact spring it is) and unless you plan on upgrading the gears, then disable the full auto feature on your gun. With these minor upgrades you'll be getting your gun to shoot around 420-440 fps with almost no drop for about 300ft. Which will make this gun a competetor with other Snipers.

Consistant fps
Lipo ready
Heavy Weight (can also be a con)

The Mags it comes with suck, get some Evike or Krytac ones.
The Motor inside is a bit louder compared to other guns, this can be fixed with a Lipo tho.
Heavy Weight
Crossthreaded Castle nut (I haven't seen other people with this problem so it seems it just me, which means my buffer tube has a 5 degree angle down. This Can be fixed by either buying a new buffer tube and replacing it or removing the Castle nute and putting it back on)

Overall if you're new to M4s like I was when I first got this, then I whole heartly reccomend this or any Krytac M4.
by Joshua J. on 10/02/2020
"never had a better gun will not disappoint
by Michael H. on 09/17/2020
"The rifle is great, compared to all of the aegs in my arsenal, this one is probably my absolute favorite. The lvoa c does shoot rather high out of the box, was hitting 415-420 with .20s, being a new spring you need to break it in. Just recently started feeding it .28s, and its accuracy is really something, especially sighting in with a sight of your choosing. Like others have said it is a little heavy for someone who isn't used to it and sort of loud, but i think that it compliments its aggressive look. Compared to other aegs, even when using a 11.1v lipo, the motor/grip has yet to get warm while going through 2 or 3 magazines on others did they immediately start feeling warm. The krytac rotary hop up is amazing, its quick to adjust with the numbers on it. A great buy as it requires no upgrades, it's a great standalone.
by Matthew G. on 04/19/2020
"Exactly what I was looking for in an airsoft gun let my wife shoot me and i dont think I'll have a problem people not calling there hit
by Liam A. on 10/17/2019
"Before you get scared off by this huge review, please read the whole thing as I go very in depth and it may help you

First off
I love this thing, It has become my baby
Made some external modifications to it to make it look better, like a mock suppressor and some vet wrap and paracord.
I am going to save you guys some heart ache because it took me a while to figure this out, but if you are looking for a mock suppressor the inner diameter of the lvoa rail is just under 33 mm. I recommend the Matrix Mock Suppressors with the text on them
I played with this on my local field and while it did not have the range and fire rate of the hpa, ssg snipers and some dude with an umbrella armory upgraded RPK. It did help me easily compete and beat them using the right play style. People will say that a gun makes the difference on the field, and while that is true, using it correctly yields the best results.
I used .25 bbs and they were very accurate, I wouldn't recommend going higher than .30 though because then your range drops a bit.
Ran a 9.6 volt battery on it all day and it worked like a dream, also used a 7.4 but it had a slightly lower fire rate
I would not recommend this to anyone for a CQB gun as it is pretty long and it is also pretty heavy, plus the 380 fps probably wouldn't be allowed :)
Definitely turned some heads, as this thing is a beauty and even one of the refs had to marvel it for a sec during the chrono.
The Magazine that came with it wasn't very good, It had feeding issues but I had others to use so it was ok

Good Range
Good Fire Rate
Good Looking
Sounds Powerful
All the mags I have used work well (other than the one that came with it)
Love the stock
Very nice hop up unit
14 hop up settings
Orange tip is fairly easy to take off and the included top hat flash hider looks nice
TONS of rail space and multiple different ways to attach other rails

Little bit heavy
Little bit long for CQB (But great for outdoors)
The Matte finish scratches off kinda easy but it makes it look worn and cool
Kinda loud (If you wanna play stealth)
The End of the outer barrel and the rail itself is kinda sharp so be careful
The stock pad is a nice rubber and is fairly large, the only reason this is a con is because the rubber can get cut and I once hit the stock on a wall and the pad came off, I don't know how cause it's firmly attached but it did once, so figured it should be a con

Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants and upgrade or wants to get straight into it competitively and quickly, I did very aggressive comparison shopping for this gun and I am not disappointed at all
by Dylan E. on 10/22/2018
"I just bought this gun at Airsoft con and it is such a great gun. It is so well built and I tested it out at Evike and omg this thing is amazing. TRUST ME GET THIS GUN!
by Camden H. on 08/28/2018
"its a krytac
just get a 6.01 and a better motor and maybe cut some trigger coils
by Patrick T. on 07/05/2018
"Excellent gun. Had to do nothing to zero it out of the box. Love the FDE coloring. Highly recommended.
by Long T. on 05/13/2018
"Overal great gun.Extraordinary out of the box performance(i used it in cartcon1 field the day after i got it)
High FPS
High ROF
Great Range:
Extraordinary out of the box performance
High Accuracy
Cool/tactical looks
Nice mf rails :D(metal)
Great iron sights, made from metal
worth the money spent

Cons :
Stock came wobble
only 1 rail section included(rail cost a decent price)
Cool barrel but sharp
Mag well don't go well with some hicap flash mag
1 sling points
QD attachment doesn't go well on the rail sec
battery (butterfly) is quite hard to put in.
The buttstock eject button is hard to push and hurts your finger

Recommended accessories:Rails Rails cover.Angled Foregrip.Magnifier or illuminated scope
by Keith Z. on 04/18/2018
"Pros: Just about everything, feels very solid (You get what you pay for), fires amazing and accurate. The only problem was the FPS out of the box, I would recommend buying a downgrade spring in order to play at most fields. The aesthetics and feel of this weapon are amazing and I would highly recommend this as an intermediate to advanced AEG.

Cons: Shooting at over 420 FPS out of the box, will need a downgrade spring to play at most fields.
by Joshua W. on 03/11/2018
"Absolutely love this gun. It is a little top heavy with all that rail space. So if you're an average joe that doesn't workout you'll get tired of holding it up. The battery space is great and I was able to fit a nice sized stick battery in it. If you're wanting one of these for a CQB style of play. Definitely get the shorter version of this gun. I played a day of CQB with this long thing and man I was tired after. However, we have been playing outside quite a bit as well and it works great for that. It has good power and is fairly accurate right out of the box which is what I wanted and what you should expect for the price point. All in all a very good airsoft gun that looks cool and shoots awesome.
by John S. on 02/03/2018
"Holy. Crap. Just got this gun. Haven't taken it out to a field yet because I'm waiting on my pts midcaps still, but I did test it out. And wow. The range. The accuracy. Would recommend leaps and bounds over ANY airsoft gun on the market. Shooting a consistent 397 and 23 rps I can't wait to run the field with this thing! Thanks evike!