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55 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan P. on 08/25/2020
"Overall a 4.7 outta 5.
I have owned this gun for about 4 years now.
Its a great gun for both new and experience players. It is pretty reliable and is quite sturdy due to is good construction and metal body. Its versatile design allows it to function well in both an indoor CQC and Outdoor environment. The only downsides are the motor heats up quite quickly while using full auto and there is limited battery space.
A side note to point out is that it seems that if using the barrel extension the bbs sometimes shatter somewhere inside of it. (Not sure if this is just my gun or just a general flaw)
For those who are more experienced it may be a good idea to replace the trigger as you have to pull it quite far back for it to fire.
Still I would recommend getting this gun.
by Julian M. on 04/02/2018
"This gun is sick perfect weight for the size of this EAG only problem I have with it is the mag wobbles while in the gun other then that perfect
by Michael M. on 01/15/2018
by Jacy L. on 12/14/2017
"I am very pleased with this purchase. It is a very solid gun. It was perfect out of the box.

The shorty crane stock and buffer tube reduce the options for 11.1v batteries. A 7.4 2500mAH stick will fit, but the 11.1 2500 requires the longer G&P stock and buffer tube.

Connector is a larger Deans (there was some confusion on this point).

I'm in the process of upgrading it to a DSG. I took apart the stock gearbox. It was shimmed perfectly, had good components and lots of grease - kind of a waste to gut it and put other parts in it. The piston was 1/2 steel teeth, and the AOE was perfect. Very impressed.
by Nolan A. on 05/08/2017
"Actual Hose of a gun. Shoots straight and far, not the most acturate at 200 ft but the rate of fire will definetly compensate. Motor is good too, and sounds shimmed??? But im not sure. Came with a mid cap. Buy this if you are thinking about it cause it shoots so good, is lightweight and feels great.
by Terence L. on 03/19/2017
"I mainly play indoors but I wanted the option of having something strong enough for outdoor play if I chose to later. I finally played an indoor game with this gun which has a max of 350fps. When I got chronoed, it was firing at 355 so I ended up firing off a mag and rechronoing and it was perfect, right under the 350 limit. I have to say, I had my best performance with this gun. It is very accurate. It's pretty heavy, compared to the polymer m4 and mp5 that I used to use, but it feels rock solid and feels good in the hands. I used a 7.4v 1000mAh lipo (first time with a lipo) and it performed well. Played 4 hours on it without it dying. I did wish the battery compartment was a little bit larger to accommodate Nimh batteries because none of mine would be able to fit. The mock suppressor is cool, boosted my fps up to 400fps but I haven't used it in a game yet. Overall, great gun, very happy!
by Matthew B. on 03/13/2017
"Great gun works well with 7.4 or 11.1 lipo. With suppressor it was shooting consistent 420 and 360 without. Rate of fire is amazing. May have to turn the suppressor to where the frog is on top to get better accuracy. I have no complaints about this gun I would highly recommend it.
by Kevin K. on 03/06/2017
"Just received it today and I've got to say the externals of this rifle are fantastic. The receivers feel equal to or better than the Krytac Mk2 line and they're all a very clean and matched black color. The rail and barrel setup are a bit weird but the pieces fit nicely together and it's a clean look.

FPS wise I'm shooting too hot for CQB at 378 but the range is pretty darn good and definitely more than you'd need in CQB encounters.

Body is sweet
Solid feel to it.
Upper/lower and rail color matches

Mini deans connector caught me off guard.
I don't personally like the rail/barrel and just really bought it for the body as this was only 60$ more expensive than the standalone body.
by James R. on 02/20/2017
"Got this gun for my birthday and I love it with a passion!

Full metal
Nice pistol grip
Suppressor makes it good for outdoor and it's also a good cqb weapon


by Edward D. on 12/24/2016
"I received this gun about 2 weeks ago.I havent had the chance to take it to a game yet but just from looking at it the gun is clearly well built and feels like top notch quality.You'd have to have the strength of the hulk to manage to externally damage the rifle with anything but maybe a scratch or two. Mine shot about 390 fps out of the box but I play cqb so I switched it out for an m100 spring. now it gets around 347 fps.Everything else is stock.I use a 7.4 lipo currently and it makes the gun shoot quite well.Trigger response (although it could be better for the price) is responsive and will not lock up on you for firing rapidly.Im pretty sure that you will have no issues reaching targets to around and maybe even over 100-150+ ft. Now after reading the description there is one thing that I need to bring to everyone's attention. It mentions that the gun is wired to deans. I dont know if I'm just unlucky but mine did not come wired to deans so do bear that in mind before you buy a battery thats already wired to deans for it.Also there is an issue with my charging handle and bolt cover.It seems like when I pull the charging handle back, the bolt cover scrapes against the gearbox to the point of almost getting stuck and it feels like im pulling a spring sniper with an sp190 spring's bolt back.Its not that much of a big deal to me though as other than accessing the hop up which i still can do , there is no other reason for me to be pulling on it anyways.Other than that the rifle shoots great and feels amazing to hold, especially if you are more comfortable with a rifle that is slightly more compact. It is light enough that you wont be fatigued after 10 minutes of use but heavy enough that it doesnt feel like you are holding a cheap toy.
Perfect Weight
Shoots well out of the box
Amazingly Sturdy!
Looks beautiful!
LMT Trademarks and MRP! (Monolithic Rail Platform)
Comes with 2x Sling Mounts
Comes with 3x Rail Covers
Comes with a Stubby Foregrip

Did not come wired to deans :'(
My charging handle/Bolt cover issue
You dont have one :D

If you're in the market for an mk18 style weapon that wont break down on you, shoots really well and feels great to pick up and get out with then trust me when I say you will be pleased with this gun for years to come. Im going to be taking it to a game hopefully sometime around January. I will be posting a post game review so if you're interested be on the lookout for that
by James T. on 09/16/2016
"This was my first AEG and I love it! Light weight, good fps and accuracy. And rails for days. It's also fully up-gradable. Feels solid and can take a beating. A great AEG to start someone off with!

light weight
rails for days
solid feel
fully up-gradable
by Eric C. on 08/08/2016
"One of the best Airsoft gun I have ever used. There is nothing soft about it!! Extremely serious looking and amazing performance!
by Devon H. on 07/25/2016
"Great Weapon no issues yet
by Sam G. on 05/27/2016

Full Metal Body
Pistol Grip Comfortable and Unique
Great Rate of Fire
Loud Pop when you fire
Stock still maneuverable when you have the battery in
HURTS (according to people who have played against me)
Wired to Deans

by Jimmy F. on 01/17/2016
"Gun is great, i only used it for a little bit of time until my jack came in and i put that in the gun.

Everything about the gun is good quality, you can tell cause it shoots straighter than the vikings kicker.