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CYMA Standard Stamped Metal AK-105 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Synthetic Folding Stock (Package: Add 7.4v LiPo Battery + Charger)

11 Customer Reviews

by Johnny N. on 11/23/2020
"I can't speak very much for the QC of the internals or how it performs stock, but the externals are very good with minimal wobble and pretty good fit and finish. The internals are basic, so don't expect any compression at all and expect a ton of grease. The piston teeth are plastic except for one metal tooth. In order to get the most out of the gun for the least money I would recommend getting a FMR piston, o-ring nozzle, and a new cylinder head o-ring. The gun is perfect as a tune-up or project gun at under $200.
by Joshua C. on 09/26/2020
"Pros: This gun is solid. The trigger response is great with a 7.4 lipo. The build quality is outstanding (as to be expected as it is a cyma). The folding stock is not flimsy, and can take a beating.

Cons: My only two cons are that the sling mount on the stock makes alittle noise, and the button on the end of the stock makes a slight clicking noise when shoulder.

Overall, this gun is amazing, and I highly recommend it!!

by Tyler L. on 12/09/2018
"very good gun i just got it a couple days ago no problems what so ever , good fps and rang and very nice gun
by andrew o. on 06/22/2018
"Great looking AK especially for the side folding stock! I love it reliable plus easy to upgrade.
by Luke L. on 07/11/2017
"The 040 series Cyma guns are arguably the best rifles available for the price range. After cleaning and polishing the barrel, this AEG reaches out to 200ft accurately with no wind. Impressive for a stock AEG in this price bracket.
Another thing to note is the upgraded motor. Unlike Cyma's of old, it actually has a pretty tourqy motor, I.E. tough to turn the pinion by hand. Once wired to deans, this completely stock gun has great trigger response on a 20c 7.4v lipo. Bottom line, these ARE the AK of the airsoft world, being it seems you can't kill them if you take proper care and do your part to ensure reliability. 5/5 for this gun. If I had one gripe it would the the laser engraved serial # in the incorrect spot on the reciever, but negligent for what you're getting for your money. 100% reccomend to anyone.
by Phil W. on 12/28/2016
"Absolutely love this gun! It's been through mud and abuse and runs like a champ for me. Disassembly is close to the real deal, and it is great for customization and cosmetic mods.

Pros: solid construction, combat accuracy, excellent reliability, great comfortability, realistic weight (doesn'tfeel like a toy)

Cons: fps is too high ootb, over-lubricated gearbox, and the cleaning rod keeps falling out for me (minor inconvenience)
by robert S. on 09/14/2015
"Honestly i first got this gun in a BOA and was not expecting what i found. i thought it would feel cheep and not perform well,But it works great!!! I also own an VFC 416 and honestly it performs almost as well. Love this gun and think it would be great for a mid level player or just someone who loves AK platforms as much as i do.

Do be careful what batteries you use because at first mine was a little picky with what batteries i used.
by Cruz V. on 07/08/2015
"Really good gun, I got this and test fired it worked really well, high ROF god FPS. However, sometimes the gun will just randomly stop shooting but I just changed mags and it worked perfectly. Overall, great gun for the price.
by Cade L. on 07/02/2014
"This is my first real airsoft gun that I bought, and I LOVE IT! It is a great starting gun, but it is also great for experienced players, and/or budget airsofters

Heavy (could be a con too)
Great FPS(400-420) and RPS(15-19)
Looks nice
Feels natural
Insanely accurate

Minor issues that may be fixed easily

This gun is great for beginners, but don't forget to get a strap and a good battery
by Gavin H. on 10/05/2013
"When this gun came in, I picked it up and it was surprisingly heavy. It's expected because of real wood and a full metal body, but it's nothing someone can't carry around a five hour game. It came outlined in cardboard and 12 sheets of bubble wrap. Not the best packaging. But right out of the box, it shot far and accurate at about 410 fps. The battery connection kept on going out. The gun just has to get used to the battery. Then you'll be fine. Great field gun, but the reddish color of the wood will give you away every now and then.

+high fps (~400-420 fps)
+high rof (~17 rps w/ 8.4v 1600 mAH)
+great feel
+realistic weight
+flash hider is easy to take off (no screws, just button and glue)
+no wobble solid stock
+intimidating loud sound
+stock folds for the CQB players
+completely adjustable sights

-battery connection short circuits every once in a while
-hop up broke almost as soon as I shot it
-low quality magazine
-no rail space ($50 ris system on Evike)

Overall, I would give the gun a 4.5 because although it has flaws, the awesomeness makes up for it. This is not a beginner's gun, nor an expert's gun. It's an intermediate gun. Great bang for its buck. Recommended to field players and recon players. Good for flanking and rushing.
by Brandon B. on 03/18/2022
"Definitely a good gun. My only con, and its a big one. is the retainer lever. Its so fragile, I broke it installed a new hand guard and now am going to have to resort to super gluing it, as cyma doesn't sell OEM parts.