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G&G FN Herstal Licensed FN2000 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Tactical / Add 9.6 Butterfly Battery + Smart Charger)

62 Customer Reviews

by Cole M. on 05/25/2022
"honestly was sad when i traded the original one I had years ago so I bought another, and the thing shoots like a laser. Would recommend for anyone who likes to use battery weapons,

side note it says it does not take mids and this is true for most of the weapons out there but the xtc mags work like a charm in it.
by Jordan W. on 12/28/2021
"I have had it for a few years. IT is a sold platform and the most accurate gun I have had. Hop up is easy to adjust, gearbox is great (FYI if you are looking for an upgrade nozel a G36 one will fit). it is Compact, has good weight and it's reliable. Magazines are very picky though, very very picky. Only other issue I have had is on both of mine the semi just shoots full auto. Otherwise I would say definitely pick it up.
by David D. on 02/13/2021
"I bought this thing about a year ago and I still love it. It's lightweight, sturdy and compact. However attaching a sling is kind of a pain there are two slits in the back but it feels like they might break easily. And the fire selector for me at least is incredibly stiff to this day. It says it because of the gearbox you can only use high caps but I did find mid caps that are compatible and evike just so happens to sell them: these are the only ones that are compatible as far as I know, and they are kind of a tight fit but there are no issues with feeding whatsoever. Highly underrated gun absolutely recommend.
by Michael D. on 11/05/2020
"I have spent thousands on airsoft equipment and I have to say this was one of the best purchases I've ever made. The G&G FN2000 is very well made and engineered. Right out of the box it shoots like a laser, is a solid platform and has great range. The easy to access hop up makes this platform ideal for situations where you are questioning where your shots are going and correcting any error (I've never had to use it once though).

I've used the FN2000 in BB Wars at Gamepod Combat Zone. It has been a part of my setup for most of my tournaments and regular arena games. It's the perfect platform for range and CQB. Being able to transition from outdoors to indoors is easily performed with this model weapon. It fires around 350 FPS out of the box making it an ideal "green" weapon to use when entering houses or areas where only green fire is allowed.

I've only had to upgrade the barrel and nothing else ever. Make sure to get yourself an FN2000 harness adapter from a real steel site so you can use a rifle sling with this rifle.

-Extremely accurate
-Light Weight
-Next Gen look and feel
-Toyota reliability
-Uses 9.6 NIMH Batteries and gets LIPO performance
-Battery is easy to install with no issues
-Very low maintenance
-Probably the best engineered platform for range/CQB in one package
-Bull Pup Master Race

-Prefers G&G mid cap magazines
-Some players have had the "trigger issue" where the rifle will go auto fire while on semi (never had this happen)
-For those who like accessorizing your rifles, no lower picatinny mount out of the box and the lower mount accessories are getting hard to find in stock
by Dylan T. on 09/09/2019
"Gun is absolute bad-ass. These other reviews seem to be super long so I'll make this quick. I bought the hunter version and there is a rail under the scope. It's a little heavy, too. Adjustable hop-up, fps, and easy maintenance. Might even be not a bad option for beginners. Highly recommended.
by Eve W. on 03/17/2018
"The G&G FN2000 is the best gun I have ever used, hands down. Yeah, it may have a "major" flaw, but the trigger issue (if you don't know what I mean, look up "G&G FN2000 trigger issue" on YouTube) is actually pretty easy to get past if you know how to control it. After using the FN2000 for a while, you will start to know how to get it to fire only one shot on semi-auto. Moving past that, the FN2000 has superb range and accuracy, good hopup, and the 430mm inner barrel in a 630mm gun makes for a perfect CQB sniper. To put a cherry on top of this sundae, the G&G FN2000 has ADJUSTABLE FPS. This means that with the adjustment of only two screws, you can change the fps from 350 to 420, allowing you to go from CQB to outdoor fps. I haven't tried many magazines in the FN2000, so just keep looking through other reviews. As others have said, the polymer body is extremely durable, and it can take a bad beating. And one thing that I have found is that, when shouldered, the FN2000 is extremely silent when firing. All around, if have had the blessing of coming across the G&G FN2000, GET IT. Do not hesitate, it is the best airsoft purchase under $1,000 that you will ever make. And one more thing; you get a FREE $72 GIFT to spend on any one item on Evike, that is equal to or less than $72. With the $72, I would recommend getting the Laylax/Prometheus 6.03 429mm stainless steel tightbore inner barrel, which is what I got, and it is AMAZING.

Summary; GET IT! (If you like dominating the enemy, which I assume you do.)

99/5 stars!!!
by James W. on 06/27/2017
"Gun works great and has good accuracy with the red dot site I got. The iron sites though were really off out of the box, but that isn't a big deal. Gun also feels amazing to hold and is very sturdy.
by Eddy F. on 04/30/2017
"NOTE: I bought this rifle online HERE at evike, the same place where i bought the railed version of the F2000 when they first came out.

I had the F2000 earlier in time and played with it extensively, it was awesome. but over time stuff happened, i needed to sell it. I purchased the hunter version here not long ago because i remembered how well the old one worked, and came with the scope. it was upsetting to sell the first one, and let me tell you, i wasnt dissapointed when i took this new hunk of polymer out at the field.

1. bullpup configuration

2. relatively light in my opinion (definetly lighter than the G&G AK5C)

3. SOLID the one piece polymer lower is something to be reckoned with, if i tripped and fell on the gun with mag and everything in it, youd probably break your ribs. and just for the record the upper is all polymer as well. much like the real steel counterpart. the same outer parts that are metal here are also metal on the real one and vice versa.

4. integrated scope has a unique sight picture, it is set low on the gun and eye relief is somewhat non existent, but it is crystal clear and of decent quality, i use a lower mesh mask+revision goggles, and have no problem with my fat head, but if you use a mask, maybe you should go for the railed version as the rail is situated higher.

5. the FPS is ADJUSTABLE. going to milsim events is great if the limit is 400fps with a .25 ill dial it up to 399. i would say adjustment range is +/- about 50 fps

6. compared to working on a v2 gearbox, this gearbox is a total cinch to work on. the adjustable FPS feature also allows you to take the main spring out, so when you take the shells apart it isnt a jack in the box waiting to pop gears and springs and shims all over the place.

7. following pro number 6, the actual process to get the gearbox out of the replica for maintainence is unbelievably easy, slide the buttplate out, take 2 small phillips screws out and youre done the whole thing just slides out the back its awesome. it is secure though when its in there, however.

8. i upgraded everything pretty much but even right out of the box (like the one i used to have) accuracy was on point and quite satisfying.

9. its not an M4 or M16!! you wont be like the countless other robots with the same gun!

10. probably the most conveniently located selector switch on a gun (other than the P90) EVER. just when it was new it was very stiff going between fire modes but over time it loosens up and is easier to move around, just use it.

1. the trigger contacts are a finniky and touchy subject, jarring it with 11.1v lipos will burn them out QUICK and render you without semi-auto operation, but if you can do full auto on your field, you wont really care because your rof with an 11.1v is hysterical.

2. currently even though i upgraded alot of stuff, im looking for a metal or just factory replacement cylinder head, i cant stop cursing at my computer, i know theyre out there..... somewhere. best of luck with that

3. they say the gearbox is a version 6, but dont be fooled it isnt, its proprietary but the shells are out there and readily available. even on this website. however the shell ive heard is rated up to just an M120, so if you think this is going to be your DMR platform, (which i dont know what would posses you to do so, but whatever) keep looking, the shell will crack if your contacts dont burn out first. all in all- NOT A HIGH STRESS PROJECT PLATFORM

4. battery space is limited, but people make it seem like a crane stock IT ISNT i have TWO valken 7.4v 1300mAh batteries in it now. however, the compartment is in the stock below the gearbox and isnt huge ( approx 2'' wide 3/4'' high and give or take 6'' deep)

5. adjusting windage or elevation on the scope involves removing the shroud on the top of the gun and a flathead screwdriver. in other words, not really do-able in the field or on the fly; make your adjustments at staging or at home for a target 100' away and let it be.

at the end of the day im very happy to have it again and is now my primary of choice for both cqc and field. its ambidextrous setup is great, it doesnt feel weird to hold in the left/opposite shoulder. its bullpup configuration keeps the whole package relatively short, even with a barrel extension/silencer on it. its well balanced and one of the most comfortable replicas to hold. but its FAT, youll see when you open the box up its compact but big. if youre going to buy this as a first gun, id say go for it. itll last even stock parts were of good quality. if you want to upgrade it, go for an M120 spring, shs blue piston, full length (no window) cylinder, and r hop this thing. just remember to keep it at M120 and below, and keep it at 9.6 volt batteries or below (i used a 9.6v Nimh battery with the first one i owned to more than satisfactory results)
by Woodrow C. on 07/13/2016
"This is a very solid and realistic feeling replica. Shoots 400-410 fps with .20's out of the box. 8.6 rounds/second with a 7.4v lipo. Consistent and accurate. If you hate hi-caps as I do, I have found the PTS EPM 150 round mid-caps to work very nicely. Also, if you plan on removing the plastic flash hider, be advised it is secured by a taper pin that cannot be punched through the barrel from the outside. I drilled it out, and that worked fine. After that the plastic flash hider screwed off easily.

Some have complained the rubber butt stock pad is tough to get off. A little silicon oil helps that alot. Hop up is effective and sensitive. As others have said, it will on occasion fire full auto while semi auto is selected.

Rail-estate is limited to the plentious top rail. If you want more, then you will have to buy the somewhat pricey upgrade rails that replace the handguard. I have a short eotech clone with a 3x swing out magnifier and there is still plenty of space forward to add a small laser device with the front sight removed. A larger unit like a PEQ-2a will not fit unless I take off the magnifier.

I have yet to field the weapon, but my backyard initial trial leaves me impressed. If you like the bullpup platform, chances are you will like this one.
by Joseph H. on 06/10/2016
"This will be my 12th airsoft replica, and I am truly in love. I've tried most airsoft/rifle platforms and this is by far one of my favorite. Right out of the box this gun feels solid, no loose part. This gun is consistent with shot placement, though curves a bit to the right, Heavier bbs will fix this problem. I've always wanted this gun, and it is worth every penny! This gun will take most 9.6 nunchuck or brick batteries.

- Solid
- comfortable in the shoulder.
- range is equal to my m14 full size
- accepts most mags, least picky m4 mag gun I've ever had. (contrary to other peoples reviews)
- accurate when using heavy bbs.
- adjustable FPS and easy to access hop-up never put you out of the fight.
- good ROF
- licensed trademarks
- Unique look (not an m4) yet takes the mags of one
- 430mm inner barrel. A DMR barrel in a CQB field. (truly a multi-tool gun)

-curves right (easy fix)
- plastic butt plate takes time to figure out removal, feels that over time rubber could slightly show wear, but not a major concern of mine.

Overall - this has quickly became my favorite airsoft gun I own.. with a 430mm inner barrel a tight bore barrel could make this beast insane on the field. I cannot recommend this gun enough to any person, starter, intermediate, or professional player!
by Shane H. on 07/08/2015
"I have owned this gun for over a year now. This is a GREAT AEG. Outta the box it is a beast. Ive owned many different guns and worked on nearly every gearbox out there and this is one of the easiest guns to maintain and upgrade. Ive made two modifications, (high torque motor and m130 spring) both were super simple compared to other AEG's (25 min upgrade time). The spring adjustment allows me to get as close to my fields FPS limit as I can possibly get, without going HOT. The rate of fire is SICK. I can command total fire superiority, when I wanna lay the hammer down. Do to the hollow polymer body, the gun is loud. Louder with mods and certain flash hiders. Personally, with my style of play, I like it. It adds an intimidating factor that makes me unique and stand out on the battle field. After one match, players recognize me and praise this guns rate of fire and sound. My only real complaint, is with the semi-auto function, which stopped working not long after getting this gun. There is a known problem and flaw with the design of the gearbox, when it comes to semi-auto. It is a common issue on FN2000 forums. So, this is a Full auto or nothing gun.

-rugged compact design and balanced
-great for tight areas and quick deployment, not for camping.
-High rate of fire
-easy to maintain and upgrade
-known semi-auto flaw
-limited rail space
-loud (I like it)
-full auto only, prepare to reload often

This is a superior AEG platform, design for assault. Your only limitation is how much ammo you can carry.
by Owen K. on 09/15/2014
"I love this gun!! As soon as I got the gun out of the box the external construction was amazing and the plastic material feels solid as a rock. The ROF and the FPS is superb!

Heavy (in a good way)
Strong, durable external
Great internals with awesome ROF out of the box
FPS twist adjuster in back for easy FPS modifications

None really of big concern
But It was Kinda hard to put on and off the rubber pad at first but I found it easier to peel the bottom up first and slide up and off.
by Elliot F. on 06/23/2014
"I've had this gun for about a month now, and I can easily say that it's the best gun i've owned out of 10+ airsoft guns. External feel is great, no feeding issues, hits hard and fast. It has an excellent sturdy but comfortable design, ample top rail space for optics, and decent battery space.

-360 FPS straight out of the box with .25's
-Comfortable to shoot. You won't even need a foregrip with it because it's already so stable and ergonomic in the first place.
-Official FN Herstal licensing and trademarks.
-Weight is well-balanced; the F2000 doesn't suffer from all the weight being in the back like most bullpups.
-Excellent accuracy and range. I was reliably hitting a 2" target from 70 feet away.
-Quiet! When shooting, you'd think they somehow fit an internal suppressor in there.

-Magazines are picky. You will have to modify most, if not all, of your M4 mags for them to fit in. If you have Magpul EMAG's, don't even bother.
-No side rail space for lasers or lights stock, and external upgrades cost $100+
-Sling mounts are picky, you will need some upgrades if you want a two or three-point sling on it.

All in all, G&G did an excellent job with this weapon, and is easily one of the best stock guns out there. Having one of these is an absolute dream.
by Nathan I. on 03/23/2014
"This is an absolutely superb rifle inside and out from G&G. This FN2000 is not your traditional bullpup style AEG, and will perform very well right out of the box. This AEG is very accurate as expected from a G&G Top Tech which is due to the good hopup, hopup bucking, and 6.04 tightbore barrel that come stock in this gun. This gun can has a longer range than most other stock AEGs on the market giving it a bit of an advantage. On a 9.6 high output battery it has a decent fire rate. The internals are durable and will last you a long time as well, it has steel gears as expected so running a lipo in it should be fine. The externals are absolutely stunning and have the always cool FN Herstal trademarks. The polymer the stock is made of is of high quality, after all G&G is known for their tough polymers. The gun is extremely sturdy, no creeks, wobbles, or wiggles. Finding compatible mags for this may take a little searching or modification. Also this AEG has a simple and easy takedown making it easy to work on.

- Sturdy
- Good performance
- Very realistic
- Awesome FN Herstal Trademarks
- Easy takedown

- Finding compatible magazines, or modding the ones you have to be compatible.

Altogether this AEG is one of the best bullpups on the market, and will not disappoint if you are looking for a bullpup or a high performance AEG in general.
by bobby r. on 02/16/2014
I purchased it a couple of months back and it has survived rain, snow, dust, dirt, and everything in between. It currently is running off of an 11.4v lipo and it has an insane ROF. I am definitely getting some flash magazines for this gun because it eats through ammo like a kid through candy. The only problem I have had with this gun is that the charging handle broke off when I picked it up it got caught on something and snapped. They have replacements on Evike so im not worried.

Very fast ROF
Adjustable FPS
Very comfortable
Different (Stands out in the sea of M4s and AKs)

Fragile charging handle
VERY mag picky (Ive only had luck with high cap magazines)