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AW Custom "Ace Competitor" Hi-CAPA Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol (Package: Black / Gun Only / Green Gas)

45 Customer Reviews

by Luke R. on 11/03/2020
"This was an awesome deal and thank you to Evike for the opportunity. This is exactly what my son wanted for Christmas. i have to get green gas to make sure it works before christmas but looking at it in the box it looks great and taking it out and shaking it around it feels very well put together and tight. no rattle in the slide or anything. Very happy with this
by Frankie M. on 09/18/2020
"This gun is amazing. So let's do a Pros and Cons list!

Pros of this gun:
-Looks great
-Feels solid in your hands
-Not cheap or light
-Has a nice blowback and it shoots hard, and the FPS is field legal!
-Has surprisingly good range for being a pistol
-Scarily accurate

Cons of this gun:
-The provided mag that comes with this gun could be better
-This is for most blowback pistols, but the mags are not necessary cheap
-If your on a tight budget maybe get like a 1911 maid by colt or something because let me tell you I dont think one mag will get you super far in a game, and they are about $50+, drum mag is over $100

Once again this gun is a very nice constructed gun. I also have a tip for you, If your looking to buy a few extra mags, I just buy the drum mag. Yes, it will cost over $110 most likely, but its more worth it to have 400 rounds than 30 per mag. Especially if you get the full auto compatible one. If you have the budget, get and use this pistol. Hasn't let me down!
by kermit b. on 05/23/2020
"Had the gun for 3 months now. Great gun but slide and outer barrel is wobbly but not that big of a problem. Would recommend it to people who wants a pre upgraded hi capa that shoots well out of the box and will last you a long time.
by Paul H. on 01/04/2020
"I got this gun yesterday, the mag and the gun have a very nice weight to it, and when you fill the mag w/ gas, turn the can upside down. You can take the orange tip off by boiling the end of the barrel for 2 minutes and the barrel is threaded. It has a beautiful kick and feel, and it has ambidextrous safetys. It comes lubricated and in a plastic wrap to protect it. It racks nicely witch is a plus one. I used .20 bbs, so I needed to adjust the hopup so they didn't go straight up. Overall it is a great beautiful gun and I would definitely recommend. 5 stars easy.
by Ethan S. on 11/17/2019

Very Heavy
Metal is solid
Moving parts are solid
Great Design
Easy to take apart
Good power


the barrel and slide is wobbly
The slide catch catches the slide when I'm racking the slide
The orange tip cannot come off

Overall a great gun. Would recommend
by tom b. on 09/11/2019
"this pistol is awesome, no issue and it gets a lot of attention because it looks great
by Jaren G. on 08/11/2019
hop up easy
easy rail take of
SUPERLOUD(could be con)
none yet
by Hunter P. on 07/14/2019
"It is absolutly amazing it is a good weight but the metal is wearing ive only ran a few mags and the trigger and mag realise are wearing but its really nothing you can have the slide locked open and just pull it back to close it you have to use the slide release and idk what green gas should be like but i can only get bout 1 1/2 mag before it runs out
by jt a. on 02/06/2019
"this a fanaminal gun to start out with but upgrading this thing is super hard because parts are not easy to find but if you plan on leaving his gun stock, then this is a great choice
by Warner A. on 04/30/2018
"This pistol is truly great. I'll cut right to the pros and cons

- Solid weight
- Very comfortable grip
- Ambi thumb safetys
- Skeletonized hammer and trigger
- Flared magwell
- A working hop up
- Straight trigger
- Front slide serrations for front racking
- Normal kick, not too hard and not too soft
- Great range for a pistol
- Great replica of the 2011 pistol
- Weight is comparable to real steel 2011

Cons: (not as many but r e a l l y bothersome)
- Orange tip cannot be removed unless melted
- No threads on barrel
- Undermount rail is not a standard picatinny rail
- No ambi mag release
- Magazines have a hefty price too
- Outer barrel scratches due to the material, and feels plastic-y

I really do like this pistol but the first 3 cons are a real turn off. I got this because it's much more low profile than the other AW pistols back when I got this pistol. I've had it for about 5 months and have used it extensively as a sidearm and as a primary in some cases. I did have some occasional misfires, feeding issues, and some hammer problems, but that was user error, after some lubrication it worked flawlessly.
I really recommend this as a sidearm but the physical features are not so suitable for primary use.

And a note about the mags. Leave a very slight amount of gas in each mag when you store them because it keeps pressure on the O ring. I left one extra mag without gas in it for about a week and I filled it up only to discover it leaks, the other one that had a small amount of gas does not leak. Just a heads up
by Sebastian e. on 04/01/2018
"I've done my research and by far this is an amazing gun. My brother isn't a big fan of it because of the weight and his hand isn't big enough to reach the functions. I play at D14 in Texas and boy does this gun pack some heat. Some kids even ran away when i started firing this thing. I personally found it hard to adjust the hop-up so i just used .32 g bbs. After learning the gun i have to say this is by far the greatest and for the price is a great gun to show off and lay down fire. Just be sure to check which mags you get because i bought one that leaks gas (Do your research).
Hop-up's difficult
Build to last
Looks beautiful
Great price
Loud and proud
Overall get this gun while you can.
by Serena S. on 03/10/2018
"Hi quality, shoots excellent, reliable!
by jess s. on 02/19/2018
"i just ordered this did not get yet but i realy want to get in to speed soft and i get realy picky when it comes to quality contral thats the only reason i dont like tokyo maruy and soon as i get this i will pollarstar this with the green gas pollar star hose so cant wate and if i would have a choise between milsim and speed qb go with speed qb plus its cheeper.
by Daniel P. on 01/16/2018
"This gun is worth getting your hands on one.
Feels very sturdy in the hands and the blow-back is so nice.
Love the fiber optic sights which gives it a nice feature.
Shoots pretty far for a pistol and it is also accurate.
by Dylan L. on 08/02/2017