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S&T Full Metal Custom Sterling Airsoft AEG SMG with Heat Sink and Scope

20 Customer Reviews

by edmund l. on 07/15/2019
by Isaiah m. on 10/31/2018
"I just received my S&T E11 this morning, the quality of this unique aeg puts many of my other rifle's to shame. I have yet to test the fully operational firepower of this magnificent smg , the anticipation and excitement of waiting for it to be delivered is nothing compared to the awsomness of opening the box and feeling the quality and weight of it for the first time. thanks Evike for providing such quality products , this was my first purchase from you and Deffinetly not the last I plan on doing more business in the near future ,thanks again

by Stephen B. on 06/21/2018
"After I purchased the AW version of Han's D-11, I really didn't think evike or any other company could make any star wars gun even close to this beautiful E-11...boy was I wrong!! True, like the DL-44, is not an exact replica, but wow is she a beauty!! Full metal like the DL-44, airsoft perfect quality, and a definite shelf queen if you choose that road. Like the DL-44, this E-11 blaster rifle "weathers" itself the more you play with it and the slight imperfections are not even noticed. Again, I say, do not pay thousands of cash on a master replica or an EFX on ebay or elsewhere...the prices on evike are much cheaper and perfect.
by Emil B. on 04/25/2017
"Amazing for blasting away Rebel Scum! It's easy to aim when hip firing but don't expect to get any hits on anyone! Might be a hop-up issue.
by Don H. on 04/07/2017
"Simply put... "This is the E-11 Blaster you are looking for." I ordered this blaster from Evike less than a week ago and I received it today! OK, it said it would be available in June but through some hidden Jedi power or by pure use of the Force, mine arrived today!

I am only going to use this blaster for costuming and display, not for airsoft. So I will not be able to rate it's performance on an airsoft field. What I can say is if you are looking for an authentic looking, solid metal, amazing Stormtrooper E11 blaster then look no further.

There are limited options when looking for a quality E11 blaster prop. You could spend over $170 for a solid resin blaster that you have to assemble and paint by yourself. In the end, it is still only solid resin. You could buy a $20 Rubies white and orange plastic prop and paint it. You could buy the standard Sterling AEG and modify it to look like the E-11 blaster for another $100. But, if you want the most amazing out-of-the-box prop, display piece, awe-inspiring Imperial Trooper weapon then get this Sterling airsoft blaster.

Oh, and as a bonus, you can play airsoft with it if you desire... just buy it before they are gone... and May The Force Be With You!
by Steven G. on 03/07/2017
"Like many I was looking online to find a replica Star Wars E-11 blaster for my stormtrooper armor build. A lot of places had cheap looking blasters for crazy expensive prices *cough cough* Rs Props and Sheperton Design Studios. I love Star Wars but I'm not about to spend half a thousand dollars for something that's just looks pretty. I saw the original sterling Smg on evike and I realized that it would take a couple mods to make it look like an E-11 which came out to about 380$ or so. So naturally I looked somewhere else. This airsoft gun came out at exactly the perfect time and I just knew I had to have it. The gun is full metal with a polymer grip I believe and after having it for a couple weeks it's absolutely brilliant. The magazine is cropped down, the scope is incredibly awesome and the stock comes out any everything. At first this thing was heavy but your arms will eventually get used to the weight and I guess you'll grow some muscle while carrying this around haha. It's pretty long too so you definitely want to hold it with both hands. The power cylinders came off because they were attached with some pretty bad glue but I fixed it right up with some Velcro. I can't stress it enough that I really love this thing lol. I'm not sure if the 501st group would accept it but I feel that it's close enough that they would. I know they're super uptight about their screen accurate costumes but if they allow 300lbs scout troopers to join and still call them screen accurate then I'm sure this gun will be fine.
by Daniel C. on 02/17/2017
"Not accurate to an E-11, but that's ok! The gun itself is great. The scope works, and although the eye relief is kinda bad, its actually a decent sight. It's the same as the sterling smg from S&T just with some cosmetic stuff added. Good gun if you plan to also use it instead of just display it.
by Dino I. on 02/15/2017
"I bought the E-11 Blaster on a whim hoping it was good. I was very surprised at the craftsmanship and quality. This is a hefty and well build rifle. There are a few inaccuracies but they are easy to look over because of the overall quality. This will be too heavy to use during 501st trooping events but will be a perfect displace piece.
by rony r. on 02/02/2017
"Tr-8r is my Designated ID. Personally I like to stick to my Stun Batton as my go to weapon of choice. Everything to the design of this e11 balster rifle meets the empires specification and has a lengthy service history. The ergonomic exterior as well as its Interior design strikes a certain imposing fear into the enemies and traitors a like.


-Cosmetic design worthy of service to the empire and now the first order.
-historic value.
-Good for advancing toward the Traitors with suppressive fire
-fires in three settings lethal,sting and stun.


-Cant hit anything in lethal setting.
-effective only in overwhelming groups armed with it.
-not a lightsaber\Stun Batton.
-must have storm trooper height requirment to be of any use.
by Juliet A. on 02/01/2017
"Love this gun just for the fact that they didn't want to say it's a replica model of the Storm Trooper's E-11 Blaster Carbine from Star Wars hahaha
by Julia H. on 04/02/2021
"I ordered this gun because I’m a large Star Wars fan and thought it’d be cool to use on the field. When I ordered it the first time, it came to me with a few little pieces broken off. Also, the gun is supposed to have 3 modes: safe, semi auto, and fully auto. The gun I got had 4 modes: safe, fully auto, fully auto, and fully auto. I was very upset but returned it and ordered another so I could have it in time for the weekend game. When I got the second, it was in beautiful shape and performed amazing on the field. It looks so accurate to the gun it’s based on and it shoots way further than my other guns. Amazing gun and amazing response by Evike on the return.
by Ryan S. on 02/27/2018
"I wanted to say to Evike and Smart Thank You it came in today and It a awesome sweet full metal e11 blaster rifle I'm a huge Star Wars fan I know there is full Star Wars fans out there they Should get this Storm Trooper blaster. One down fall of the blaster is the heat ammo tracker wish it was a real duel number to let you know that you are running out of bbs that is my down fall,but the sterling riffle is still a great air soft gun. EVIKE AND WWW.SMARTTEAMHK.COM. Thank You so much. ☺❤❤❤❤&-
0084;❤Air soft
by stefano g. on 03/21/2017
"It's very nice very heavy and solid and details are cool
but, there is are some buts...there are parts which are not movie accurate:
scope is not in the right position but can be moved foward but still not in the right position as in the movies, a flash hinder part should be curved but is cornered, the likes i call lines the parts that covers the tube holes should cover all the hole so should be longer, the box with ammo counter should be little foward. Dunno if they do these errors for copyrights or else, but beside these is a really must have gun in your collection
by Christopher A. on 03/13/2017
"Well, Ill start off by saying; If your going to buy this, if you have any ideas of using this other than a prop, your insane... that being said, my main crapped out on me at an outdoor field and this is all i had as a back up, believe it or not, with .25 and hop up cranked all the way up and a little angling, I could pick off people with the scope at 125ish feet or so. lack of magazines meant i had to carry pre-filled speed loaders... please come out with more stubby mags for this... If I'm going to use it, might as well have some spare mags, plus 1 or 2 to tinker with and stick and led light in for tracers. Sadly, the scope is not adjustable, and slightly off, centered around the top-right quadrant. battery compartment is small, but there are quite a few PEQ box lipos that will fit. I went with an ASG 7.4 30 C 1000 mah box battery. From a Star Wars nerd's perspective on accuracy... its ok... The cooling veins/T-tracks are cut short 1 perforated hole length too short, minor annoyance. A pot of espresso, and this up-coming blizzard and I should be able to track down the parts pretty easy... and one more thing that may be less easy to track down... the intake lens (opposite end you look through, is position in the top half of the center of the scope, the E-11's scope was an M83 Sherman tank scope, and its intake lens was positioned in the lower. some minor criticisms and food for thought as feed back to the manufacturer. other than that. surprising performance for what it is, great weight, only full steal body airsoft gun I've seen in a while. obviously keep this thing indoors... and for 250 bucks its a great replica, even better if you can track down a few individual parts to make it a more authentic looking prop

-Decent preformance
-Heavy (some people consider a con)
-Accurate for size
-friggin steel, love it
-great replica for the price

-proprietary gear box
-lack of magazines, start carrying the stubby mags gah!
-limited battery space
-Scope not adjustable
-Not 100% accurate to the movie prop
by Jordan P. on 03/05/2017
"As a Star Wars fan I was immediately drawn to this gun, I do believe it is a good gun for the price

-Shoots reasonably well (upper 300 fps)
-It comes with the free scope
-folding stock can be nice as well
- Easy to reload and the mags aren't ridiculously expensive as some unique gun magazines are
- Battery is easy to access as is the hop up on the bottom of the gun

-Be careful with what battery you buy, I made the mistake of buying the battery that was on the recommended link without double checking the size and my battery barely fits
- The stock, I don't know if I'm just being stupid but the stock is a little tricky to fold in and out, not something you could really do on the fly in the middle of a game
- The heat sink I had to super glue back into place as the wires are a little too powerful and they pulled off the part right next to the magazine, also the heat sink in general I feel like with medium use the whole thing will just break off as it's barely held on there and it's all plastic
- Being a scale replica I know I can't complain about this but it is fairly heavy for the size of the gun

Overall I love this gun, a few problems weren't enough to make me proud to add this to my arsenal