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Cybergun SCAR-L Licensed Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle (Color: Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Jon K. on 09/10/2019
"I bought four of these for my family and myself to use. Honestly, they're pretty damn good for a springer. We use 0.20's and they still get over 300 FPS. We play on my parents old farm where we shoot near to medium range. Sometimes I'll get a hit at 40+ yards if I'm really trying. If you want an entry level springer, this is the best one I've come across. We played through a Wisconsin winter, spring, summer, and now fall. All four have held up. My son drops his all the time, nothing is broke. I sometimes shoot as fast as I can with the bolt action and nothing has broke not sounds like it is about to break. Seriously, I don't know why some people say they're cheap. Sure, it's a plastic springer at $45, what do you expect you're going to get? But all four of us have beaten the pi** out of our Scars and they're held up just fine.
by Kindle C. on 01/27/2019
"to start off, this review is about the spring edition just so ya know.
this gun is SO freaking accurate even with .12 gram bbs! I've shot people while running with this thing! the only bad things are that: when you shoot it it does not feel like 400 fps is exploding from the rifle, it feels like you are dry firing it.
but really, let's be honest. the .12 gram bbs are flying at at least 420 fps. the second bad thing is that it spills out 3 bbs when you take the mag out.
I feel like they could easily fix this by making an aftermarket extra hi cap mag.
but overall it is super accurate and it is STURDY!
we use these guns in death matches and they kick ass.
by Jennifer G. on 01/07/2019
"Oddly accurate. Much more accurate than the M14 we purchased for almost double the price. Foregrip really helps. This gun seems well built and intelligently designed. Enjoy!
by Damian R. on 12/25/2018
"For the price you pay this gun is worth it shoots far good aim and one good thing you can fully customize this gun and add some weight to it the stock comes out about 4 inches and it folds up for travel really good Airsoft gun next thing I’m getting a reddot sight for it and few more attachments I do recommend other people to purchases this
by Jerry on 12/21/2018
"3 bbs fall out everything you take out the magazine but other then that it is a great gun with great accuracy and power for a spring loaded gun. I would definitely buy this gun again
by John G. on 10/13/2018
"Fun plinker with decent power. Bought for $36 in Sep. 2017. Good enough to scare away the squirrels. Using quality ammo significantly increases the accuracy of this gun. I do wish they made the sights adjustable as they are off a little bit. But after some target practice it isn't hard to hit soda cans (or squirrels) at 20 yards pretty easily. I would buy this gun again for sure.

My biggest complaint about this gun is how the magazine operates. The magazine function itself is great, and I love it, but when you empty the magazine and remove it to reload, 2-3 BBs fall out EVERYTIME. However, I found a way to avoid this: When you have ran out of ammo in the magazine and can no longer chamber a BB, turn the gun upside down and then pull the charging handle. Do this after firing until you no longer chamber a BB (2-3 times) and then when you remove the magazine you will not have ammo falling out.

A note about the magazine capacity: The magazine itself can hold hundreds of rounds. However, this does not mean you can shoot hundreds of rounds without having to reload. The way the magazine works is it has a main storage chamber that holds the hundreds of rounds, and then it has a smaller 15ish round chamber that has to be 'reloaded' by removing the magazine and shaking it to move BBs into this smaller chamber. If you're someone who actually does airsoft combat (I am not) I can see this being a problem. But it really is not a problem for the backyard plinker.
by Aimee S. on 09/27/2018
"This thing was good for price I do recommend the spring version if you are into backyard airsoft and the electric version for more intense super battle awesomeness of destruction and war😜
by Derek g. on 08/28/2018
"I love this gun. The other reviews were not great but I love this gun. It is very powerful so you have to use .20g bbs to have accuracy. I think that is what the other people didn't use.
by Amber P. on 02/11/2018
"Got for my son's fifth birthday because he loves fortnite. Good size, haven't tried the bbs because five years old, just for looks and pretend play for now.
by Justin P. on 09/11/2017
"I got this gun from a convestion and for a $45 dollar springer it has good FPS, and yes it is easly breakable I droped mine at least 5 times and the stockbroke but yo can just glue and its fine. The acuracy is decent not the best but god for $45