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APS A-CAP Combat Adaptive Pistol CO2 Powered Airsoft Blowback Pistol - Black

23 Customer Reviews

by dalton j. on 04/13/2021
"nice pistol for beginners recommend it
by Anthony L. on 05/10/2018
"Greats gun good weight study and no problems yet alot of ppl say the mags are hard to load with co2 but its pretty easy after a few time make sure you watch a video or somthing on how though its vary exact
Great blow back
Big mag
Mag chipped a bit after first fire but still works fine
by gregory r. on 05/10/2018
by Geoffrey W. on 01/10/2018
"The gun is very balanced and it feels really good while holding it but the only bad thing i can say about this gun is that the mag that comes with it goes through a 12g co2 cartrige really fast if fired in quick succesion but otherwise very good gun
by Caden K. on 12/24/2017
"Just got the gun, right of the box it was amazing
by Lorie T. on 08/19/2017
"This is a great gun. Shoots great looks great and sounds great. My only gripe is that the magazine will sometimes fall out. One of mine broke and I had to replace it. Still would buy again.
by Tina K. on 07/29/2017
"great pistol i would buy the gun again
by Dilan M. on 07/14/2017
"I absolutely love this pistol. It feels great and it shoots great. It kicks like a mule compared to anything else I've shot. I just wish there was a threaded barrel.
by James R. on 05/24/2017
"So I have had this gun for 5 months and I'm astonished. When I got this gun it was heavy and had a fairly heavy double stacked mag that imitates a glock mag. I love heavy guns. The great thing about the mags are that they will only run you $25 compared to other mags. Now to the gun. It has a polymer handle that is very sturdy and hard to break. The slide is made of metal which adds that good blowback feeling.

Now to the cons. The biggest con is the Co2 refill. It's a 3 minute process to remove the Co2. That sounds like it's not a big deal but a Co2 cartridge will only last about 48 shots in this gun. After 5 months of using this gun the slide started getting stuck if i don't cock it hard enough but thats all overall this gun is great.
by Evan D. on 04/21/2017
"I so after searching around for a quality GBB I found this and went for it. Firstly this pistol feels so good in my hands. The weight distribution is almost perfect the grip is extremely comfortable and the slide is beautifully crafted and the mags are held extremely tight no wobble at all and slide very smoothly. The only problem I found out of the box was that the amount of lubricant was ludicrous and could use a little wipe down on some parts. Performance wise the gun shoots really well and has alot of kick. Some might not like that but the hard kick make it a blast to shoot. The only problems I've found is that the mags are a pain in the rear to load. Loading them on the field probably impractical so I suggest getting a second mag but they have 26 rounds so they will last a while before you have to reload.

Make sure you read the manual on how to load the CO2 otherwise you'll look silly trying to load it incorrectly. As well as how to strip the gun down for cleaning and lubing.

Excellent quality construction
Feels great in your hands
Great ammo capacity
Hard Kick (if you like that)
Not too expensive 85 for the gun and 25 for an extra mag
Fits most soft-shell holsters (don't have and hard-shell to test with)
CO2 is a little weird to load but seals very well.
Way too much lube (could just be my gun)
Hard Kick (unless you like that)
Pain to load
by Avery C. on 04/03/2017
"FANTASTIC i love it only problems are that it is real hard to find mags....and the mags are somewhat difficult to load .....other than that it is great feels awesome shots hard,accurate, and fast.....absolutely recommend it !!!!
by Leo C. on 01/31/2017
"This gun is absolutely amazing, the blowback is perfect and very realistic, it looks and feels amazing. Ive put 20-30 mags trough it and its been in 6 games and its still outstanding. I have few If any cons about it.

Pros: Feels and looks great
Very gas efficient 3-4 mags per fill.
Very accurate
Blowback feels nice and realistic
Good weight
Sights and great
Good hop-up system
Can use speed loader
Great price

Cons: Co2 is time consuming to reload
A little hard to find a nice harshell holster for it

Overall a great gun highly recommended
by Hayden O. on 06/06/2016
"Great gun. Feels great in your hand and feels amazing to shoot. The blowback is absolutely outstanding, and it is actually pretty accurate.I have put around 10 full mags threw and there are no problems with how it shoots, nor or there internal problems. I only have a few minor cons about this gun: I can't use a speedloader to load it, I have used two and neither worked. Another minor problem, and this may only be mine, but the slide took a few tries to take off. I recommend doing exactly as the manual says.

Those are the only problems I have run into with this gun, but all in all this is a great secondary and I would recommend this to any and everybody.
by colton p. on 08/06/2015
"Before I get into the specifics about this gun, let me just say that I think APS did a fantastic job with this pistol! The feel of the gun is extraordinary and the sound the slide makes when you rack it is awesome.

-great feel
-sights are awesome and easily obtained
-racking the slide adds some real feel and sounds
-Engravings make this gun unique (American Flag)

-slide is a little stubborn to remove
-you don't have it
by Lorie T. on 06/01/2017
"I love this gun. Good weigh and fires hard. The Sights look great and I was able to hit a target from 20 meters. My only con is the Co2 doesn't last very long. Its not a 1911 but it sure is great.