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Pre-Order ETA August 2021 ASG CZ P-09 Suppressor Ready CO2 Airsoft GBB Pistol (Color: Flat Dark Earth)

49 Customer Reviews

by donald M. on 01/22/2021
"i have had both the 1911 tac by elite force, and this and I love this pistol, but the pistol started having cycling issues, but when i looked in the manual it told me what was wrong. the hop up. I would highly recommend this pistol.
by Henry A. on 01/06/2021
"Awesome firs airsoft shipping is as stated no complaints here
by Thomas H. on 10/09/2020
"One of the nicest pistols I've ever felt, great quality, great gun!
by Justin R. on 06/12/2020
I know what you ACTUALLY want to know, so before I start: this is based off of the Tan Lower Threaded P09 that takes CO2 mags, not the Urban Grey or the Black or any other than Tan Lower Threaded P09 that takes CO2 mags.

With that out of the way, I got this gun not from Evike but from Fallen Kings Airsoft, back in 2016 when it existed (and was amazing). I’ve had this gun as my secondary for 4 years over Glocks, 1911s, HiCapas, etc. It has gone through many events; taken abuse from being slammed against rocks to being flung from my holster into mud and it keeps firing. It is not the most accurate (and even at that it’s better than most) but it’s the most reliable sidearm I’ve had. The only contender has been my miracle WE G18c but that lasted 3 years and REALLY shouldn’t have lived that long.
It’s mags take CO2 which honestly is amazing for this platform. I generally think CO2 is better due to its wide availability (you can’t find green gas easily) and lasts generally longer (there are some miracle green gas mags but CO2 is less hassle, lazier :D). The mags don’t suffer from it, as the size is decent and the quality is above par. Also works in more weather conditions blah blah blah it’s all positives. The mags are reliable and the only issue is the baseplate and feeder. The baseplate usually rips off the knob of the feeder and then pops off, due to the feeder having a plastic composition. I wish they would do it KWA style where the follower was metal and had a locking mechanism so we didn’t break our fingernails loading.
My CZ just broke today. It’s trigger stopped resetting, and honestly I am just going to by a new one and swap the parts I want to keep. Will get the second one fixed and hey, maybe duals :D
They are the best on the market with moderate kick (feels like power but is CRISP) and is relatively lightweight (polymer frame tends to do that). Tip is painted Orange FYI but you can order a black tipped replacement...somewhere. If not your out of luck and will need paint skills, but if your getting the suppressor ready version you probably won’t have an issue with this.

TL:DR HIGHLY recommended, especially if your sick and tired of your stuff breaking and want something that performs.
by Johnny N. on 06/02/2020
"Great gun, hard kick, and shoots as well as you'd hope for a pistol.
by Bob L. on 05/14/2020
"I've had this gun for a few weeks. I've played multiple games with it so far with my friends and its performance is amazing. The gas consumption is great and it hits 50 foot shots no problem. The trigger pull and reset is good so you can tickle the trigger pretty easily. I will for sure say this gun is worth the price.But..... the front sight lost its pin or didn't even come with one and it feel off and I lost it fairly quickly but you can still aim well.

super accurate
reaches out far for a pistol
gas consumption is good, shot maybe 5 or 6 mags before running out
very sturdy with a good weight
easy to break down and clean
magazine holds a good amount of ammo

has a little wobble in the mag well
hop up is annoying to adjust
front sight is loose and falls of easily
you DON'T have one
by Jeff M. on 03/09/2020
"Got mine as a returned item out of a random box, and I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea why this was returned. The performance is superb, and it's been going strong for well over six months with all the same stock parts. No breaks, no issues with gas efficiency, it's just been a solid as heck workhorse sidearm. I was super lucky to get this out of a random box because it was a freaking steal.
by Jake M. on 01/17/2020
"Most reliable pistol I ever used

• clean blowback with both green gas and co2
• very accurate
• easy to take apart
• reliable, never has broken or failed me
• controls and holster are very easy to use

• you must take the slide off to adjust hopup
by Mike B. on 12/06/2019
"Got this beautiful pistol yesterday, and it is phenomenal. The frame fits in your hand perfectly, no matter how big or small your hand is. The kick when shooting is strong and smooth. Power stroking the slide after an empty magazine is so satisfying and clean. The magazine works perfectly with the gun and the idea behind removing the lip for the CO2 cartridge will never fail.

-Good, clean blowback action
-Fits your hand perfectly
-High magazine capacity (26 rnds)
-Sights are easy to find and clear sight picture

-Loading the magazine can be difficult due to lack of spring lock

Easily the Best performing pistol out of the box, definitely recommend to anyone who wants an accurate, strong CO2 blowback pistol.
by Rowan W. on 10/21/2019
"Good gun does vary well for the price if you are looking for a good sidearm under 200 i would recommend it.
by Matthew B. on 09/24/2019
"100% recommend. The first one I ordered had a problem, sent it back and evike sent a new one. Was not disappointed.
Feels good to handle.
Consistent shot to shot accuracy along with amazing range for a pistol.
Great gas consumption, using c02 capsules I can get through 4-5 mags as long as there’s some kind of cool down between use. About 3 mags if your spamming one magazine.
White dot irons are my preference and they’re quite bold. Enlarged controls are nice and responsive.
Mags haven’t had any problems leaking or breaking seal whatsoever.
Current favorite airsoft gun, and I own a classic army DT4 so that’s saying something.
by Joseph M. on 08/12/2019
"I agree with everything that has been said in previous reviews I would recommend using bbs heaver than .2 I personally use .25
by Vincent P. on 04/09/2019
"This gun is amazing. This is my go to pistol for outdoor fields, really nice kick along with a nice fps. I have nothing negative to say about this gun. Feels great in your hands, very nice recoil, and is very well made. Get it, get it now!
by Isaac S. on 10/24/2018
"This gun was fantastic! It has great gas consumption and a pretty good amount of bbs in one mag. I got through about 5 to 7 mags on one cartridge. I got the C02 version, which hit around 370-385 fps out of the box, so it is fortunate that you can get green gas mags because this is not CQB legal in most places. If you are planning on getting this gun I highly recommend it if you like loud hard hitting C02 pistols.
by Brendan G. on 05/04/2018
"This is an amazing gun if you have the money buy it