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Snow Wolf US Army Style M24 Airsoft Bolt Action Scout Sniper Rifle w/ Fluted Barrel (Color: Black)

51 Customer Reviews

by Tobias W. on 05/29/2022
"I had this snow wolf for at least 3 years now it has the 600 fps upgreads with 30s i was getting 425 over time it went down 370 fps with 30s with 25s it is reaching around 405 to 410 i still use this gun alot witch i am still in love with it for distence i was hitting a torso sised target at 67 yards = up to 187 feet but at 69 yards = 201 feet i was barraly able to hit the target for beginners and pro players i would recamend this gun and trust me you will love it
by Austin T. on 07/12/2018
"This gun is amazing, i would recommend using .40g bbs for the first couple time you use it till the spring gets a little weaker then go down to .32g or buy a stronger spring. Out of the box this is a great gun and would highly recommend buying for a beginner sniper.
by Nathan T. on 05/29/2017
"I bought this gun about three years ago and have used it in many places I love this gun but the only problem is the hopup can move very easy without you wanting it to
by Cade D. on 12/12/2016
"I have a question it the 600fps upgrade good and can I just use the spring instead all that other stuff
by Donnavon P. on 09/03/2016
"Bought this rifle out of necessity due to the one I wanted being out of stock. Even though it wasn't my first choice I'm not disappointed in this rifle by any means. It's heavy has an adjustable pad which is nice for those people that have longer arms (myself included). The mags seem to be pretty reliable and the range is nice. I have mine zeroed besides for wind at around 120 feet and can hit the target everytime. The hopup leaves a little to be desired just because its so stiff. Overall I would recommend this rifle to anyone wantig a solid depenable sniper. I would also recommend using .25 or higher for better accuracy. Mine is shooting 325-375 with no upgrades and .25 seamless.
by Christian L. on 04/20/2016
"Very nice rifle, hop up is a little weird at first but that's because the spring is not worked in. looks really cool when fully painted desert tan with OD green stripes. Has a very strong polymer body and the barrel/trigger system is full metal. the bolt on this gun is very easy and not hard, a little loose but that is something that can be fixed when assembling the rifle. the gun over all has a very nice weight, and feels really nice to carry and has a good rail system there is no room however for a bipod but you can just buy a short rail off of evike here. i am a very happy airsofter with this purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Krista H. on 02/16/2016
"The snow wolf m24 is a all around good beginner sniper. It has a pretty good distance and very accurate. I would highly recommend this sniper it is great for the price.

Very accurate
Great fps
Bolt easy to pull

Little heavy
by Elijah M. on 07/08/2015
"The M24 has always been one of my favorite styles of guns. Its FPS is very high... especially with the hop up. Its range is definitely what I was hoping for. I must say, though, that you will need a good scope, because the old 22. scope that I have is not very effective. But with a good quality scope this gun could be a major welt maker (I tried it on a friend and YES he STILL has a MAJOR WELT.) Thanks again, EVIKE, for all that you guys/girls do. ( Oh and it shoots best with .25-.30 gram )

Has great FPS.
Feels very realistic.
It is quiet.
Can leave a nice size welt.

Very heavy.
Slight bolt resistance.
Needs a good scope.
by Kevin P. on 05/21/2015
"I had this rifle for about 6 months before i messed up the hop up bucking. Before that it was great. All i could really ask for in a sniper rifle for the price. Bolt was smooth, since i sprayed silicone on it. With .28s it was shooting a bit over 400, maybe 420-30. Hop up would take the bb about a hundred feet maybe more before dropping, the drop was pretty slow so i could get 200 ft shots pretty easy at sea level. In the mountains it dominated out to 100yds. Consistency was great, and grouping. Probably 3 inch grouping at 100 ft, 6 at 200. Got many one shot kills with this thing, and posting up in a bush with a ghillie hat i was just getting hit after hit almost an entire game, never got close enough to hear or see me rack the bolt. If you're looking into a sniper, definately get this one. Basic takedown for transportation was easy, but i had a hard time getting to the bucking so the messed up one is still in there. I think when i got water in the barrel the bucking soaked too long and swelled up or something, now they always curve up. Anyways, i don't know what kind of parts are compatible with this, but i know that there aren't many. One kind of bucking they take but i forgot which. Guy at the shop said it's a proprietary deaign. I found mags on airsoftmegastore that fit even better and were metal. I put my own scope and bipod on it so can't speak for the package deal. If you're looking into getting a spring sniper, get this one. Hope the review helps. Nothing more satisfying than watching your bb sail through the air for 3 seconds beautifully through a nice crisp scope before it nails your opposition in the face.
by Andrew K. on 05/20/2015
"This rifle is a great buy. It probably shoots about 500 fps (I didn't chrono), looks great, and I can hit a man sized target from over 100 yds with .3g bbs. The stock is a nice strong plastic, and has a good textured finish. Everything that is metal on a real M24 is metal. It is easy to take down for cleaning/upgrading, and feels solid. The only things I don't like about it (I'm a stickler) is that the inner barrel rattles slightly if you hit the rifle against the round. Barrel spacers or tape could probably fix this. Also, I can't figure out where to buy extra mags. It comes with two plastic mags, but that's not good if one breaks. The Echo 1 M28 mags DO NOT FIT. I bought two and wasted $20 doing so. Oh well, not worth the money for shipping.

High fps
Long range
Authentic feel
easy takedown

slight inner barrel wobble
by Samuel K. on 05/20/2015
"Great buy! This rifle is built very sturdy and look like it is ready to take on skirmish beatings.

Sturdy built, accurate and amazing range (100 + feet). As expected.

by Chanmony S. on 05/20/2015
"Pretty good rifle to start off with for players who want to take the sniper role. The barrel assembly and the trigger guard are metal. The stock is plastic but very durable. I bought this with a Harris Bipod and AIM 3-9x40 scope and it's preformed well. 3-9x variable zoom is really all one needs in Airsoft. Has a good range of 160 ft. The Magazines tend to feed more than one BB into the barrel. Which decreases the range and accuracy. Weighing about 8 pounds, it's a great weight for a Sniper. I have shot moving targets with it (pigeons for ex.). Using .25 gram BBs it has good FPS for a sniper rifle. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good quality sniper rifle for a low price.
by James B. on 05/20/2015
"I got this gun recently and it is very good. The fps is very good at about 475. It is constructed out of plastic but it is very high quality. The outer barrel is metal and fluted which is very nice looking. There are a couple problems with the magazine. It doesn't hold the many bbs, and i need to use a screw driver to get it out because it is a tight fit.Also it doesn't have a rail system for a bipod. Overall this gun is very good. It shoots straight and has good fps.

looks and feels good
good fps
scope ready
by Rafe R. on 05/20/2015
"This M24 is GREAT.
This is my second sniper rifle, and I love the role. I switched guns because my previous gun (the Shadow Ops L96 UTG) was not accurate enough for my liking. This was mainly due to the shear power it provided. After much research, I found this gun. Once I got it, my expectations were exceeded.
Out of the box, this gun comes in two pieces. after assembling them, I found this gun is very sturdy. I then attached my bipod (if you don't get the one that is in the package deal you will need a swivel stud mount) and then my scope. Right after this I noticed the front sling mount (very rattly) had fallen completely off. i dont yet know what I will do about this, but I will find a way to work around it. After this, I then test fired it, and watched all my worries wash away. This gun is very accurate, but does not sacrifice power to do so. So here is my summary:
Good looking
Metal internals
Feels great
Easily accessible hop up
Adjustable stock
Sling mount fell off
Finish could be better
Orange tip is a little bulky
Sorta heavy
Overall, this gun is beautiful for beginners to pros, at an affordable price. I love this gun and if you are on the fence about this gun, GET IT. You will not regret it, trust me.
by Ryan T. on 05/20/2015
"ok i got this gun today its sick shoots very far and fast nothing is wobly on it. The only thing i dont like is the clip its stiff very hard to get out of the gun.

PROS: good fps
lite weight
really sturdy gun
CONS:have to adjust the scope alot
clip is stiff hard to get in and out