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6mmProShop Barrett Licensed M107A1 Gen2 Long Range Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle (Color: Desert / 29" Barrel)

11 Customer Reviews

by Samuel B. on 10/13/2019
"Huge gun, lots of internal room. The whole stock is for the battery.
Has a detailed manual to tell you how to do most things.

This gun is heavy, but so well balanced it feels fairly light, and, its made with thick metal, it would take some serious effort to damage this thing any more than a scratch on the paint.

If you remove one screw on the center of the black bipod mount, it will stay stable but you can pull the pin to remove the bipod like the real one. The bipod is very sturdy. A little wobbly like a pkm, to level the gun while aiming. I've dropped it on its bipod accidently from various heights a few times, but it's still fine.

It does come with integrated standard m107 iron sights, but you'll need to completely disassemble and remove the rear iron sights or get a rail razer to mount anything more than a red dot, because of the rear iron sight's size.

Easy to open and work on. It opens similar to an m4, opening in two halves.
Relatively cheap internas, but of it had high end parts it would at least double in price, simple economics with some Supply and demand.

Pretty much, if you plan to upgrade this, you'll dominate the field. As stock its on par with a 100$ cyma m4 with a 650mm barrel slapped on. it will work stock, but nothing too special. I got it for my birthday and plan to upgrade, and I'm pleased with its construction.

TLDR; good for upgrades, eh as stock.
by Mike B. on 08/03/2019
"I won this on the forth of July box of awesomeness. It’s pretty neat. So far I put a Mariu style 120 spring in (130 or 135 to much for it) mad bull tight bore 6.01 and the super long matrix scope from the poor hop up have s.w m24. You can actually dial it in fairly consistent. It’s big and heavy but it’s neat. It’s basically a m4 system
by Cristian C. on 07/01/2019
"Such a beautiful queen of all rifles
by Rosana P. on 04/11/2017
"Hey just saying get ready to empty every pocket ok
by Walter D. on 12/16/2015
"my starting statement: if you never plan to upgrade this gun DO NOT BUY IT.
the internals of this gun are low grade JG parts, terrible air seal, an "M120" spring that performs maby as a 100 to a 90, horrible shimming, china grease everywhere, sometimes on the trigger contacts stopping it from firing. the barrel was alright it was a 6.06 that for me was 673mm long, absolutely crazy for an airsoft rifle, with out a bore up and excellent seal this means absolutely appalling performance. this barrel with the low grade gearbox meant a maximum range of 100 feet with maxed hop up, also the outer barrel is about a foot longer than the inner barrel so there is extra length for no reason.

However i dont say this is a bad gun

it is superb! the externals are an extremely thick Aluminum with quite a nice durable ish tan coating, the bipod is very stable and the stock very comfy, the mono pod is more for looks but is a nice touch, same with the iron sights but hey, whatever. At the moment this is the only AEG M107 on the market and its externals are fantastic, anybody who runs a DMR or a Sniper rifle on the airsoft battlefield should know their way around a gearbox. and compared to something like the old AEG Socom Barrett at 1500$ this is an absolute steal for a platform to tinker in. Also it is unbelievably easy to work on, since the frame is huge any V2 gearbox shell will fit, same with any V2 m4 hopup, This means it is a dream to put a polarstar kit into it, the battery compartment is even big enough to fit a small tank and regulator! i personally cut down the outer barrel to house a 590mm and it is a very sexy rifle that gets a lot of attention on the field. so if you are looking to build a barrett, this is the ultimate rifle for you
by Joe S. on 12/06/2015
"I bought this rifle when it was discounted from $550 to $375 so if you are wondering the price on sale there it is.
Ok so to start out with this is not a gun for the weak, its close to 20lbs fully loaded with ammo a scope and the battery, its 57 in long (almost 5ft in length) and the rather barrel heavy so if your a righty like me your left wrist will get sore after like 3 hours of running around. The way you take apart the gun is so simple anyone can do it, you take the mag out then the large lug from the rear then the small lug in the front and simply slide the top half forward. The battery compartment is huge enough for 2 or 3 batteries, just dont use lipos its not ready.

The accuracy is very good about 1.5 in at 100ft with .25g bbs so great. BUT the fps of this thing will will destroy anything below .28g bbs so buy .28s every 10 or so shots i fire with .25s explode out the barrel. The fps was very consistant 440-435 with .20s and 430-415 with .25s. The build quality is great, the innternals are all steel or aluminium, the main body and mag is aircraft grade aluminium, the bipod rear monopod and carry handle is steel and the muzzle brake is titanium. The semi auto is great dont use the full auto unless your using it to clear jams or make someone call their hits because it seems to either be a laser beam or a shotgun in terms of accuracy.

Externals are great
Internals are great
Accuracy is great
Consistant fps
Easy to take apart
Alot of rail space
Heavy (pro for me)

Very barrel heavy so imbalances
Full auto is finicky

Overall i would highly recommend this thing to ANYBODY...... IF they are moderatly strong and love the M107A1 platform if you are not one of those people and still want a semi auto sniper rifle then just get a M110, SR-25, HK417, SVD, SCAR-H SSV or a long barreled AR-15 platform dont waste your money on this you WILL regret it.

I give it a 11/10.
by tristan e. on 11/24/2015
"good gun
and great full auto I recommend it for beginers that can carry 15 pounds plus
by tristan e. on 11/24/2015
"good gun
and great full auto I recommend it for beginers that can carry 15 pounds plus
by CJ P. on 03/16/2015
"Review of my mostly stock M82.

I nabbed this when evike put it on sale shortly after it was released. For $400 it was bought as a base gun to modify rather then spend the $1200 for the socom gear. It`s not a perfect replica but close enough, the receiver is a few inches shorter then the real one. I believe the rail isn't to spec either, that or the scope mount I used was bad. Its heavy but light enough I can hold it with one hand. Build guilty wise it's good... mostly. The gun itself is solid, however while adjusting the hop up I broke the charging handle. It broke at what appears the be a weak point with an air bubble, time to epoxy it back on lol.
Out of the box I expected it to shoot like shit. I had an extra 650mm 6.01 barrel I threw in and it seems to make a difference, against everything that I read about long barrels and a V2 gearbox. With a stock gearbox, hopup, and 6.01 barrel it did really well. The hop up is incredibly touchy at about 85-90% it's either just a tad too much or a tad too little but it holds. I could hit a tree about 5 inches wide at ~150ft relatively consistent for a slightly windy day with .3 bb's.
So now I wait to get my SMP and I'll review it again when it's at peak preformance. All in all as it stands I'd rate it 8/10. It's an excellent base gun if you want something that weighs less then the high end m82's. Be ready to put money into it.
by Nicole F. on 11/28/2014
"first off id like to say I didn't have thus gun stock for very long. I eventually popped in a dsg gearset, shs piston, nukefet, speed trigger, and shs contacts. after I upgraded it, it shot only full auto at 57bps. but here is the review of the gun:


accurate af
high fps
beretta 50 cal
okay trigger response
pretty good motor

too big for my gun bag
crapped out after 2 games with a 7.4! that sucked
when I opened the gearbox up it had way to much wear and tear for a 7.4

so overall, I would give this gun a total of 7 beretta 50cal's out of 10. it was an okay gun, but it could definatley use some upgrading if you plan to have it for a while, or if you plan to use any battery beyond a 9.6
by Christian F. on 10/11/2017
"this is a waste of money and a piece of junk bipod snapped is inferior metal composition air nozzle damages easily when putting two pieces together doesnt shoot far at all