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KWC 27 Round CO2 Powered Extended Magazine for KWC 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols

22 Customer Reviews

by Dustin S. on 08/25/2019
"Works great on my M45A1! Holds 30 bb’s!
by donald c. on 03/26/2017
"This is a great mag and it feeds no problem 5out of 5
by Christopher L. on 11/13/2016
"Dont listen to the review below, This magazine works flawlessly, it pushes 4 full magazines, and works perfectly in cold weather. always remember to lube the certain spots on the mag and the gun, never blame the company for their quality if you yourself didn't care for it personally (as if it were a child)
by Weston R. on 05/15/2015
"these mags are awesome.

definitely buy these the are only 5 dollars more the the normal sized mags and hold about twice as many bb's

if your fast enough at screwing the co2 cartridge you will be able to reload this 3 Times before replacing the co2

love them gonna buy more
by Amy R. on 01/19/2015
"these mags are great!!!
they (i have 2) have been used over 10 times just in my backyard and friends houses, but i took them to a local out door place and they got tons of dirt in them, i just sprayed silicone oil on them and kept going, and they worked great!!

they feed great, and they fit in my 1911 tac better than the mag that came with it

all they guys at the airsoft park were very impressed they had never seen these mags before, even an employee wanted to buy them off me because he didn't want to wait for shipping.

overall i have had no problems with these mags, buy them quick before they go out of stock.
by Nicholas F. on 02/12/2020
"The magazine is exactly what model/type I ordered, however the picture shows what appears to me as a GREY colored magazine & I obtained a BLACK one. It appears to be functional as I have just tested & from a distance no-one would be able to tell the color difference anyway.
by Eric T. on 02/06/2020
"Very good magazine. I’ve had the extended and regular editions of this mag for two years now and the regular mags are still working flawlessly. About a year into these mags the extended mags started giving out and just had my last one completely give out. Never had issues with feeding or reloading either one. Bottom line is if you are wanting to primarily run pistols go ahead with the extended mag but if you are just running your pistol as a backup like I do then definitely go with the standard. The 16 bullets in the standard is definitely enough to get you by. Either way both are worth the money.
by donald c. on 09/21/2017
"i have 2 mags they works pretty good i get one full power mag out of them at about 80 degrees and the screw at the bottom is rounded so i have to put the mag in the gun screw it in then take it back out and will it with bbs
by Paul D. on 07/05/2017
"This mag is pretty good. The only problems I have with it are it sometimes doesn't feed correctly and the slide sometimes doesn't lock back when the mag is empty, making me waste co2. Overall I think that this mag is pretty good.
by Nicholas D. on 01/24/2017
"Just as described. The bb push rod is plastic so the gun will eat the slide catch just like it does for the original magazine. They should replace it with a metal one to prevent this.
by Elizabeth r. on 07/03/2016
"I recently purchased this magazine and just like the other reviewers, I recieved a mag with a slant cut in the part that holds the mag in place. I filed the top of the piece to get rid of the slant and to make it somewhat symmetrical. This was a fairly quick fix but it was still annoyed to see that elite force hasn't solved this problem yet because without modification this magazine is unusable. I can usually run around 60-70 bbs before the c02 cartridge needs to be replaced. Always be careful when loading the the c02 because you can strip the threads on the mag.
by Dan G. on 06/02/2016
"I bought two of these extended mags, no valve leakage whatsoever, but piece that is tightened with the allen key was wonky on BOTH mags they were cut at angle making it nearly impossible to consistently seat the CO2 cartridges. So, Dremel to the rescue flattened the tops of both allen studs and presto! No probs at all.
by Myles A. on 06/09/2019
"Bought two of these magazines hoping the quality would reflect the price. That is apparently not the case. The first magazine performs fine but the second had terrible CO2 leak when tested after opening the package. I tested with 4 different CO2 cartridges but still had the consistent leak. Based on reading other reviews as well, quality control is is an issue here. Gave 3/5 stars since one magazine worked at least.
by kaden d. on 09/28/2018
"It shot great for about a month or two of getting it but recently when the magazine is empty it does not want to lock in place due to an empty magazine, I tried cocking it with the normal magazine that comes with it and it works flawlessly. But then i go back to the extended magazine and it acts as if theres ammo in the chamber and does not work properly.
by Joe R. on 08/31/2017
"These are good i bought 2, 1 works perfectly fine and the othrr were the spring and gollower gi down with the bbs id smushed so it cannot work properly curently doing an rma