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Echo1 USA Full Metal Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

15 Customer Reviews

by Alex F. on 10/08/2021
"the first day i got it i was worried im a starter when it comes to sniper rifles ive never really played with one but i gotta tell you for 135 this gun is amazing and super accurate i was able to shot my fiance( when we were playing airsoft) from over 150 ft with no problem i highly recommend this gun to anyone getting into airsoft sniping
by Chris S. on 05/15/2020
"I just got mine yesterday.was surprised at how light it was but doesn't feel cheap. I really like it.
by Dave K. on 03/27/2019
"I bought this gun a few months ago and have only upgraded the inner barrel with a Prometheus 6.03 tightbore and a 70° Maple Leaf Bucking. I threw a simple 3-9×40 scope on it and with .40gram bbs I am getting pretty consistent hits on man-size targets from 250-275ft. It came shooting 515fps out of the box but the spring has settled around 480-490 Which is fine for now. I just wanted to give airsoft sniping a try and I don't think there is a better gun for that at this price point. The bolt pull is smooth and the stock isn't some cheap plastic that's going to crack if you drop it on the ground. I love the way this rifle feels. Feels like it should be a $200+ gun quality-wise. A lot of the other VSR10 clones around the same price require you to immediately spend another $150+in upgrades to get the same kind of performance you get with this rifle has stock. Even before spending $75 on a new inner barrel and bucking this rifle was pretty accurate up to 200ft with heavyweight ammo. It also comes with 2 magazines and a speedloader so maybe just buy 1 more spare mag and you should be all set there. If you are wanting to try sniping but you don't want to spend several hundreds of dollars on upgrades or on an SSG24 right away then this is the gun to get. I am thouroughly impressed with Echo 1 for this rifle and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a solid and very upgradable sniper right out of the box without breaking the bank.
by Henry E. on 02/15/2019
"This is an amazing gun but shooting .2g bbs is terrible the bb curves up and u can't hit a target at 30 yards or less, get 40s they work the best.
by Drew H. on 09/20/2018
"Amazing rifle for the price. With a decent scope you can target and easily hit a 1'x1' target from 275'+. Very powerful gun, knocks paint off stop signs from 250' and leaves nice welts on other players. 36-43g bbs recommended but still shoots 20s well. The gun is not overly heavy for the full metal barrel and internals. The bolt pull is a little on the stiff side but you get used to it very fast. At the end of the day it will do what you want and more.
by Christopher J. on 02/08/2018
"I got my Echo 1 PSR from a local airsoft field's store, but since I got a lot of Angel Custom parts for it, I thought I would write a review on Evike.

So far I have installed:

Angel Custom VSR-10 Reinforced Sears
Angel Custom Spring Guide
Angel Custom PTFE Cylinder
Angel Custom CNC 45 degree Piston
Angel Custom Cylinder Head
+ My DIY Mods

I am very pleased with Angel Custom's products. They are very durable. Just don't use a CNC piston with stock sears on the PSR. It will shred the sears into metal flakes. This gun is very Tech-Friendly. Over time the crimps on the stock cylinder loosen and you will need to replace the cylinder (because the bolt handle will come off with the back of the cylinder. As I said above, the Angel Custom PTFE Cylinder is a great replacement. The outer barrel did screw off with some trouble. It was very stiff the first 2 times. After that the outer barrel came off of the receiver body without a problem. The mags that came with my gun held more bbs than the other ones I bought, but they were harder to get in.. probably just mine though. 5/5 stars for Angel Custom upgraded model, 4.5/5 stars for not upgraded.
by Trever L. on 01/08/2018
"I have had many airsoft guns of good quality and low-quality. In my opinion this would be a medium high. It shoots fast and far. I suggest getting some high grade/ high polished 40 gram BB's for best results. I got 30 gram but I think 40 gram would perform way better.
by thaddeus c. on 05/29/2017
"I live near airsoft gi's eastern store in Henrico county (richmond va) but i thought i would take the time to write a review for those who dont have the advantage to go check one out, 5 stars everyday of the week for this gun, if you know what you're buying and thats why i'm here!

the vsr10 platform is exactly that. its the platform, its like buying a honda civic, it will run, but if you want power be prepared to dump some money into it, it should work fine out of the box, especially for backyard, target, and causal play, but if you're planning to go play on a big field and want an edge, upgrade it, but look at any good sniper, almost everyone has upgraded their loadout, its just how high end airsoft works. for under 200$ i would reccomend this rifle 10/10 times. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing if you like an aggressive look, but this thing, with a little bit of upgrades, is an amazing peice for the the money, and a great start into your sniping career!

Good starter
should work okay out of the box (Not the best, but again, $)
Easy to upgrade with plenty of parts on the market

if you don't like upgrading, well then prepare to buy a prebuilt one for some $$$
not sexy (personal opinion)
you haven't purchased it yet! HIT BUY ALREADY :)

i hope this helps anyone wondering for honest review.
by David Glenn W. on 06/21/2016
"I purchased this rifle a while ago, it double fed right out of the box. The problem was resolved, with a return... and now I have an accurate hard shooting sniper. Its bone stock with a swiss arms 4x40mm scope. With matrix sniper .40 bbs i can hit a 2ft circle repeatedly at 200 ft. I have shot approx 600 rounds with it and not a single problem with the rifle since the return. I love it. I must have gotten a lemon at first. All my friends like the feel, and heft, it feels solid. The trigger is fairly crisp. Could be better, but its decent. The rifle is balanced well. The hop up is great! Easy to adjust, as you slide it back for more hop u can feel the positive clicks so it will not move on its own. Way better than my other sniper i previously owned. I would rate it 6 stars if i could. It is worth the money in my opinion.
by Mike G. on 05/11/2016
"Just got this gun in the mail today, prior to this gun I was using a j&c l96 and I didnt really like it. Then when the package came in I took the gun out, put all the screws in it, and went to go zero in my scope. I was amazed about how good this gun was... I'm gonna buy upgrades for it but that won't be for a while cause the gun is amazing right out of the box! I would deffentally use .30 or higher so that way the wind won't effect the bbs. This gun gets a five star for me! Any gun I need I'm gonna get it from ECHO1!
by Justin H. on 03/05/2015
"Just received this rifle. Right of the box it just feels solid. As it is currently about -5 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now I have not been able to test the range or accuracy at range yet but at 50 or so feet inside its spot on with just aiming down the barrel.

The internals definitely look to be compatible with the VSR-10 parts as is stated the only thing I have not been able to determine is if the end cap of the barrel is removable to add a thread adapter. I have yet to take the orange tip off to check beneath it as it covers the edge of the barrel end a bit. So barrel extensions/mock suppressors might not be an option for this gun. I wont take of any stars for that though as its pretty much just an aesthetic.

I will be running this along side my WE MSK DMR build, for the fields where I can use a high power sniper vs the 400fps I have my WE rifle tuned into. I plan to put in the 170 spring to get that 550ish fps hopefully.

I would definitely recommend this rifle as it is for a nice price and it is a decent shooter out of the box. I have yet to be disappointed with an Echo1 weapon.
by Jose P. on 01/19/2017
"A good start gun for people looking into playing the sniper role in airsoft. One good thing that I took away from the gun was the incredible precision of shooting the gun. From stock this gun shoot amazing and has rail space to mount a large scope, but one thing that may turn down people about the gun is the weight of this gun. Let me tell you that I'm a big guy and it's pretty heavy for a sniper rifle but it's okay as long as you buy a sling for it your good.
by Christos G. on 07/21/2016
"A great gun out of the box, but after a while it started to slam fire, so I got it replaced. Now, after a few months of use, it is starting to slam fire sometimes, but i'm going to get and upgrade kit for it and fix the issue also.

Overall, great gun out of the box but be ready to repair or upgrade it later on.
by bleh b. on 04/30/2016
"good gun yet after 2000+ rounds it started slam firing. so after 2-3 months. weak shears so if u get this get a stronger shear.
by Esteban B. on 08/13/2016
"After 2 bad copies I will probably never buy an Echo1 gun ever again. My mags did not stay in the gun, the magazine catch did not fit whatsoever.