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G&G CM16 Mod-0 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

29 Customer Reviews

by Zachary K. on 03/26/2020
"This is a great gun, not just for beginner, but also for intermediate. Its a very good CQB. I've had this for several years now, got out of airsofting, but am now hardcore getting back into it, and it surprised me how well it still worked, as if it was new. Not embellishing or exaggerating, truly a reliable gun. Good price for the combo, Fps holds strong, the adjustable hop-up is nice. I would recommend this gun to anyone one, noob or boss.

Good FPs and ROF
looks and sound real
feels real in hand
not too heavy
comfortable and accurate

Cons: (For some people, I personnel don't care too much)
Mainly a CQB, not to be mistaken for marksmen
by Travis C. on 12/25/2019
"I just received my g&g cm16 mod0. I am very pleased with the construction and quality of it. It shoots very nice and is more accurate than I was anticipating. It does not have a front sling mount and the rear sling mount is right handed however, you can take the stock off and flip the sling mount around to accommodate lefty.
overall I am glad I made the purchase. Great price too.
by Brandon T. on 12/23/2018
"Im new to airsoft never owned a airsoft gun but im kinda set on the g&g c16 mod0. I done alot of reasearch on different types of guns. But what is a betrer gun the cm16 mod 0. Or the cm 18 mod 1. Any feed back would help me out alot. Thank you
by Sevan S. on 08/30/2018
"This. Gun. Is. AMAZING! Went through 3 AEGS over 10 years and this one is the one that holds up. Great for beginners, and anyone who likes running and gunning. Only bad thing is that the bottom part of the barrel (where you put the batery) is a little tricky to take out and in. Other than that, great gun!
by Noah K. on 01/17/2018
"This is my first airsoft gun and I absolutely love it. G&G makes amazing beginner guns, I am very
glad I chose this one. It is a highly ergonomic and modular M4 and it isn't very heavy. The polymer
build is very nice, It's very tough and will not break. The stock is comfortable and adds to the "Magpul" look of the gun. Something I had to check was the buffer tube size, It is mil spec by the way so if you want to get a Magpul or Krytac stock it will fit. It shoots pretty far, probably about 100 ft. with the hop up tuned and has a pretty high ROF. Overall a great gun, I highly recommend it for any beginner or intermediate player.
by James S. on 01/13/2018
"Our field (Airsoft Ministry in Roseville, CA) uses these as rental guns and they're amazing. As rentals, they get abused pretty hard and we've only had to do basic maintenance and upkeep and they've been in circulation for about 2 years. Super easy to work on, great gear, motors are easy to work on. Best starter gun for players and techs in training.
by Kristopher K. on 06/25/2017
"This is my First Gun and i had one issue with it at first but after firing it a few times it fixed its self but other than that it is a reliable gun and i love it and plan on using it for the years to come. (great starter gun)
by Carmen W. on 06/06/2017
"I have had this gun well over a year and a half and I love this thing. It shoots accurately and has a high rate of fire. But there have been a couple setbacks. The first is that the battery seemed to slow down after a while and the gun just seemed to be less responsive on semi-auto and full auto rate of fire decreased. But buying a new battery isn't that bad of an expense. The second problem was the included mag seemed to shoot less BB's with every wind-up. But it still works fine. Another thing is that weird this gun, along with it's CM16 Raider variant is that the charging handle breaks when you open it up for the first time. The spring on the charging handle gets over stretched and it is hard to fix. Overall this gun is super duper versatile in the field and its ever so easy to use and reliable. Customization capabilities on this gun are great. You can pretty much put anything on this that you want. This is a great intermediate gun and could be used for competitive play. I would recommend 10/10 for being such a great gun for only $180

Fast RoF
Clean Sights

Charging handle
Dust cover non-functionality
-As a side note my CM16 may have came with a factory defect but, the dust cover was never able to stay shut.
by Kolten B. on 03/09/2017
"I got this roughly 2 years ago as an upgrade from my starter gun and to this day I still use it. I take it to milsims with me wherever I go because it is such a reliable gun. After 2 years of wear and tear and basically no maintenance to the gun itself its still shooting as if it came right out of the box. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend for anyone's starting gun or just as a backup gun.
by Gerry H. on 08/19/2016
"got this about six months ago, overall I have been very impressed. Shoots around 380 with .2's but I would recommend .25's, because they are more consistent. like the magpul type accessories, makes it easier to deal with and makes the gun lighter. Rail segments are very easy to put on and the battery is fairly easy to access. Battery compartment in stock is good, just don't try to put a big battery in, its meant for a mini one. love this gun.

fairly high fps
VERY accurate with .25 bb's
lightweight easy to manuever
magpul like accessories and stock
good trigger response

battery is a bit of a challenge to deal with if changing on the fly
by Taylor Burnette B. on 06/05/2016
"This gun was great out of the box, comes with a smart charger a decent battery , and pretty good bb's that are safe to use, and also comes with an unjamming rod. Shoots like a beast out of the box. The feel of it is unique and just feels cool to hold. Overall 10/10 Great gun if you don't want to spend a lot of money!
by Gregg G. on 04/17/2016
"Ok so first of all i bought this gun last week and it came to my house yesterday. This gun is great. The Fps right out of the box is around 340-350. I would highly recommend it for beginners or intermediate players as I am. Overall it was a great buy they even sent me a free tenergy smart charger so I have 2.
by Gregg G. on 04/17/2016
"Ok so first of all i bought this gun last week and it came to my house yesterday. This gun is great. The Fps right out of the box is around 340-350. I would highly recommend it for beginners or intermediate players as I am. Overall it was a great buy they even sent me a free tenergy smart charger so I have 2.
by cohen H. on 01/13/2016
"Great gun! it comes with 3 tactical rails which aren't included in the parts list and the rails can be extremely difficult to put on in some cases.
by Jack G. on 12/24/2015
"First off, HOLY CRAP ITS AMAZING. If you want the magpul look but your on a budget, this is the gun for you. I recomend a 9.6v or higher.

Comes with 3 extra rails
Decently accurate
No wobble
Removeable front/rear sights
It's a head turner

Plastic/polymer body (but it keeps the weight down)
The motor
Small battery compartment (but i was able to fit a 9.6v flat battery)

I highly recommend this gun to beginners as well as beginning intermediate players