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15 Customer Reviews

by Andrew S. on 06/04/2021
"Does it’s job at a fair price, with the buy if you don’t have a smart charger
by Michael J Martinez P. on 03/10/2019
"Got this charger for my Lancer Tactical 9.6V and Tenergy 8.4V (both small tamiya) nun-chuck batteries and it works perfectly. It will stop when the battery is full and so far my batteries lasts longer than getting them charged with my normal wall charger (generic type). Recommend it to those who need a smart charger and can wait a little longer to get their batteries charged.
by Jeromy K. on 03/03/2019
"It's a smart charger, it works. If you want to save money, and don't mind waiting a little bit longer to charge your battery, (less than half an hour longer) this charger is for you.
by Michael T. on 08/19/2018
"Great charger at a cheap price. Charges fairly quickly. Red means charging. Green means charged.
by Jake M. on 09/08/2017
"Highly recommend this charger works great haven't had any problems, Highly recommend this than any others
by Matthew K. on 08/03/2017
"Super fast charger for a low price! Stops when you don't want the battery to explode
by Isaiah F. on 06/28/2017
"When it's flashing red it's not charging or incompatible or backwards, solid red is charging, green is finished/no connection.
by Austin W. on 11/30/2016
"Still use this charger to this day, easily one of the best on the market.
by craig s. on 07/09/2016
"This charger for the price is amazing!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone.
by Gary M. on 05/04/2016
"Super easy and cheap upgrade from a dumb charger. Don't need to guess when you battery is fully charged anymore. Light turns green when it is done charging, and much faster than a dumb charger
by Luke L. on 03/24/2016
"Although the 28$ Smart charger charges a bit faster, this charger considerably cuts the time need to charge a battery compared to a standard wall charger that comes with low-cost guns. This is a nice a durable charger and will charge an 9.6v 1600mah battery stick type in bout 3hrs.
by Ethan A. on 11/15/2015
"works just for what i need it for. it takes like 10 min longer to charge than my friends but its cheaper and im patient. not a big deal. im happy with it!!!
does not over heat. the charger itself gets a little warm but not hot.
by Kristin K. on 07/06/2015
"Great charger, did everything great for me.
by Ben K. on 01/08/2015
"This charger is very good to my knowledge so far. I have done about 2 full charges on a 9.6v 1600maH battery and it stopped the charge at its full peak and the light turned green when complete. Very satisfied with my purchase for the value.

Does everything it says it does.

Once it did in fact stop during the middle of a charge
by Wyatt C. on 11/09/2020
"Good option
This charger does it's job and it does stop charging after a certain point but I am not entirely sure if it is truly effective or not. After getting the green "done charging" light I can plug my battery straight back in and the light will be red. I don't know how exactly smart chargers work but it almost seems as if this one is on a set timer rather than detecting voltage. I will be looking to replace it soon but I cannot deny that it is a decent alternative to the basic wall charger.