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Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hopup Bucking for Airsoft AEGs (Model: Hard)

38 Customer Reviews

by Mitchell S. on 04/15/2020
"This thing works awesome with the maxx me pro. Best drop in flat hop there is and I know I’ll be coming back for some more when I get some more guns.
by Carlos Eduardo Treviño G. on 02/15/2020
"Modify Hop Flat or Soft
Is a Modify
Buy it the best of the best

by JL J. on 11/08/2019
"Very good, will make your gun shoot surprisingly far when installed properly. I always turn to this for a first upgrade. Also for website admin, the packaging is always horrible and I end up having to dig through the box it shipped in to find the nub bc it fell out of the original package. Yall just need to put a little tape on it or something before shipping so it doesnt fall out the box entirely
by Dmitri A. on 09/10/2019
"very consistant and stable hop for my DSG setup. easy to install and performs very well
by Johnson P. on 07/27/2018
by Connor L. on 05/11/2018
"In my previous review of this product I rated it very low due to a poor performance. I now know that was a human error on my part. I had not realized that my hopup wheel was too loose and would spin when the BB hit the nub. This would cause a few shots where the hop up was good, then the hop up would be turned off completely. Then I would turn the wheel the whole way up. This would cause the wheel to become immobile to the force of the BB, but it would cause a huge overhop. Using my trusty Scientific Method I deduced this issue and experimented with the use of washers to tighten up the wheel. To my amazement adding a single tiny washer solved all of my issues. My gun now can reach out and crush someone when they think they are out of range. When I corrected my error this upgrade became a huge improvement to my stock, misfeeding, erreratic Matrix SR-25. I highly recommend that you buy this upgrade and I hope that my mistakes can help you out.
by Lucas V. on 04/12/2018
"Fantastic results!

Gun: VFC Avalon Carbine
Ammo: EliteForce 0.32g
Spring: Stock, running around 420 fps on 0.20g
Barrel: Stock
Hop-Up Chamber: Stock

My Avalon came with a Maple Leaf bucking as a stock bucking and the results have been more than acceptable, however, it started showing signs of inconsistent hop as i moved for bb weight heavier than 0.3g. Trajectory became too parabolic, there was a noticeable lack of hop.
As i increased hop pressure the bbs lifted and started rising over, having a weird path and groups became too wide for my taste. The Maple Leaf works very well but there is a weight limit. 0.32g is well beyond it.

Then i tried this Flat hop bucking:
The install was not so simple. The Hop-up arm on the Avalon has a clamp design and the Baton Nub is too shallow to get secured by it. On tech pages some people milled their Nubs so it woud fit, some others said a Namazu firefly was a better option.
I didn't do any of these options. As i instaled the bucking in the barrel, some silicon lubricant is necessary because the bucking is 2mm longer than the normal so be careful to not stretch it otherwise it will interfere on the clamp (some people cut it, i was careful and cutting was unnecessary).

After the bucking was in place i simply droped the nub inside the chamber gap, just dropping it over the bucking, totally loose over it. Instaled the chamber arm right over it, the arm clamp design secures it in place...

And to my surprise it works wonders. No issues at all and the consistency improved alot. With my red dot i can hit coke cans easily 30m away now. The bb path became alot flatter and groups thighter. My next upgrade will be using this bucking and nub for an R-rop.
I will buy more of these to improve my friend's guns as they noticed my gun was incedibly superior to theirs in precision. I barely use full auto, it became alot less necessary. i can land hits on oponents 30m away without showering bbs over them now.
If you can tech properly and can handle yourself, get these.
by Yuan C. on 04/10/2018
"Best upgrade so far!
Paired it with a No-Sanding RHop with Prommy 6.03 TBB, and my Krytac shoots like a SSG24. Hitting ppl at 280Ft!
The whole setup is so easy, just drop in n play. Took only 20min. Totally made my day!
by Kris C. on 03/01/2018
"This is my go too bucking for all airsoft guns now. It is great, I even prefer it over the Prommy purples
by Matthew D. on 01/09/2018
"I have just started r-hopping my guns and the hard bucking works flawlessly. Will be using these on all of my r-hopped guns!
by Edward M. on 11/23/2017
"I bought the soft model to go into my Echo 1 MP5-J. The fit was pretty snug so definitely take your time putting it into the hop up. The nub is pretty good.

My gun stock runs about 120-150 feet effective range. With this bucking and nub I can go a little more 250 feet total range with .25g EF bio-BBs. I think if I were to hop a .28g or heavier and put a little more spin on it I can reach out further. However my goal was to go beyond 200 feet as a gun that can operate in indoor/CQB and outdoor fields. My FPS was more consistent as it went down from a 5 +/- FPS swing to
by Andrew P. on 07/21/2017
"This is a great product! I run it in a madbull hopup unit and it works perfectly! I run a polarstar fusion engine and had no problems with it making a good air seal. I have also used .32 gram bbs with this bucking and got superb performance! i wash shooting well over 150ft accuratly at 1.5 joules
by nick J. on 02/08/2017
"Super simple to install and creates an amazing air seal, combined with the included flat nub my ranges were nearly doubled, will definitely be buying more and would definitely recommend this to anyone
by John C. on 08/13/2016
"Haven't run it long, so I cannot comment on durability, but I am in love with this bucking. It is simply a bucking without the nub on the inside. I would recommend this over modifying a normal bucking as you do not risk weakening it and do not need to use an eraser for the flat nub. It also allows you to retain the alignment rib on the inside. Works great and along with a cnc hop up unit increased my accuracy by a long shot. My groupings were cut in half at 50 feet, and I tested it on a windy day.
by Jordan M. on 04/04/2016
"it has been an excellent bucking so far. I have used it with the nub it came with and my madbull 6.01 ak74 barrel and I have had excellent results with my cqb gun. I definitely noticed a huge accuracy increase. The feedlips on the bucking are a little long just sand it off with a dremel or something if you get issues feeding during the trouble shoot of hop-up.

The bucking does feel a little soft so be careful if youre shooting of 390 fps you are probably going to tare the bucking or if you have a high rps since the feedlips are long.

Over all for my purposes this is an excellent bucking