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Angel Ultimate DYNA Piston Head for Tokyo Marui / WE-Tech Airsoft GBB Pistols

21 Customer Reviews

by phillip t. on 10/25/2018
"Works with KJW 1911 from 7 years ago.

It improved the efficiency of the gun, now I can discharge a full mag and some. Before it would run out at around 16-20 shots.

It does require a bit of break-in and lubing but once it break-in, smooth cycling.
by Makis C. on 12/19/2015
"Will fit the WE F226, but you need to get a bigger o-ring or you'll get 5 rounds per fill. The aluminum is well machined and screws in very tight. I wish evike would include bigger o-rings. For the F226 get a variety pack of o-rings and see what fits best. I'm using a 3/8in outside diameter and 3/32 in thick o-ring.
by Dexter A. on 09/03/2015
"In short, this piston increased my fps in my KJW Kp-06 by 10 fps. Right now I am HPA'ing my magazines and I get a consistent 370 fps. It just works! One problem I had was where does the spring go? And after some research it goes in the nozzle. Satisfied with this purchase and worth the buy!
by Jose V S. on 08/13/2015
"Great product. The piston head is very well built. In my opinion a necessary upgrade for any we tech gbb. If you have a we tech that has a loading nozzle that gets stuck and makes the slide lock. This will most likely fix that problem. Its also very simple to install.

-Great Build Quality
-A little increase in fps
-A little increase in gas efficiency

by Angela L. on 05/07/2015
"To start off, I'm an experienced tech and have been using the nineball ported pistons for a few yrs now in my builds. This one I like in particular bc angel customs did a nice job at cloning the nineball in a more wallet friendly manner. They both do the same function by creating a tighter, more consistent seal with most all nozzles (may have to size o-rings to your nozzle to cycle best). Will have an fps, gas efficiency, and kick increase but it all depends how tuned your gun is. All in all great product and value for the price. Nice upgrade for better gas consumption!
by Jonathan B. on 04/04/2015
"I recently purchased this in my WE Tech G18c. Works great and had no problems with installation. Made my slide cycle a bit faster and was more crisp so off the bat I was impressed. Also installed a previous on a WE Tech G17 and that worked flawlessly. If you want a bit of a harder kick and a crisp slide cycle I would recommend this to any Glock user
by Ruben C. on 10/30/2014
"This piece is not for any WE-Tech M9. I bought it for the Biohazard M9, but then realized it does not fit (because I did not read the description). It did, however, fit on my friend's WE-Tech Desert Warrior 4.3 1911.

Makes it shoot harder
More efficient in gas use

Unless you know your gun in and out, don't try installing this.

All in all, it is a great piece to make a better seal on WE-Tech guns. Make sure to put some silicon oil after it is installed on the o-ring!
by Mitchell R. on 08/16/2014
"Bolt in fit into a JKW 1911, the basic one. This thing increased bass efficiency by a lot. Before as I shot and the internals got cold it would get more wasteful, this lets it get cold without loosing nearly as much efficiency. I do have a chrono and the gun went from about .8 Joules on the stock magazine to about .87 Joules plus a lot more shots per fill. This is a must have for this GBB. I would say the Tokyo Mauri Magazine for the 1911 is also a really good efficiency upgrade. I get about 1 Joule even using that magazine, and a bit more than that with heavier bbs.
by Edward A. on 05/07/2014
"Purchased this for a WE-Tech F226 and it does NOT fit:

- The piston head is smaller than the stock one and therefore cannot provide a decent air seal. The gun will fire but won't cycle the slide properly if at all.

Despite the poor fit, the build is quite nice and would be a welcomed upgrade from the plastic stock head.

- Sate
by Daniel R. on 02/20/2014
"This is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship!! I own a WE 1911 and was looking for something to up is FPS a bit; so I went poking around the web and I found this little number. At first I was a bit skeptical because it had a $40 price tag. Taking a risk I bought it and haven't ever regretted doing so!
After making the installation to my 1911, noticed an immediate change in the kickback! When I finally took it to my local Airsoft shop, I put it to the crono. With a fresh can of new green gas it kicked off a .23g bb at 400 FPS! A WE stock Flow Valve would fire consistent at 330 FPS so this is a great improvement! There is no cons to this, I can't complain!! Even the color of the damn this is a sublime deep blood red that just looks smooth and awesome!! Only seem to carry this part so why look anywhere else?!


Pros: Advantages can be found in a higher FPS, for me, it upped it by 70FPS!!!

Badass color!!

Pair it with for best result.
by Francisco S. on 11/22/2013
"Work as expected. Note it does not work for old type Marui G18C and M9 old system.
by Benjamin P. on 04/15/2015
"I purchased this part for my KJW 1911 hoping to improve its gas efficiency. Unfortunately it did not, however, it is a nice part and I felt a noticeable increase in the kick of the weapon.
by Sean M. on 10/15/2014
"This Piston head fit well in my We Hi Capa 3.8, but did not fit so well with my WE 18C Glock, so I ended up using the original instead. Power was increased with the Hi Capa. How much? I'm not quite sure
by Marcel M. on 09/02/2017
"Does not fit TM g17 sized pistons. Too wide. Best suited for wide nozzles like WE.
by curtis p. on 07/27/2017
"Did not fit properly in stock T-REX nozzle. I recommend purchasing nozzle to match. I haven't done this yet. Still using stock seal.