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A&K Full Metal SR-25 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Model: Full Stock)

73 Customer Reviews

by Keaton a. on 03/01/2022
"this is a great gun I really enjoy shooting it with .30s bbs
by Caleb B. on 07/30/2021
"Shoots very well and far with .30g. I bought the semi-auto service so my gun only shoots semi-auto to meet my field's DMR rules. It performs exactly how I want.
by Brian P. on 12/01/2020
"So I got this a little under a year ago and let me tell you that this thing is pretty good. You get a well equipped DMR for a price that wont murder your bank account. This rifle is very sturdy and well built/ Full metal, and is heavy (definitely for people with muscles) which for me is a very good thing, although after a while under the sun it can really get to you. This gun out of the box was shooting around 310 with .25s, I have no clue what A&K thinks half of the time but this rifle does NOT shoot 400fps out of the box (Maybe i got a fluke). Anyways none of this matters because soon this rifle will only be a shell for an HPA engine. Right now i have it upgraded with a Blue Bucking (MadBull), 650 inner barrel 6.01 (Madbull), and I managed to cram a krytac hop up unit in there since the stock one is kind of shotty and really was not making me happy, This increased its accuracy ten fold (I'd have to check the FPS now with a chrono). GET THIS RIFLE, if you want to run it stock, you'll be fine but dont expect to Novritsch people from like 500 feet away , but it will definitely get the job done right. In the case that you want to make this a viable super sniper, you have the options to fit many upgrades on it, you can definitely do it no problem!

-Good build quality
-Decent range and accuracy
-Heavy (Might be a con for you)
-Runs an 11.1v just fine in my opinion (DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT TO)
-Full metal
-V2.5 Gear Box can give you a nice advantage over the normal V2 m4 style.
-I love the trigger, It has a very defined wall, and audible "Hammer" reset.

-If you want to HPA this, it can be a pain since this is a v2.5 GB
-FPS was a downer for me out of the box (i was expecting 400s)
-The fact that you dont have one right now :)
by PJ L. on 11/19/2019
"just got mine today!! i just got the gun to scope of anything, come with a metal silencer which is nice. besides that metal orange tip but i can handle that. i love the gun, havent had a chance to shoot it yet. for you close quarter combat people, this is not for you!! this is pretty heavy and should only be used for a DMR, what its meant to be. cant wait to start playing with it in a couple of weeks!!!
by tom b. on 11/06/2019
"Got mine about a year ago. Its been flawless ever since. i run a 3s lipo and have put about 10,000 rounds through t. only 2 upgrades i did were a slightly longer barrel (390mm from 360mm) and I swapped the spring out to a m150. its primarily my DMR and the gun I plink with most of the time. it hits hard stock but now I can hit people at 200' away and they have no clue.

love this gun as a DMR!!!
by tom b. on 10/08/2019
"I love this gun its was accurate out of the box and instantly became my DMR. Had it over a year and I'm thinking of upgrading it now. Its effective range is about 150' but I now want to increase that. It one does not have a mosfet but I have been running a 11.1v lipo- just dont hold full auto all day. it has a great rate / min with the 11.1. Its a little on the heavy side for running but if your walking slow or just parking in a spoke this gun will not disappoint!!
by tom b. on 09/11/2019
"i love this rifle. it was accurate out of the box and a good mid to long range gun for me. im shooting .25 g with a 2s lipo . had it with this set up for about 1 year now and it still working great.
by dilon e. on 12/20/2018
"just got this today its very nice nothing is loose and suppresser. Does come with it so dont panic becuase the description doesent show it its weighs a good 7-8 lbs its very front heavy every thing is metal exept for the stock it shoots a good 400fps for mine for what it is its real cheap if you want to build a dmr get this one it also is compatable with g&p mid caps they fit real well its real long so this is a gun you defenently dont want to run around ahd clear buildings with its very account. at at least 100yrds stock
by Nicholas C. on 08/16/2018
"Great build quality and feel. I modded mine internally and externally and disassembly and reassembly were simple and easy. The gearbox quality for a gun in this price range was exceptional. If you are looking for a good project gun or a budget friendly DMR this is it.
by Steve I. on 06/29/2018
"Alot of people online hated this gun online but my god are they wrong. I love this DMR out of the box it is amazing it has replaced my old primary because of all these reasons. It comes with an m120 spring and chronos .30 grams around 345fps. It also has an accurate range of 250-300feet i have nailed people from over 200 feet away the grouping at this range is about half of a torso. The gun is almost all metal making it solid feeling indestrucatble i have dropped it down a hill and it was fine. It weighs 12 pounds making it alot heavier then most aegs but I can carry it. Has many picatinny rails for all sorts of stuff and has great iron sights. I recommend this gun to anyone who wants a good dmr outta the box.
by Matt N. on 07/07/2017
"Thank you evike I got my gun scoped it put a laser sight on it and a light I was able to shoot it a little late last night but I sill do another review when I can tell acutely how well it is later
by James v. on 12/24/2016
"I just got the sr-25 today and out of the box I was very impressed by the externals, the only problem was the bolt release(which doesn't work but oh well) the problem was it was a bit loose and it kind of made noise when running with the gun. I shot the gun a couple times and it was very loud and POWERFUL I was impressed by the fire power. I am not messing with the internals with the gun because I think it is good the way it is also this is my first air soft gun and I am loving this gun so far. I recommend this gun for people who want to be a sniper on the field also people who want to be cover fire. This gun is a good price at 220$ (with the discount). Thats all I really have to say, BUT BUY THE GUN.
by Christopher D. on 12/19/2016
"Perfect DMR set up Just add a tight-bore barrel and a new bucking


bucking is trash get a new one

by Christopher D. on 12/17/2016
"I got this gun as a first gun.It is awesome I got it with two rail covers a magizine a vertical grip and the gun. It is really good out of the box. So I decided to take it to bing fieldin edwardsville il with my friends. I noticed that it was not the most accurate and ranged gun there was compared to some other guns at the field. So I decided that I want a more dmr type gun. I then upgraded it with a mad bull shark bucking(which goes by the hop up) then a angel custom 6.01 tightbore barrel and lastly a angel custom h hop. I got my gun back and was amazed instead of 75. Ft I was getting a 7 inch spread from 150 ft overall this is a great gun
Ps it shoots about 412

Pretty accurate
Very durable
Decent range
Shoots 412 fps

Polymer stock(durable)
Any other depends on what you were expecting

by Janice D. on 11/30/2016
"This gun is an amazing gun. I bought an extra silencer for it and like the previous reviewer said it came with one surprisingly. Its an extremely accurate gun with crazy range. I was shooting people across my local field and there was nothing they could do to compete with my range. I put a and An NCstar 1 to 4 quick detach vism octogon scope on it and a vertical grip that has an ejecting bipod. 10 out of 10 times would buy this again.

Astonishing accuracy
Unmatched range (except for maybe a bolt action)
Full metal
The stock is very strong
Giant battery compartment
Very solid build
Good trigger response (using 11.1 v 1600 mah nimh battery)
HEAVY (pro or con)

Battery rattles in the stock a little. I fixed that by just shoving a lump of bubble wrap in the stock.
HEAVY. This gun is not for the noodle armed players. After a whole day of running around with this thing u will be sore