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FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG (Color: Black / Gun Only)

133 Customer Reviews

by Jerry G. on 03/13/2020
"I came in thinking that I would need to upgrade the hopup and barrel and stuff. To my surprise, it's super accurate and I think perfect without any upgrades. The p90 mag however needs a little slap when changing or else it might not feed but not a big deal.
by Karen K. on 03/07/2020
"Great FPS, great gun, great price, ease of use, and good starting equipment. This is the absolute best bang for your buck you can get in airsoft.
by Julian B. on 02/20/2020
"This was my first non-LPAEG in my arsenal. It shoots fast, looks great with the laser sight, 1x red dot, and flashlight attached. It is an absolute BEAST in CQB. Range is great if you extend the inner barrel for outdoor play, along with a MOSFET/lipo combo.

- VERY compact, and easily upgradeable thanks to the easy-access to the gearbox, and upper receiver.
- Decent ROF with 9.6v, great ROF with lipo/MOSFET.
- Solid range and accuracy for such a sort barrel.
- Polymer/metal construction (doesn't feel cheap at all.)
- Fully ambidextrous.
- Outperforms every other CQB weapon due to it's profile; the barrel literally ends at your fingertips.
- Pretty cool to look at.

- Heavy Trigger pull.
- Heavy selector.
- Small battery compartment.
- Not may upgrade options exclusive to the P90.
- Version 6 Gearbox (only a con because it's different compared to a v2/3.)
- No MOSFET/ECU (understandable at this price range.)
- Without a MOSFET, you can lock up your GB easily if your not careful with trigger pulls (spamming semi-auto for example.)
- Kinda weird sounding when it fires compared to my Scorpion EVO (makes a thoosh-pop sound instead of just a pop.)
by Teymur K. on 02/17/2020
"Great compact gun.

+ Shoots 420+FPS(130m/s) out of the box.
+ With 0.25 bbs shooting distance same as AK or M4.
+ Price (best bang for your buck IMHO)
+ Weight and balance - very nimble compact weapon

- Trigger is very heavy if you are used to fast single shots.
- Fire selector switch is heavy as well, but may be it will brake in.

I will change hop up bucking and nozzle for one with o-ring inside, and that is it, no other upgrades needed for this little devil
by Dillon S. on 12/14/2019
"Have been using this gun for about two years now and it's a champ! Just recently upgraded the barrel and hopup chamber. Madbull black python 2 6.03mm and prowin p90 hop up chamber. Both upgrades tremendously improved the p90s accuracy and range. The stock gearbox is fantastic with a 9.6v. DO NOT BUY THE (LIPO READY) VERSION IT IS LITERALLY THE SAME AS THE (NON LIPO READY) save your money and just get a 9.6 brick and you'll be shooting all day.
THE INNER BARREL IS NOT 290MM LIKE IT STATES ABOVE IN THE SPECS. P90's have a 247 to 250 ish mm inner barrel. 290-300 is m4 length. ALSO, the cnc aluminum trigger for the p90 from angel Custom looks super sexy. P90 gang for life
by Jeffrey F. on 12/09/2019
"I am on the staff of a major airsoft player's organization in the northeastern U.S. that specializes in MILSIM operations that sometimes includes over 600 players playing at a time. I have been with the organization for over a decade. I have seen, tried and played with a variety of airsoft guns. Spring operated, AEG. gas etc. I have used M16/M4 style guns, AK47, SCAR, UZI, and many other styles. In addition to being involved with airsoft, I spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army infantry, and since my retirement from there, have been in law enforcement for over a decade. So I have fired and used too many real firearms to even count. At the last major northeastern MILSIM operation put on by the organization I work for, my M4 stopped functioning well. There were vendors on site and I went to look at getting a new gun. I love the actual real FN P90 and decided to give the airsoft version a try and purchased this model at the venue from one of the vendors. I can't say enough good things about this AEG. It is by far the best AEG I have ever used. It functions incredibly well, is comfortable and extremely accurate right out of the box. It is designed well and can stand up to the punishment of a 22 hour long non stop airsoft game. If you are looking for a well priced AEG to compete and play at high airsoft levels this model will not let you down. Much love to Cybergun and SoftAir for putting this model out there for serious airsoft players.
by Vasil S. on 11/05/2019
"Highly recommend.

From the pros:
 1.400 FPS with a short barrel 29 cm.
 2. Price.
 3. Short, maneuverable, takes up little space.
 4. The minimum weight.
 5. Quick disassembly.
 6. Simple design, high-quality components.
 7. Charger and 9.6V 1100 mA/h.
 8. Nunchak 9.6v 1600 mA/h can be inserted.
 9. It is convenient to carry the handle upside down like a bag.
 10. Transparent magazine.
 11. 300 bb magazine available.
 12. In auto mode shoots single, If you pull the trigger further, it goes to the auto.
 13. The bearing is under the spring.
14. The gearbox is protected from dust by the shell.

 1. The sharp edges of the switch.  Poor visibility of signs on the switch.  Hard switch operation.
 2. Charger without auto shut off.
 3. Loud for the ear nearest to the butt.

 1. The sharp edges of the hopup window on the inner barrel are rounded.
 2. The sharp internal edges of the cylinder port are rounded and polished.
 3. A new extended ring #14 on the piston.
 4. Installed nozzle from m4 with o-ring.  Size ~ fits.
 5. Added grease on the gears, on the piston, on the nozzle, on the control nozzle and others (not on elecric parts).
 6. Removed the ringing shutter imitation.
 7. Sandpaper rounded the sharp edges of the plastic, where the cheek is pressed.
 8. The silver marker tinted side of the switch in fire mode.
by micah c. on 10/15/2019
"Evike P90

FN Herstal Licensed P90 Full Size Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG (Color: Dark Earth) $119.99

Pros: Gearbox is very accessible. Weapon body is compact, ergonomic, and ambidextrous. Comes stock with top and side rails for accessories. Metal bushings stock; metal spring guide with bearings stock. Barrel is spring loaded against the hop up chamber. Long style motor is mounted in an integral cage. Relatively strong spring for a stock gun. Weapon is light weight and well balanced.

Cons: Stock trigger has a very long pull due to bullpup design. Magazines are much rarer than M4/AK47 style magazines and generally hold less; battery space is limited, Hop up chamber seems cheap; piston seems cheap. Button used to spring load the barrel has springs that are not captive and fall out easily at inopportune times.

Other: Bullpup design comes with advantages and disadvantages over non-bullpup designs; while magazines are challenging there is an aftermarket kit to convert it to take M4 mags, but it limits the ambidextrous nature of the weapon. Weapon is very easily taken down; upper separates with a button push and the gear box is removed with only 2 screws. Barrel is short but the weapon is very compact for PDW/CQB style. Weapon includes an ambidextrous charging handle that doesn’t actually do anything but is easily removable.

Inside the Gearbox: Version 6 gearbox is said to be resilient. Gearbox is easy to remove and install. Modifications to parts in the gearbox are therefore relatively easy to do quickly. The gearbox was filled with grease out of the box and I replaced it with a more appropriate amount of grease. Each of the three main gears had a single shim on both sides; I removed them all and was able to get a better shim using just these 6 shims. It wasn’t bad out of the box but it was improvable using the stock shims.
The spring guide is metal and has a roller bearing in it; I see no reason to replace it with an aftermarket part unless the stock one breaks. The spring seems to be pretty strong; I’m not sure what rating it would be but the website says it shoots 400 fps with .20 bbs out of the box; I will count the teeth on the gears next time I take it apart but I’d guess the motor has decently high torque for a stock gun to be able to pull this spring. I don’t have access to a chrono yet so I can’t run my own numbers for FPS and rounds per second.
The anti-reversal latch looks very well machined; it looks like the aftermarket ones on Evike do; I don’t think there is any reason to replace this with an aftermarket part unless the stock one breaks.

The motor has no branding or any writing on it. The gears seem to mesh well with each other and smoothly rotate. The gear bushings are metal. My calipers need a new battery and thus I can’t measure them accurately. Two of them would not stay in place easily so I added a dot of superglue to help keep them where they are supposed to be.
The tappet plate is unremarkable.
The cylinder is ported in such a way as to be helpful for the short barrel of the gun; it’s important to install it the correct way for proper air movement; if you put it in backwards you lose all your FPS. The piston, piston head, and cylinder head are all functional but not particularly great quality. These would likely benefit from a replacement.
Outside the gearbox: The gun is very comfortable to hold; it doesn’t weigh very much and the weight it does have is very well balanced due to the gearbox being in the back of the gun. The battery compartment is small but I was able to fit a tennergy 11.1 lipo in it with out any issues; the fuse holder is very large and obnoxious. Getting all the wiring inside the gun is annoying and I will likely shorten a lot of it when I get to rewiring the gun. The gun sounds pretty loud when firing as the gearbox is about 3 inches away from your face when you use a proper cheek weld.
The barrel is held against the hop up chamber with a spring. It is held tightly and there is no wiggle in it. I was able to easily remove the charging handle and it’s associated springs. I did this as there is no function to the charging handle and the springs make noise; this also reduced weight a small amount. I was able to put a shim inside the trigger to eliminate a lot of the take up in the long trigger pull; this was easily done with pieces of an eraser and super glue I had on hand at home; this modification was free and makes the trigger pull feel much more similar to other non-bullpup guns.
The button that holds the upper receiver to the lower receiver has two springs in it. These springs are not captive and will fly out very easily. This is my least favorite part of this weapon. I think it will be relatively easy to fix but it’s very annoying at the moment. I was able to remove the side picatinny rails easily for now as I am not currently using them and this reduced weight a minor amount.

I will likely install a longer barrel with a full cylinder in the future; a 450mm barrel should be able to be accommodated with a 7” barrel extension/mock suppressor. I will also likely get the m4 magazine conversion due to better magazine availability. Even with a longer barrel the bullpup design ensures the weapon will be very compact. The P90 was designed for CQB but the spring it comes with puts it at too high an FPS for CQB at most places. Personally, I will likely get a lighter spring to use for CQB and keep the current heavier spring for playing outdoors.

Conclusion: It’s a decent enough platform for $120. Good gearbox that is easily accessible; ergonomic design, light weight, strong spring, some minor issues that I don’t particularly like but overall a decent buy.
by alex b. on 09/13/2019
"Man, as a tech buying a cheap gun to build off of and expecting to swap everything, this gun impressed me at just about every turn.

First off, it's one of the simplest guns to work on. Wiring is all outside the gearbox with plenty of room to spare in the body believe it or not. The massive stock fuse could be swapped for an auto fuse instead to save space. I installed a 3034 mosfet and it's able to sit between the body and gearbox easily. Only con about the space is that you can only fit batteries the size of a 9.6nimh, and that BARELY fits.

The motor is a tank, i believe it's at least 28tpa if not 32. Very good torque but slow rpm, you could probably get away with a 22tpa motor and get a bit more rps on it stock. Gears seem decent but not anything special, was able to fit a set of zci 16:1s inside with a small amount of Dremel work. Unlike other p90s, this has v2 gears inside it with the oval spur bushings already flipped around which was wierd.. Didn't sound very good out of the box which I figured out was due to bad qc on the bushing slots causing axel wobble. Trying a new gb shell and bushings to see if it can be fixed. These things happen with China qc, but don't let it change your mind about this gun. It's got a steel bearing spring guide and what seemed to be an shs m100 or so spring surprisingly. Standard cyma piston and such, compression is pretty good stock. Even came with a maple leaf style bucking installed but it created too much hop even on the lowest setting so I swapped that.

Let me just say, the barrel had the most beautiful crowning of any factory brass barrel I've seen. It seems to be a tight bore, compared to my 6.03 madbull it honestly looks tighter but I don't have calipers so no way of telling. Flat hop concave nub and this thing will not miss between 50-75ft, once you stabilize the inner barrel. It's got a good 3mm of play and it shows, with every few shots you get flyers. Easily fixed with tape and if you've got extra barrel bushings those fit perfect in the upper and hold the barrel nicely in place.

After having spent the same amount on a jg g3 afew years ago and wasting a week tightening up the receiver and making it not wobble, in comparison the cyma p90 is a better starter gun for anybody, tech or newbie. Honestly should be everyone's first gun. I regret working on v2s for so long now lol. This thing is so solid and well balanced Im glad cyma finally put these on the market. Grab one before they disappear, seriously!
by Trevor H. on 04/13/2019
"this gun is amazing, it shoots accurately and has good range. I ended up buying the terminator kit after about 3 months so i could run M4 mags and have more ammunition. as well as a longer barrel. however it's not necessary since you can buy high cap P90 mags instead and the gun stock is perfect for anyone looking to buy an AEG on a budget
by Logan K. on 04/07/2019
"Received in the April Fools MB. Super happy with it, really good cqb gun.
by Mateo R. on 03/16/2019
"Very accurate and fast ROF battery lasted for 2 days of games
by Kevin A. on 02/27/2019
"this gun is good !!!!
by Alfred S. on 02/01/2019
"Best gun ever! GGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ross B. on 01/29/2019
Great rate of fire: Burned through a high cap and three mid caps in about three minutes
Good FPS: Around 350
Comfortable Gun
The sight is very accurate: I've hit targets from abot 200 Ft. dead on
Long battery life

It's a good gun and worth the money.
Since it's the value package you get a pair of eye protection glasses and some targets (normal, deer, and ninja targets), whick is a good bonus.