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King Arms Full Metal SVD Dragonov Airsoft AEG Electric Sniper Rifle w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox

10 Customer Reviews

by Jerome B. on 06/02/2017
"Btw the gun is great and it is full auto and semi. You should probally use .23g or .25g BBs. The switch for full auto and semi is in between the trigger and the mag release area. Even though I only used it once it impressed me right out of the box other than only having .20g BBs but if you have .23g or .25g use them. I also recommend having a spare mag with you as well as a sling because the gun can get to be heavy after a long day of airsoft. Make sure you can access your pistol quickly
by Judy A. on 05/30/2017
"For those of you saying the gun is or isn't full auto it is both. Think of the gun as having safety and non-saftey/ fire. You will find a small lever rounded next to the trigger. This enabled full and semi auto.
by Marcos S. on 05/27/2017
"Great gun out if the box, works like it should. I had a laugh when I realized it was only full auto but that doesn't matter, the gun is solid and can take a good beating.
by micah b. on 05/07/2017
"I took it out and it performed amazingly, also it is not full auto, but nevertheless it is an extraordinary sniper.
by Sade S. on 04/15/2017
"Just bought it and im supper exited, my friend has it and it is like fiering a lazer of BB' is acurate till 200 ft
Cant wait!!!
by Maria G. on 03/28/2017
"I had my King ARms SVD AEG for over a year now. It is just as accurate as any sniper but being in an AEG platform it is a total plus!

Slim and compact
AEG vs Gas
Hicap magazine!

by Andy T. on 01/09/2017
"Super high quality item like all other King Arms products I have. Clean, accurate and performs well.
by Colby S. on 04/18/2017
by Lance S. on 05/21/2017
"I just got my SVD out of the box of awesomeness has the range of a sniper stock and is a decent gun but to put a scope on you have to put a lot of time and work into it if you don't want to spend the extra 150$
by John E. on 04/20/2017
"Pretty good gun for the price, but mine did not last long. During a mid-game mag change, the hook shaped tongue which keeps the hop-up assembly centered and in place in a groove, broke. This is the only piece (that I've seen) on this gun that is proprietary, and a replacement is not sold anywhere, aside from a boneyard gun of the same model. Despite this I loved the feel and how well this gun operated. Currently I am sending this gun to a local shop to see if any other hopup unit can be custom fitted-- so a word of warning.

-Very solid gun, I have dropped this gun many times, no external damage caused
-Pretty Accurate
-Definitely worth the price, depending on how long your hop-up unit will last

Proprietary hop-up (If it breaks, your out of luck, unless KA comes out with replacement parts)
Side attachment will only work with SVD rail attachments
-Fire Selector is fairly loose, will go from safe to semi/auto with moderate movement, and tightening it with an allen key will not work

This was one of my favorite guns, and I am hoping to have it repaired, and would recommend it if you want to take on the mindset of being extremely careful with mag changes since the hop-up is prone to breaking.