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6mmProShop FAL Carbine Airsoft Electric Blowback AEG (Version: Type C)

42 Customer Reviews

by Alvin S. on 08/22/2019
"This is an awesome gun. If you are a fan of FAL, don't get an M4, get a FAL!

Feels great in hands

Very accurate

Good ROF

Takes 9.6V or lipo battery

I would recommend this to a friend
by Hunter C. on 08/22/2019
"This gun is great! Good FPS solid build

Good FPS
All metal except the pistol grip and stock, (I got the one with key mod)
Has a great battery life with the matrix 8.4

A tad heavy (not a con for me but might be for some)
Very loud, the ebb is LOUD

Overall 9/10
by J. on 10/26/2018
"This gun is solid and sturdy PERIOD! Full metal and the only polymer components of the gun are the pistol grip and the buttstock. People are having a hard time fitting their batteries (the best solution is to unscrew the two screws that are the closest to the hole where the battery goes in). Once you do that you can pretty much fit any batteries in the back. If youíre new to airsoft and is willing to buy this gun, make sure you buy a high quality battery and charger for this weapon! (doesnít come with battery or charger) The best gun for first time buyers and for doing future upgrades on. BUT for me I had 2 PROBLEMS

1.) I wasnít sure why but when I used the recommended batteries (tried multiple types) for the gun and it would not fire but itíll make noises in the pistol grip area. Asked Evike and they said to just us just the motor but it didnít do anything. By solving the solution I used a Lipo battery and everything was fine.

2.) When I fire my gun it sometimes wonít feed and Iíd be shooting air. Iím still not sure why itís doing it, but after putting in the magazine I would give it a couple of taps/hits to make sure the magazine is all the way in.

Besides those caveats this I recommend buying this gun!
by Ranan B. on 08/19/2018
"i love it very diverse you wont see any of these on the field. the blowback looks extremely cool and be prepared to impress many players on the field. the fps is good and there is nothing to not like about it. the key mod looks like it is from a much more expensive brand and is better than krytacs.i love this gun but i would suggest getting a three times scope or up the iron sights are great but im not really an iron sights guy.i can t wait to add some accessories onto it.this is a good gun for any new beginner but make sure to get a 8.4 matrix sall type battery or other 8.4 smalls because a small 9.6 will not fit
by James B. on 07/23/2018
"I bought this as my first AEG. Out of the box it had feeding issues using the included mag, so I contacted Evike and they shipped me a new one for free. After recieving the new mag heres what I think of the gun

- Very accurate if you get the hop up perfect
- Good FPS
- I got the Matrix Red Dot Sight for the FAL and it works perfectly. Didnt have to adjust anything, its a good fit for this gun.

- The instructions are terrible; and as my first non spring airsoft gun it took a little to set up, especially with the feeding problem.
- I dont know if im doing something wrong, but its very hard to push the battery wires into the stock so you can fit the back on, usually it barely gets in and I have to work my way around.
by Janelle H. on 01/31/2018
"I bought this FAL as my first AEG. I bought it merely because it was the only budget option for FAL. I was not expecting much, but not too little. A mid range gun. But I can say, this gun more than just filled the space in my Rhodesian load out.

Great FPS
Great Rate of Fire
Fits my Load out Well
Full Metal receiver

Small battery compartment
Nothing else, I love it!
by Quan D. on 12/13/2017
"Dose this gun come with a battery and charger if not what size and kind of battery?
by Barbara R. on 12/12/2017
"Excellent gun one if jgs best made. The keymod is on par with krytacs quality makes the front nice and slim. The electric blow back has a nice clank to it the bolt catch works pull back firmly on it though. The bolt release has a weak clank but no biggie. Range out of box is really good no need for flat hops right away. Trigger response is smooth and crisp.
by Ryan H. on 05/25/2017
"already 2 reviews and it hasn't came out yet
by tom s. on 01/29/2016
"Perfect. It shot about 412 out of the box! I've had it for 3 years and just encountered my first problem, a stripped piston. But that was a quick and easy fix. 10/10!!
by Emile K. on 01/29/2016
"Wonderful gun! Feel really good in hands ans shoots straight! Only thing I dont like is the PEQ box, I am gonna put the full stock of a sof 2-3 on it to put the battery in, I dont like wires to be exposed.
by Jin R. on 12/11/2015
"Ok this will be an very short review, I received this gun early today, and I have to said, I am impressed with every single details, I haven't see in any other replica so much perfection . It really looks and real steel. My plan is HPA soon, only pros , I know it's not FN FAL. But it's very close and solid gun, in addition I am Brazilian and I love my FAL platform.
by James R. on 11/18/2015
"Great Gun! Nice internals. The AEG shoots great out of the box and won't leave you needing much as far as upgrades is concerned unless you plan on running this AEG hard.

- Great performer out of box
- Not a bad finish, but not quite as nice as the Classic Army
- Great fun when you rack it and let the bolt slam back into place

- hop up rubber and inner barrel are usual stock parts (not really a con, but necessary replacements in my book)
by Jon D. on 11/09/2015
"This gun is amazing. I've noticed that there is a lot of confusion on the gun's specs, so I will go over them.
This gun is not a clone of the AGM version, my friend who's an experienced Airsoft tech told me its the other way around.
The gun comes with a 6.03 tightbore barrel (or something close because it is spot on accurate and using the unjamming rod is a tight fit)
Fantastic rof and accuracy even on an 8.4v NiMH battery I had to use this during a game because mine was dead. I would recommend a 9.6v mini(harder to fit in peq box) or a 7.4v lipo.
Strong as heck, the gun is made of the EXACT same stuff that the real steel version is made of.
The only downsides I've seen on this gun are the mediocre wires(just have a tech install an advanced MOSFET, don't ask just do it, it makes everything run better) and the screws on the top cover are kind of crummy, but you can replace them with something at the hardware store. Overall a great gun for those who are tired of m4s and want something to turn heads but still want great performance
by Alan W. on 08/03/2015
"I purchased this gun about 6 months ago, have used it about 6x and I love it. Had to return the first scope purchased for a 1" raised scope mount for more comfort and quicker use. Very accurate and easy to maintain/use.