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PPSH-41 WWII Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun w/ Drum Mag and Real Wood

54 Customer Reviews

by Josh T. on 04/21/2021
"This PPSH-41 Is AWESOME. As a fanatical Russian gun lover. This is an amazing replica and is also an amazing airsoft smg. It is extremely accurate for a good distance and fires fast on full auto. the Semi is a little janky having to reset the bolt a couple times, but the game I played let me go full auto and she did pretty well. All around 9.9969/100 This gun is amazing genuinely recommend it
by Christian G. on 02/23/2021
"Bought this while it was on sale. I'm glad I did.
Firstly, this gun is actually made by Snow Wolf, and it comes with an extra stick magazine.
The gun feels absolutely solid, and the real wood stock feels great.
The battery compartment is decently spacious.
Taking off the orange tip isn't too hard. Its pinned in place by 2 metal pins and glued in place.
The blowback action is pretty sweet admittedly.
Shoots around 370 fps out of the box.
Hop up adjustment is easy.
The gun features a QCS system and pulling the charging handle all the way back releases the spring tension in the gearbox.
The internals are decent. The gearbox is a nightmare to work on. I'd recommend shaving some material off the endbell of the motor for anyone wanting to swap the motor, specifically the part that the motor adjustment screws pushed on to adjust the motor height. It's a very tight fit for any aftermarket short type motor.
Nozzle length is around the same as a lonex MP5 nozzle.
The rest of the compression parts are v2/v3 spec.
Gearset and piston are v2/v3 spec, along with the ARL.
The gun is definitely upgradeable. Definitely happy with the gun.
by Joshua S. on 01/13/2021
"Bought this on sale for 200 and I cannot be happier. It really scratches my Russian ww2 itch really well and overall this gun preforms very well. Some pros and cons:

Accurate!!! Barely even had to adjust the hop on this thing. It is zeroed in and have been hitting accurate shots up to 50 yards!

Shoots hard!!! Havn't chronoed it with .2's (the field here uses .32 exclusively to chrono??? I have no idea why) but I've felt how hard this gun shoots and let me tell you it is a hard shooter. This adds to the far range and the accuracy of the gun

Heavy!!! This is already a gun tailored for ww2 enthusiasts and the feeling of real wood and stamped steel really adds to the authenticity.

Reliable!!! While I have not had the gun for so long, it has shown no problems through many different types of weather. The magazine feeds almost no matter what. My dumb brother got wood chips stuck in the mag when he dropped my bag of bbs and then loaded my gun. And it still fired!!! (to a point, I still had to fix it)

HUGE drum mag!!! You will not run out of ammo with this gun unless your play style is to sit in a single spot and not let go of the trigger (like my stupid freaken brother)

Electric Blowback!!! It's just a lot of fun and adds to the authenticity

Gearbox can't take a 9.6 !!! I used one temporarily and that's fine but do not make 9.6 your regular battery type

Not super upgradable!!! As basic as I think m4's are, the fact that they're so popular makes them very upgradable and compatible with other parts. The same is not true for ppsh's. This guy specifically has a custom gearbox and you'll have a harder time finding parts for this guy.

Heavy!!! If you're not in shape, get ready to get tired on the field.

Overall my favorite gun, and totally worth the money. If you're reading this I assume that you know what you're buying and that you value the authenticity of a ww2 gun over a gun that might preform better for this price point and that you can accessorize. But for the authenticity and the performance, this gun gets a 5/5 in my book
by Aidan H. on 10/22/2019
"I've been using this gun for about 3 years, and it is amazing! I bought mine as a boneyard gun, so it needed some work right out of the box, but once that was done it shot very nicely. I got a lot of compliments on it at the first game I took it to; the blowback function is very loud and intimidating if you're on the receiving end of it.

The pictures show exactly what you get. The wood has a bright orange-y finish, and the mag and metal parts are all painted black save for the bolt, which is silver. The orange tip is huge, but it can be removed without too much hassle. Personally, I didn't like the stock finish, so I sanded down the wood and gave it a dark walnut stain instead. I also sanded the metal parts and the mags and stained them blue; however, time and weather have taken their toll and the gun is now a rusty brown.

It has had some technical issues, the most noticeable being a broken trigger spring (I fixed this by simply looping a rubber band around the trigger, but it ruined the aesthetic; I have since replaced the spring and the trigger returns just fine). Another problem is the fire selector switch; it will occasionally fire full-auto even when you've set it to semi, and seems rather loose and wobbly. My buddy fixed it, so it can be resolved, although I don't remember how he did it. It has a lot of proprietary parts, so some things may be harder to fix than others.

Aside from the above issues, performance is great. It's accurate and has a decent rate of fire, and I've never had an issue with the blowback function. A useful feature is the quick-change spring, which allows you to transform it from an outdoor gun to a CQB gun (or vice-versa) very quickly. I typically run a 7.4v LiPo in it, but you can use 11.1 Lipos as well (disable the blowback first, as the higher ROF may damage it!). The gun is also very durable; I played all day in the pouring rain and it never had a problem. With the drum mag, it weighs about 10 pounds, but you never have to reload because it holds several thousand BBs. Get an extra stick mag just in case the drum malfunctions (though mine never has) or if you're planning on attending longer games.

All in all, this gun has served me quite reliably for the past 3 years, and I suspect I'll get several more years' use out of it. If you want a solid, unique WWII submachine gun, this PPSH-41 is the way to go.
by Jeffrey M. on 12/18/2018
"Wow! Shipped fast! This is a beautiful gun! Solid built! Metal and wood. It feels like I am holding a real gun. Much heavier than my m4. Shoots far, fast and straight right out of the box. The fact that the charging bolt racks back and forth with the action is a real cool factor! Its kind of loud but I love that! Strikes fear into my opponents! Great for close and mid range combat. Out performs my echo m4. I love it because its so real and so COD WWII. Both the 2000 round drum mag and 500 round banana mag work excellent. No wobble at all. Very happy with my purchase. Im an older guy and this gun is helping me dominate the field!
by Austin V. on 11/01/2017
"AMAZING PURCHASE. Best one yet hands down. This is a very well made gun and I definitely would suggest. My magazine did wobble, but frankly I like the magazine wobble, makes it feel authentic. The finish on my PPSH came and it looks wonderful. I am in love. The only problem I've found so far is that when firing, the rounds kinds start to misdeed when you get down to about thirty and the feed wheel is a bit annoying to toy with but it's alright. And you will need to crank it often, especially if you are going full auto only. I bought this specifically for an airsoft event and I am proud of this being my first airsoft gun that ive owned.
To be fair this weapon is really only good up to 100 or so feet (give or take) out of the box, however with some hopping adjustments im sure you could hit 200 maybe 250 if you do it well. Hoppy is also very easy to use and can be done on the field, considering you don't need an Allen wrench to do so. Overall, great product, I would suggest.
Looks great
Sounds great
Very satisfying
Large capacity
Decent rpm/rps
Sights are great
Internals are great and easy to adjust, access, and use.
Barrel is HUGE, my barrel bag won't even fit it XD
Magazine misfeeds when low (could be a pro because it tells you when it's time to reload)
Feeding wheel must be cranked often
Weight (could be a pro, it is like 10 pounds maybe more)
Most slings don't fit. I actually made my own out of paracord however and that works.
Loud (in my mind that's a pro)
by Christopher C. on 05/06/2017
"Amazing gun but mine has some problems. I'm not going to go over the pros or cons, just look at the other reviews. Instead I'm going to go over what went wrong with mine. The first time I used it in battle the plate on the end of the stock that the battery is behind came off. There is a spring that pushes the piece of metal with the internal thread down into the gun that allows you to pull the plate out to turn it without unscrewing it, but it got pushed so far back when the screw came out that I was unable to screw it back in. I had to unscrew the metal surrounding the plate on the back, which was very hard because 3 of the 4 screws were so tight that they got badly stripped. After that I had to screw the screw back in to the piece of metal which was very hard. Also the safety stopped working and i don't know whats wrong with it. Any problems that mine has yours probably wont have though, so don't worry that much
by Alexy K. on 11/21/2016
"I have this gun for more than a year now and I can say: thats an epic war machine! Range, fps and accuracy are perfects for urbans orperations, The 3000 rounds drum-magazine make me sure that I'm never gonna run out of ammo, and he works great. The only con that I can say is that theres only hi-cap magazines for this gun, and maybe that the connection circuits for the battery sometimes decide not to work. But overall, it's the most awesome aeg I have never bougt. I recommand it for anyone who wants a cool gun or just something different of an M4!
by Tanner J. on 12/18/2015
"By far my favorite AEG. I've had it for about a year or so, and have literally zero problems with it. It takes abuse and just keeps on working. Only issue that I could foresee being a problem in the future (for myself atleast) is the selector switch, it feels very loose and wobbly. Anyway, other than that, the rate of fire is pretty good right out of the box with 9.6v or 7.4v lipos, but i wouldn't upgrade the ROF TOO much considering its ebb. Only "upgrade" it needs out of the box is refinishing the wood, its' finish is nasty right out of the box.

ROF, not quite the 1000rpm you get in the real thing but close enough
Accuracy, out of the box it isnt SUPER accurate but combined with your rate of fire and large magazine it is good enough
Extremely durable, just be careful with your selector switch
Weight, this is a pro for me but might be a con if you are younger. Almost 10 lbs when fully loaded.

The finish on the stock out of the box is pretty nasty, but with some sandpaper, finish of your choice and patience its NBD.
Sometimes when opening the receiver the bolt comes off of its track and wont blow back, but its as simple as setting it back on.
by Laura D. on 12/10/2015
"This is an excellent gun, but it broke. I had it for about 6 months and then I learned that "drizzling" is still raining it it will get into the gear box.

large mag
fire rate

the blow back system has some problems but can be easily fixed
by Matthew Z. on 05/27/2015
"Ive had this gun for over a year now as and it still never fails to impress me both in general appearence and its insane rate of fire. However; I was a bit disapointed when the blowback piece within the gun broke in half after about 20,000 rounds.
-amazing ROF
-very realisuic
-holds alot of ammo 2000 rounds (if you find yourself running out then use your sights)
-can take a beating
-it a PPSH
-lacks in accuracy
-lacks range
-low FPS 347
-simi auto sometimes doesnt work (probally can be fixed)
all in all it is a very good SMG for both price and ROF strongly advise getting it espicallt for historical accuracy.

by Austin M. on 03/21/2015
"The PPSH I ordered recently came in. I must say I love everything about it. This is a great fun for a great price. ($200) at the time. The construction is absolutely solid and the easy-to-access internals make it a breeze to fix any problem. The spring detention ensures that you will use this gn for a long time before you need to replace parts. I must also say that the battery compartment does take a 9.6v mini-type battery, but you must be careful to get it in right, because it takes some squeezing to get it in. I recommend using .20s ion the gun, as the .25s I used lacked range significantly when the battery is low. I recommend this gun to anyone who wants an LMG, but doesn't want to pay $400 for one. It can spit a large amount of BB's onto the field and has a capacity. This is obviously great for WW2 enthusiasts.

Great fps
2000 round drum

Somewhat lacking Hop-Up
Large Orange Tip
by Eric S. on 01/13/2015
"Excellent replica, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Got mine over Christmas, and so far, just shooting it out back, it performs very well. It has a pretty nice rate of fire (using a 7.4 v lipo), though I don't recommend using a 9.6 v nimh or 11.1 v lipo, as the fire rate will add additional wear and tear on your gearbox and bolt, possibly causing a failure, besides the ROF is sufficient with a regular 8.4 nimh/7.4 lipo, unless you're the type of player who wants 30 bbs per second, but then you wouldn't be using this gun anyway.
This is a intermediate level/advanced level AEG, but it's fine for beginners too, just keep in mind, if you buy this you'll need a battery and smart charger also. It's all steel/ metal construction and real wood stock (yes, it's real wood) make it durable, but also heavy ( around 7 pounds or so), so may not be ideal for younger players having to lug it around all day. It is also fully ambidextrous, with the exception of the safety, but that's not too much of a problem, because you're not typically using your safety after the skirmish starts, plus the safety is noisy, due to the fact that when you release it, the bolt clangs shut, so not too stealthy, adding the fact that the 2000 round drum magazine can rattle a lot with the bbs in it. Otherwise, an excellent and highly recommended AEG.
by Brendon C. on 11/23/2014
"There's nothing you need to know about typical operations of this gun that they don't cover in the video they've made for it.
build materials are steel metals and the imitation wood, which doesn't sound appealing but its actually a very nice quality imitation wood I haven't seen before. can't really tell the wood is fake unless your holding it.
I own it, all good things to say:
VERY high fire rate.
Mine's never jammed.
High capacity drum mag
quality mag, mines never jammed and never once misfed firing a blank shot.
Perfect fps
Very accurate. 9/10
large orange tip (whatever the gun kicks serious bum)
could be real wood (but that would raise the price a lot so again, whatever)
The high rate of fire this gun has, combined with the ammo capacity and accuracy delivers devastating effects. You can mow groups of enemies down in seconds.
by Grayson P. on 07/11/2014
"For the sake of neatness I'm just going to make a pros and cons list but I would buy this gun
Fire rate
Drum mag
Pretty accurate
It is kind of heavy
Not really a beginner gun
Slightly challenging to put in battery
Orange tip
Otherwise a great buy