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KJW Xcelerator 6" Hi-CAPA Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun (Model: Gas / Black)

32 Customer Reviews

by Aidan Z. on 12/29/2019
"Absolutely incredible pistol. Very accurate out of the box and feels very well constructed.

-Very accurate
-No loose parts
-Very gas efficient
-Extremely easy to reload with flared magwell
-Smooth recoil
-CQB legal
-Hopup is fantastic
-Looks sick
-Great range

-Unusually hard to get the slide catch back in when reassembling
by Misha H. on 02/01/2018
"When I receive this KP - 06 in the mail at first I thought it was just going to be a regular blowback gun but I was totally Blown Away by the performance and the build quality of the gun.

Negative things about the gun just being nitpicky
1) I wish the gun had a threaded barrel so I can put my token Murray silencer on it.
2) I think the magazine should be flat instead of rounded at the end.
by jason m. on 11/10/2017
"just received my kjw today and I have to say first impressions are really good . Shoots fast and accurate straight outta the box.
by Nancy M. on 02/04/2017
"This is probably one of the best hi-capas you could get for the price, reliability, upgradability, and more.
It has a very comfortable grip great if your wearing gloves. The stock trigger is a little slower than if you bought a different one or adjusted it. I had an issue with the mag it came with as the co2 would not puncture properly and would result in it leaking when I tried to take it out it shot like a bullet across the yard but I use green gas mags so it was all good. Its built very sturdily and doesn't feel like its going to break. Its a little on the heavy side so one handing it accurately around a corner might be an issue unless your just going to suppress them. So far ive been running the gun stock and it preforms great, its mostly 100% accurate (I use .25s) and feels quite realistic when firing it. It comes with an extended slide release and is great especially since my hands are smaller so it makes it easy to reload fast. And its also extremely durable I have dropped it a couple of times and it still keeps on chugging no problem at all.

Very comfortable
Quite accurate in a stable firing positon for medium range
Really fun too shoot and hits pretty hard
Looks awesome as crap and quite intimidating due to its large size
Extended Slide release is so great for fast reloads
Shoots pretty fast
Very Durable
Great for its price

Heavy makes it quite hard to shoot accurately one handed
You will be surprised on the recoil as well that can throw your shots off target
Massive and unremovable orange tip
Kinda clunky but good iron sights

Overall its a great gun and I can see it lasting for quite a while probably the best hi-capa you can get stateside at least and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable pistol with great stats if you will.
by phillip i. on 05/21/2016
"I have had this gun for three years and have been play airsoft for ten years, this is the best airsoft pistol I have ever owned. I have the c02 version and it is extremely accurate and reliable, shooting 350fps even on cold pacific northwest fields.

I custom machined the slide and removed material by adding ports to reduce weight and improve the cycle speed, I also ground down the trigger so I could use black hawk style quick draw holsters. Other than that I have kept it stock.

The magazine base pads need to be ground down so they fit with the magwell shroud, that is the only con I have for this pistol and its minor.
by Felix B. on 05/20/2016
"I own this gun since about two years and I must say it's awesome!
Great capacity and the mags hold gas for about two mags.
No leaks, no jams and it's very robust.
by James H. on 03/29/2016
"I've owned this gun for about a year now so I feel like I can write an honest review. I was in the market for a reliable sidearm and I found one, the KJW Xcelerator 6" Hi-CAPA. the guns internals are reinforced and and very sturdy, I've run nothing but co2 in it from day one and I have had no trouble from the gun at all. No parts have failed and it shoots just like it did when it was brand new. The externals of the gun are fairly high quality, its full metal except for the grip. It has a very long under rail, in fact it's so long that you could attach an m203 if you wanted to make it a literal hand cannon. The fiber optic sights are very helpful in low light environments because they are highly visible so if you play in an enviornment with minimal lighting you would still be able to see your sights. The finish on the gun is pretty good, it's held up nicely after being dropped several times with only minimal scratches and no chipping. Sadly I do not own a chronograph so I can no say how consistent the FPS is but it hurts and can break skin from close range (point blank to 10 or so feet) on a warm day with co2. The accuracy of this pistol was amazing to me, the sights fall right in for me but I can hit a chest sized target from 30 feet (give or take) without using the sights and while aiming I can hit plate sized targets consistently from 35 feet. This gun also uses Hi-CAPA mags (obviously) which means with a regular double stack hi-capa magazine you can hold up to 32 bb's in a single mag so while that guy with the elite force 1911 tac is reloading you'll still be in the fight. I do have several complaints about the gun though, because the slide is so long it actually wobbles slightly in the front. This does not affect accuracy because the inner barrel does not move with it but it does make a small amount of noise if the gun is shaken and I haven't found a solution to this yet. Another complaint is that the orange it is painted onto the outer barrel, it's not a piece of plastic. You could remove it with a knife or possibly with nail polish remover but it would either scratch or mess up the finish on the outer barrel. Also the outer barrel is not threaded, I'm not sure if it's possible to buy a threaded outer barrel for this gun because it is longer than the avererage hi-capa but it would have been a nice feature that came with the gun. A word of caution about this gun though, it's heavier than many other side arms. It's very manageable and much lighter than the KWC desert eagle but is heavy enough to weigh down your belt if it's in a holster attached to it and dig your belt into your hip.

Full metal
Fiber optic sights
Long rail
Normal magazines hold up to 32 rounds
Tons of aftermarket and replacement parts
Puts you in the Hi-CAPA master race
Cross compatible with green gas and co2
Very sturdy internals
Is absolutely baller (+10 to coolness factor)
Very reliable (I've had no parts fail on me and have replaced none In a year of play)

Slight slide wobble in the front (doesn't affect accuracy)
Orange tip painted on
Non threaded outer barrel
Heavier than many sidearms (may not be a con and is manageable)
KJW Co2 magazines have leaking problems. (At least mine did and still do)
Large price tag (well worth it in my opinion)
The fire selector on the right side is loose (may just be my gun)

I fully recommend this gun to anyone looking for a reliable, fieldable sidearm that can dominate in CQB, can reach out and touch people, and makes an excellent backup weapon. 9/10 IGN approved

On a side note the slide reminds me a USP.
by nathan D. on 02/29/2016
"Overall Good gun
If feels sluggish due to the heavy slide but if you run this gun on nuprol black gas it runs great
by Dexter A. on 09/03/2015
"I love the hicapa series, and I usually just buy Tokyo MArui Hi-capa's as they tend to have a "cleaner" kick and better feel overall. So does this KJW Hi-capa come close to the TM Master hicapa? Close.

The kick is not as crisp as a TM, it feels sluggish and slow and even after HPAing my magazines and shooting it at 120 psi, it still feels a tad slow. This is due to the heavy slide it has and overall heavy feel. Where this gun does succeed is the accuracy and power department. Out of the box it shot 350fps. So I put a Angel Dyna piston and modify bucking and I got 370 consistently with 120 psi HPA. It's accuracy is also excellent out of the box, and rival my 5.1 with all the upgrades. So is it worth the buy? Yes, absolutely!

- Accurate
- Powerful at 350fps
- Pistol grip feels comfortable
- Upgradable with all TM upgrade parts
- Night sights are excellent

- Sluggish and slow recoil when compared to an upgraded Tokyo Marui Hi-capa
by Oscar R. on 05/04/2015
"Got this gun a week ago and it operated amazing! its awesome how bread and butter it is to change externals except for the slide because the gun is 6 inches and its quiet hard to find a good 6'' slide for this also i had a problem with firing trigger group and hammer when i was replacing the magwell but its pretty easy to fix if you know what to do unlike me i was struggling 2 hours to put a curved silver thing above the silver part , but overall 9/10
by adam c. on 10/21/2013
"5 stars. Hands down. I got this gun from a friend, the only problem with it was that the outer barrel can come unscrewed, and the inner barrel will hit the front and lock the slide, and the slide is really heavy, so it barely finishes the mag. I've used this as a hammer, literally, my friend has private property, and we were breaking through plaster walls, so I didn't go all the way through, and I used this to pound out the walls. Still fully functional.

Outer barrel occasionally unscrews, locking the slide.
by miguel p. on 05/28/2013
"Bought this gun 2 mouths ago and its amazing. This gun has really good accuracy and hard kick. Every aspect about this gun i awesome. I have not found 2 vins for this gun first one being that it doesn't fit many holsters. Second con being that the mag release is easy to hit and them releases the mag them it falls out your gun. Other then that this gun is epic.
by ron o. on 11/21/2012
"I got this gun a few weeks ago and i ove this gun it has a good weight and feel to it and a hard kick the co2 last 2 1/2 mags and its very accurate .....

Pros :
Looks bad ass
hard recoil
mags are good on gas
Co2 last 2 1/2 mags
its a sexy gun

Cons None yet get this gun .....
by Declan C. on 08/22/2012
"This gun is great! I've had it for 3 years now, and knock on wood, I havent had one problem with it to date! definitely worth the price, plus its completely TM compatible.
-great accuracy
-amazing fiber-optic sights
-awesome FPS, around 350 with propane
-easy to find extra mags and spare parts
-it is a big gun, and its really hard to find a good holster that fits it, I recommend one of the Tornado-style wrap-to-fit holsters.
-other than that, the only other complaint I have is that this gun isnt very gas efficient, you'll be lucky to get through a whole mag if your firing quickly.
by alan c. on 04/01/2012
"I have this gun it is insane feels almost real and is the ultimate side arm

bad ass
full metal

Mags are expensive

there is one thing i am not sure of can you add a suppressor to it