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A&K M60 Airsoft AEG Machine Gun (Model: Mk43 / M60E4)

77 Customer Reviews

by Jaren G. on 06/23/2020
"SO far amazing.
Fast rof
Instantly realistic
loud(pro or con)
and Loads of bb's
So far its a beast. I do recommend the flash hider though. Makes it look way cooler.
by Scott S. on 06/11/2019
"Great weapon, after 2 years of use the only thing that died was the electronics, other than that very good handling and even better with an R-hop and adjusted barrel.
by Marcus M. on 08/14/2018
"This is a great aeg machine gun! Shoots really accurate and Perfect for reenactment!
by Zack M. on 02/14/2018
"the one problem is the batteries flip the switch on the box mag when you are running or you jolt the gun. i fixed it by cutting a whole in the box mag and battery pouch so i can fix it on the fly.
by Zack M. on 01/22/2018
"This thing is AWESOME!! This thing weighs and looks almost exactly like the real thing. I only have one complaint which is the box mag keeps jamming for a reason unbeknownst to me. Also, the weight might but a little much for a small person (I'm 5' 11" and 160) but other than that i give it a 10/10.
by Joshua N. on 11/09/2017
"After having this for a good year i love this gun for good reasons pros are you look awesome handling it but the main problem is the battery usage since you run the gun and the mag off of one battery it tends to kill the battery quite fast if on auto wind but other than that great gun
by Roger H. on 06/26/2017
"This thing is a beast!!!! Got it back in may and it has not had any problems miss feeding at all. The only down side is the fps, had to drop a new spring in it so I could use it at my local field. It shoots consistently. The bipod is detachable which is great if you want to lose a few pounds on the gun.I recommend trashing the stock hop up bucking and drop a G&G green hop up buck because they are the best. Also the 7.62 M60 linked ammo replica DOES NOT WORK with this M60 it takes the 5.56 Saw linked ammo replicas. Other than that 10/10
by Bradley F. on 05/10/2017
"In summary, the M60vn receives a five star because it full fills the support roll well, especially for the price. If you want a support gun that isn't an M249, get it.
I've had this M60 for years and have fired at least 25,000 rounds through it, and have had virtually no problems so far. I expect eventually something will break sometime (as any rifle will), but the gearbox is so serviceable that when the time comes I will not be worried to upgrade it.
The build quality is top notch, this rifle does not squeak or rattle, even after all these years. With that quality comes lots of metal, and with that metal comes weight. The M60 is heavy (~18lbs), you honestly should be reasonably built to handle it. But always remember this is a support gun, when I run my M60vn, I stay with a group of riflemen and lay down cover fire while we steadily advance.
The box mag is great. Since it is powered by your AEG battery and will wind when the trigger is pulled, you almost never have to think about it. The fabric bag which holds the box mag is durable and protects the hard plastic of the box mag.
Some cons: The carrying handle seems relatively weak, I suggest carrying the rifle in your left hand, just in front of the box mag (works better anyway). The bipod works, but try not to ram it into a tree/fall on it, it could break. No rail space (its Vietnam era..). That's all.
Additional features:
- Quick change barrel is nifty and makes removing the barrel a 20 second operation.
- Realistic detailing, even down to the rear sight adjustment
- Long barrel results in accurate groupings, especially when the bipod is deployed
- Turns heads all day long, you'll be known as "The M60 guy"
by chester c. on 04/13/2017
"So I got this beast in yesterday great gun but the strofoam package tends to stick to everything on the gun over all not a big deal running a 10.8v 5000mah battery with it the mag keeps up and the rof with the bypass in place is unbelievable alot of people say not to run this type of battery on a stock gun but I'm gonna tell you it's ok had a saw from a&k that was stock and ran a 10.8 on that gun for 6 months straight without a problem. Over all great gun and I recommend it to anyone that can handle the weight seeing how it is metal and not plastic.
by Nate N. on 10/21/2016
"Honestly my favorite gun I have ever owned ( other than my Krytac but hey it's a Krytac ) shoots amazing, consistent and a very good range. The only problem I have had was with the box mag, it jammed up a few times and I had to disassemble it, while I took it apart I found out the solder jobs are fragile and thin, I re soldered them and never had a problem with it again. If you love sitting in one spot and laying down fire, mowing down enemy's while your squad moves up, this is the gun for you.
by Wyatt S. on 03/07/2016
"I have had this gun for about a year and a half now, and I can honestly say, not a single issue with it. Strait out of the box it was shooting at about 400 fps, still shooting around 385-390 ish. Every once in a while, I recommend taking the mag apart, and clearing everything out, to keep it in working order, I am still using the stock mag, no problems. Have not done any upgrade or anything on the gun, I am able to run a 11.1 Lipo, but I mainly use a 9.6. The only issue I have ever had was the fire rate knob fell off when i first got it, it took me a year to figure out all you need to do is unscrew the end of the barrel, and re attach it.

Fast Firing
Massive mag capacity
Great support weapon
Durable (can take a fall)
long range
Fire rate nob is handy
If it is hard to hold now, just by using it it will get lighter

Need to watch mag (Can fall off sometimes)
Carrying handle is S***
by Mark S. on 02/02/2016
"This gun HAULS A$$, whenever i show up at a field with this bad boy everyone wants me on their team.

Lighter than the M60 VN (my friend has the VN and tells me he'd rather have my mk43)
good mag capacity(takes about 10-13 rounds for me to run out)
heavy (imo a pro )
the adjustable fire rate knob at the front is VERY useful
Theres so much more to this gun just too lazy to write them all
The carry handle feels like cheap pot metal so i never carry the gun from it
so far i cant find a rail system to mount an optic for this gun

Overall a 10/10 support LMG, whenever my team asks me to fill in the support role i pull out this gun because it fits my playstyle which is light and aggressive. (it weighs around 15 lbs, the real deal weighs around 25 lbs so i just shrug it off lol)
by Alex B. on 01/31/2016
"This gun is good for a stock LMG. When I got it it was awesome for about 20,000 Rounds. After that the box mag stopped working, and had a girding noise when the trigger was pulled. After a TON of work and aftermarket upgrades it now runs like a dream. I built a custom 7000 round box mag, rewired the gun for a 11.1v lipo, and have a 650mm 6.03mm tightbore.

the "Wow that's cool" factor
3500 rounds
crazy heavy duty gearbox shell
good fps out of the box

The original box mag is complete garbage
Its heavy
All the custom work needed to make it last

4/5 for the stock gun
5/5 when you fix the small issues.
by Emmitt F. on 01/07/2016
"The A&K M60 is a beast. I've had it for a while and it is my dream machine. Have had my issues, but I have also played some serious hardplay games.

-Intimidating; it really is
-Magazine Capacity
-Easy to work on (if you know what you're doing
-Hefty build

-Requires a little bit of finesse
-Usually shipped with /something/broken, but easily repairable
-Issue with feeding (can be fixed by wiggling the boxmag a little
-Noise when feeding (can be fixed with a tamiya type connector on/off switch)
-Heavy (unless you can get used to it.)

So I can't give an honest 10/10 on it because I'm biased on it. I love it to death. I really do. I do CQB indoors and some major long distance engagements too. It's great all over everywhere.

p.s. EQUIP THE BYPASS that comes with it. It breaks the weapon to have controllable fire rate, even the manual says use it. Just use it. It's a pain in the butt when you knock the switch and spend time fixing it. Just don't use the dang fire rate adjuster. Just please don't it will save you sooooo much headache.

On another note, I've had it for a few years and have a few modifications that I recommend. I beefed up the box magazine holder. I Put braces on it because it's a little too wimpy. I have upgraded the internals to full metal gears and encased lubricant. I also use cardboard inside of the box magazine to help stiffen it up, the battery fits in there so I try to protect it. I carry a spare battery (or two) just so I don't run out of gameplay (I can go for hours, nearly a whole day of intense gaming on two batteries max charge.).

Worth it, but you got to love it. It's like a vehicle, you will have to maintain this weapon and it will bring you as much joy as it has me.
by Dexter A. on 09/15/2015
"Everything positive about this gun has been said already, and yes, this gun is AMAZING!

I've had this gun for 3 years now and easily have shot 250,000 bb's through it. Mind you I've replaced 2 pistons, and one box mag, which in my opinion, is not bad considering how much I hose with this gun when I shouldn't. Which makes me bring up how easy this thing is to upgrade and take apart.

I have one main big con with this gun and it's the weak hop-up. The nub is vertical and doesn't contact the bb well enough, when compared to other hop up units. So, modding is required and can easily be done by searching on youtube on how to do it.

I love this gun, and if you are thinking of getting it, you will not regret it.