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Guarder Enhanced Loading Muzzle for Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols (Type: Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa / 1911 Series)

10 Customer Reviews

by Dean C. on 09/05/2018
"Best nozzle ever, you dont even need to buy a seperate flow valve. Get it!
by Austin L. on 09/16/2017
"Great replacement if your original nozzle breaks!
by Mauricio F. on 01/22/2017
"Hola soy nuevo en esto y quisiera saber si sirve para la aps acp 601 pistola co2 gracias
by chris r. on 10/23/2016
"One of the best nozzles for the G platform. Combined with the guarder seal it provides an airtight connection to magazine and around the BBU. no loss of air, consistent crisp and decisive blowback.

Works best with WE flat gas route seals as the nozzle base itself isn't curved like most others. Evike sells the WE flat mag seals. Way better than the curved marui design (and aftermarket curved)
by Marco d. on 04/11/2012
"The Part cracked after a couple of games, but Evike replace and shipped it free of charges.
It only took 2 days between my first email, to Evike shipping to me.
The parts are not made by Evike (so no fault to them it cracked), but they are 110% behind "customer satisfactory".

Thank you Evike. I will buy and recommend again.
by Marco d. on 02/24/2012
"This is a great addition to my hi-capa 5.1.

Fits perfectly into my WE Hi-Capa 5.1
Much sturdier then the original Nozzle.
Feels like the nozzle is tighter against the inside rubber ring.
Feels more powerful.
Sounds even a little different.

It does not come with the inside parts (valve, spring etc.) Just by removing the very small screw, and putting it back, since all the parts inside are plastic, it stripped. Does not seams to matter, the metals parts attached to the blowback housing seams to hold everything together.

P.S. evike has the fastest shipping department. Took 2 (two) days to ship this part, from California to Florida, Thank you evike.
by Sang L. on 01/22/2019
"I wish they made the loading ramp more durable it bends
by Robert K. on 06/09/2018
"This was a suitable replacement for the KJW P226 nozzle. My original nozzle's loading pin started to flex in warm weather and thus because useless. This one does not include the air valve. You will need to pull the one out of the old nozzle. You will notice that the retention pin holding the valve on the KJW nozzle goes through sideways, whereas this one has the retention pin going in vertically. I had to file down the head of the pin and then super glue it in place to keep it from scraping against the roof of the slide frame. You may also need to sand the top of the nozzle down to prevent scraping as well.

Another note, the WE P226 nozzle is not a suitable replacement for the KJW P226, as it is much wider and will not fit within the frame. I would imagine that this Guarder nozzle will not work with WE's P226.
by keith e. on 05/06/2017
"does not fit t rex high capa
by Morgan H. on 01/06/2020
"This is not a blowback unit. it is just the shell of one it comes with no internals whatsoever even though that is not listed anywhere on the page. evike's customer service is the only thing worse than this I have emailed 3 times to try and get this rectified and have never gotten a single response. DO NOT BUY THIS