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A&K Mk12 SPR Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle (Model: SPR Mod 1)

114 Customer Reviews

by Hans S. on 11/21/2018
"Good build gun. I bought it so that I can gradually upgrade it to my primary DMR. The metal is very durable (although not very high quality). Internals are rudimentary. I plan on upgrading soon. The hopup tends to curve to the right, even after I disassembled and adjusted it a few times; it seems to work fine vertically though. The durable charging handle and working dust cover are definitely a plus (don't close the dust cover with the charging handle pulled back though, you have to take the gun apart to get it to work again.) One thing that I didn't like is the plastic stock. It is still holding together just fine for me, but I think a metal one would be better (at the cost of weight); also, the battery is very loud in the stock. Finally, this is a pretty heavy gun. I like the realistic feel, but beware if you don't like lugging around the weight of a real AR platform.

PROS: Solid feel with the metal construction. Easily disassembled and upgrade-able. Plenty of rail space. Durable charging handle and working dust cover.

CONS: Hopup is kinda wonky. Stock is plastic/doesn't seem super durable. Battery rattles in the stock. Internals aren't very great. Heavy.
by Apollo B. on 07/29/2018
Have been using it for a while and nothing has broken.
Good RoF and FPS
Good Range
Mostly Metal
Stock has plenty of room to hold big batteries
Long top rail

No cons so far
by Jake G. on 02/05/2018
"Good gun, shoot far, bullet go fast
by Matt N. on 05/21/2017
"Is st Cupid that people send in reviews complaining about that the STOck isn't metal none of them are I have never come across one that was I co havea a real m16 a1 that was but I have never seen a airsoft gun with a metal stock it would make it too heavy any way
by Deanna V. on 01/29/2017
"Got this gun a month or so ago. I was surprised by the build, as it was very nice compared to another a&k I had. This gun has proved to be very reliable and powerful. I am definitely going to be using this as my main loadout weapon. All it needs is a couple minor upgrades and tweaks.

Decent Accuracy
High FPS
Full Stock
Iron sights are beautiful
Easy access to fuse
Decent Range
Threaded barrel
Nice top rail

Mag it comes with sucks
My stock is starting to wobble (no problem duct tape can't fix)
Hop-Up won't work since I changed out the inner barrel
Comes with 363mm. inner barrel
Foregrip that it comes with sucks also

Overall this gun is totally worth it for $200. I would recommend getting a new hop-up, a new inner barrel, a 4x32 scope, and a rail for the bottom and an angled grip to stabilize it . If you are wanting a good DMR for a low price this is the weapon for you.
by ricardo s. on 01/05/2017
"awesome corn at 390 with .20
by Steven P. on 11/14/2016
"I bought this gun in store so I got to test out a few other guns in the range like the Red star ak47 and ended chosing this gun over most other guns in the price range. I have been using this gun for the past year and have only had one problem. The red wire connecting the battery to the fuse was worn down right out of the box. The tech over at code red airsoft fixed this problem with a bit of solder and magic for 5$. This gun has performed very well and can stand up to some more expensive mil sim grade aegs in the right hands. If you are looking for a good combo between an aeg's firepower and a sniper rifle's range this is the gun for you. This is a dmr for a reason.
by joseph d. on 07/10/2014
"good quality......great gun overall though.....

pros: great range, good fps, good weight, good built gun

cons: sights, dont like the flash hider and not easy to take off, battery rattles in stock if nunchuck 9.6, plastic hop up........

overall great gun and i would recommend this to all players alike.....good for a build gun
by kevin n. on 03/26/2014
"D-Boys are great guns,,some may need work on the gearbox,,other than that,,very heavy greatly realistic. the frame is just as good as any other airsoftgun on the buy you one n see for urself...great price as well..peace (G69)
by David M. on 03/22/2014
"Great gun, i recommend to all
by Pablo W. on 04/28/2013
"This gun is pretty good, with a little work this gun is a monster when put in the right hands. I suggest getting a 6.02 tight bore and replacing the hop up unit and this gun jump 66 FPS or more.

In my book 9/10

Pros:Looks great
Takes a beating
Really really accurate (with a new hop-up)
Nice pistol grip
Bi-pod is durable

Cons:Heavy (if your not that strong)
Flash hider took a arm and a left nut to remove
The rails are really close to the stock
by Josh J. on 06/10/2012
"I got this gun a couple weeks ago and i am absolutely in LOVE. This gun feels amazing when i showed my friends they thought it was a real gun! The weight is amazing, and so realistic. When i finally got a chance to fire this thing i could not believe the performance of this gun. It shot fast and pretty accurate w/.20 gram bb's. But much more accurate with .25+

Great FPS
Good RAF
Insane Accuracy
Amazing Feel
Non so far
I defiantly recommend buying this gun for a mid to high level airsoft player.
by Kara D. on 02/25/2011
"It is great i am already on the feild getting headshots and it is truely a gun that you need to get itwill make a defference on the battle feild.
by Riley M. on 02/06/2011
"This is a good buy. The gun has very good fps mine is shooting 380-400 and I have had it for 4 weeks.
Defiantly invest in a sight keep in mind that it has decent range so I bought the rubberized scope at the
Bottom of the page and am very happy with it looks amazing.
I only have 3 PROBLEMS I was angry with the poly stock cause I play and jump ledges that are 5 ft and if I fall it's dangerous and I don't wana damage that battery inside.
Second the mag I got in the box was broken and thank god I got q high-cap mag with it or I wouldn't be able to test it.
The battery that came with it works fine but I bought the 9.6 volt and it didn't fit in the stock so I'm stuck between get new stock preferably metal or new battery.
looks awesome
Close/Long Range
Accurate (not amazingly but you can spray a little)
Great feel

Not a Great stock (can't fit a large battery)
Little front heavy
Came with a broken mag
Hard to change orange tip

There is probably more pros but can't think of them

Close or Long range scope
Better battery but I have no recommendations
Metal stock

All up to you I think it's a great gun compare to some three hundred dollar gun I've seen.
by Ethan C. on 12/18/2010
"I got this gun last year and its absolutely AWESOME! I love it because of many things. One being that there are so many ways you could customize it... I gave mine more of a sniper look with a scope and suppressor. I also bought a red dot site and dual drums for a gunner look. These just are some of the ways you could customize it.
As far as accuracy and range it it also great. I put a matrix tight bore barrel in it and its shooting around 175-220 feet. It's shooting 410fps with .25's and very accurate. Out of the box it shot 400fps with .20's. (I think... give or take a little) It's a great gun and shoots a very sight pattern out of the box. I do recommend getting a tight bore barrel but it's still a great gun. I also like it because it is all metal except for the stock. My stock broke off but it was an easy fix. It is a little on the heavy side but its quite alright as long as you don't plan to run for miles and miles. I love the back grip also... If you're a lefty then you won't but the feel of it is great. Overall its a great gun and is great out of the box. It also is a great price for something of this quality.

good fps
great range
sturdy body
great for the price

The plastic stock (but the real m4 has a plastic stock so...)