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Cybergun FN Herstal Licensed Full Metal SCAR Light Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC (Model: Standard / Black)

54 Customer Reviews

by Liam K. on 06/02/2022
"TL;DR: SCAR gud, the stock is meh, should buy
Fantastic gun. Relatively easy to get into. It’s like an M4 with a folding stock. Would recommend a matrix 9.6v if you like lasers.
Good weight- Hefty enough to be realistic, light enough to be very effective.
Shoots 350 fps- (though some consider this a con, I consider this a pro because it can be used indoors.
Folding stock-self explanatory
Internals- fantastic stock, I don’t plan to upgrade it any time soon. It’s accurate and with the battery I use it’s got some nice range
Externals- so realistic, me and my friend who has the SCAR-H have gotten
Stock- when it comes to the cons, most would be in the stock; polymer isn’t the best, the extension lever/button is pretty stiff, and the pin on the butt-pad is hard to put in when there is a battery. The pin doesn’t stay in well, but that at least eliminates the problem once you lose it.
Bolt catch- mine broke after about 20 racks, but it’s not necessary to the mechanical/electrical function of the gun so whatever
Maintenance- the upper and lower are held together by a pin in front of the Magwell, it can be incredibly difficult to get out. It needs a hammer. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this.
Price- you could get a similar performance on a cheaper M4. I like what I got, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

In conclusion: this is a fantastic intermediate gun for Milsm and outdoor and I don’t doubt it would shred indoor. Just wish the stock was a little better.
by Kevin J. on 10/18/2020
"This gun is beautiful first of all. The build really is good quality and you can feel it. There’s no really play in anything and the weight is very authentic. I’ve had mine for close to 2 months now and here’s some corks I’ve dealt with along the way.
-battery= I read some much hit and miss information on what lipos I could use on this gun. Some people said only 7.4. Some people said 11.1 so I went straight to the source and contacted VFC directly and this was their response.
**11.1V LIPO is fine for all VFC AEGs, however most models are come with safety fuse or MOSFET wiring system, please do not use batteries both high in C rating and capacity.

Please check the C rating multiplied with capacity(mAh) is lower than 25000 or the fuse and chip may damage, thank you.**
Pretty much sums it up. I’ve been running an 11.1/1,200mah20c battery with fantastic luck.
-very durable
-near full length inner barrel that’s supported at the end with zero play
-good firing rate on 7.4V, even better on 11.1
-shoots hot! 390’s FPS w/.28’s
-sometimes will try to double feed with some of my M4 mags causing sporadic shots or a bb to fall out of the barrel.
-firing selector switch is a bit “cheap feeling” I wish it had a stronger detent.
by Nathan S. on 10/02/2018
"beautiful rifle, well made and lives up to the vac name
by Alexander C. on 03/20/2018
"This thing is amazing!! Love the durable feel, love the performance out of the box, a bit pricey but in my opinion well worth it!!! LOVE this Gun!!
by Riley D. on 04/25/2017
"I have had this gun for over a year and i absolutely love it. It is very durable and has a surprisingly high rate of fire.

Just under 400 fps
Extremely durable
good weight and very well balanced
good draw time
high fire rate for surppressive fire and lighting enemies up
great for wide open fields or CQB or any thing you can dream of
very adaptable it can be use from heavy machine gun to crude sniper
quite accurate and has flip up peep sites

reloading the battery can be difficult but if you have trouble adjust the stock and it should come out
the bolt sometimes does not catch
BBs will occasionally roll out of the barrel but all it does is make your next shot a dry fire
by Justin K. on 02/27/2017
"Very solid very real looking very realistic to the real model not sure the performance yet. very well put in the gather no loose parts. The only part I see that would rather work that rattles around is the bolt and the stock a bit. But don't let these things that hurt you I have had less or scars before and this is by far the best one I've ever owned. I have had other ones from other manufacturers and this one beats them
by Trevor H. on 01/19/2017
"I bought this while it was on sale to save my wallet. I was sort of scared of defects because of the sale, but I figured it was nothing I couldn't fix. I read all of the reviews and did research on other Scar-L's and Scar-H's, and this is by far the best choice. It is easily upgradeable, the external body feels extremely sturdy, and it looks great. One thing I noticed out of the box was how sturdy the stock felt. Compared to my Echo 1 SR16, it feels like a tank. I went to shoot it and I was extremely unimpressed, but I charged up my battery some more, and this thing competes very well with accuracy and FPS even though the SR16 has a longer barrel. Sounds awesome in full auto.
Mags for Scar-L's are wayyy cheaper than Scar-H's
Beautiful gun
Ambidextrous controls, although selector switch is kinda crummy
Feels nice and durable
Little to no AEG whine once tuned up right
Shoots accurately with iron sights and FPS seems pretty good
Extreme upgradeability
Mag well is super wobbly
Echo 1 Mags do not feed properly (battery was not fully charged when I used them)
Battery compartment is TINY. I got a G&G small butterfly and it hardly fits.
Wiring feels like it could snap easily
Selector switch and bolt are finicky and do not feel right

Overall out of the box this gun is great for the price I got it for. It is more so a $300 gun than a $400 gun. I will be using it this weekend in a public match, and I will strip it down to see the internals. I will post an updated review after that.
by Clint N. on 07/27/2016
"Fantastic AEG, shoots great for a stock gun

.Shoots accurately
.Externals are top notch
.internally decent (Not as bad as people say)

.Stock motor is.....terrible, replace right away (Not hard to do at all) I recommend a matrix 3000 motor for torque
.battery space (not bad though, just buy like 2 small 1000mah lipos)
. bought mine before it went down in price by 120$ XD XD XD XD+
.you dont have this sexy beast yet because ur reading this review
.Will steal your attention away from yo gurl
by Clint N. on 06/24/2016
"OMG, this perrrrrty baby is just sooo oh special to gaze upon. The Scar is perfect on the outside, with decent internals to cover her. If you have a decent amount of money to spend, and love the Scar, then there is no other brand of Scar to buy other than the VFC model.
by Eduard E. on 04/18/2016
"This is just another good vfc gun. Don't let anyone say anything diffrent.
by Lyndon Kevin D. on 07/03/2015
"Just got my scar today and only had brief opportunities to operate it. I'll give a more detailed review when I get more trigger time with it.

One piece of advise, just get a lipo. I tried 8.4 small butterfly and small brick and they won't fit in any intuitive way. Butterfly 7.4's fit perfectly however and out of the box, my gun was chronoing around 380-390 which I'm sure will decrease as I break in the gun.

The build is solid but I only have 1 complaint about the lower receiver. The polymer doesn't feel as robust as I think it should be, especially around the mag well. If the mag well was lined with some kind of metal, I think mag insertion and dropping would be better. Speaking of mags, I tried a lonex flash mag (fell metal, reg m4 style) and it fed through my scar great. Overall, I think this a great field gun platform.

- Tan Version is beautiful
- Upper Receiver is absolutely solid.
- Light weight with nearly 400 FPS out the box with .25's (Elite Force)

- Magwell could feel a bit more sturdy
- Bolt catch is finicky, doesn't catch all the time.
- Will require you to get Lipo if you don't have them already.
- the grey used for the bracket like thing that attaches the barrel to the gas tube is hideous.

Overall 1st Impression: 4.5
by Erik M. on 02/22/2015
"There has been a lot of controversy over VFC scar's in the past few years. Frequent topics are the motor frying out, poor stock wiring, self-shimming gears, crappy proprietary hopup unit... and if you have done the research, you know the rest. While these are issues on older scars, I am glad to say that recent models seem to fix some of these issues.

Practicality: The big question is: Why scar over M4? The scar has a very unique look to it, and is largely a love-it or hate-it gun. Chances are that if you are taking the time to read this, you like or accept the style. As far as egronomics go, the scar stock is superior to any standard M4 stock as it has an adjustable cheek rest, 6 extendable positions, folds to the side, and has a curved ruberized butt pad. As a side note, just know that this is VFC, so when you fold the stock, NO WIRES!!! The gun is covered in rails, so it has more room to add toys than most stock m4's. In my opinion, the biggest advantage a scar has over an m4, apart from its looks, is its light weight. The nylon fiber lower reciever really does help to keep the weight down and minimizing weight is a good thing, especially if you plan to move around a lot. The problem to all this goodness- everything external, including the pistol grip, is proprietary (except the flash hider, 14mm ccw). If you break it, your gonna have a bad time finding replacement parts. The other bad thing is battery storage. The maximum you will be able to fit comfortably is a 2200mah 7.2 lipo or barely a 1600mah 9.6 NiMh. Not too bad for lipo users, but a breaking point for most of those stuck with NiMh. As far as internals go, pretty much completely v2 comptable so if anything breaks here you are fine for replacement parts.

Quality: Externally, its a vfc. nuff said. Absolutely fantastic build quality, paint simply will never scratch off and nylon fiber can easily be mistaken for metal. Internally, not bad. Wires are somewhat thin but not as bad as some people make it seem. Solder on a pair of deans connectors to save space in the stock. The motor is a crappy, nondescript plain high-speed motor. I got 1000+ rounds out of mine before replacing it with an a2, nothing went wrong, i just prefer a snappy torque motor over a high-speed space heater. Gearbox wise, 6000+ rounds and still no problem with self-shimming gears, so dont worry. Only bad part - HORROBLE stock hopup unit. It will rattle, shake, UNWIND ITSELF AS YOU SHOOT, and will not accept aftermarket buckings.

Upgrading: The first thing to go is the hopup. Everywhere you look, everybody is going to tell you that you can't put a different brand chamber in a VFC scar, its a propirietary hopup. WRONG!!! A standard, 2-piece m4 hopup unit will fit like a charm if you trim down the "wings" on the side to the same length as the stock "wings". The upper part of the 2 piece hopup unit can be found here on evike. The ones by AIM and JG are available, although I'm not liking the AIM, its worlds better than the stock unit with a lonex 70 degree bucking. Internally, change out the motor for a lonex a2 titan and leave the gearbox alone. Put on a pair of deans connectors and you are good to go.

Stock- poor trigger response, poor accuracy, average rate of fire.
With suggested upgrades (~$70) - Lightning trigger response, great accuract, slightly above average rate of fire.

Verdict- an excellent gun for those who like the style and like to tinker with internals a bit to claim a gun as their own. If you can't change a motor or swap a hopup unit, go with a kwa M4. 9/10 for those that can tinker, 5/10 for those who cant. Dealing with the stock hopup is a nightmare, if you cant change it or pay someone else to do it you are better off getting another gun.
by Racheal L. on 10/23/2014
"I got my scar 3 months ago and I have been impressed by its performance it shoots great and it's accuracy is amazing the only problems I had was the select switch isn't the best you have to make sure it gets in the right spot on both sides but nothing to extreme the other problem was the bolt catch is touchy I was play with my friends and had to adjust my hop up and I hade the handy tool in the hop up unit when my gun was shot witch released the bolt snapping my hop up tool but it's easy to replace and you could go with out it over all it's s amazing gun recommend it to anyone who wants a good AEG
by Scott T. on 10/04/2014
"The gun is amazing. I mean, its made by VFC, all of their guns are good in my opinion. The gun shoots perfect right out of the box. Do Not run anything lower than .20 gram BB's through this. UPS dropped mine in the delivery process, so my front sight and charging handle wobble and make noise, but that's a personal problem. Don't dry-fire this excessively or pull the trigger whilst the gun is on safety, Doing this will break the trigger contacts. I recommend a 9.6 nun-chuck style battery for this gun, as the battery compartment is TINY.

Exactly like a real SCAR series weapon
External and internal build quality is amazing
Range is superior to other AEG's
Will last you forever if you take care of it

Price (even considering this is below 400$)
Battery Compartment is Super Tiny
But-plate pin is very easy to lose.
by Gavin D. on 05/28/2014
"I just want to clear up a few things that the previous reviewer mentioned. The 9mm key for dis-assembly is located in a chamber in the gas block, along with a tool for adjusting the hop up. Also, the fact that gun is shooting at 380 is not a problem with it at all, it says up to 370 fps so just replace or shave spring a bit. Even though its shooting fairly hot right now, after you put it through its paces it should settle down a bit. Please read the manual before you leave a flaming one star review people.