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KWA Full Size Lipoly Ready H&K G36C Airsoft AEG (2GX Version, Licensed by Umarex)

55 Customer Reviews

by Sean S. on 05/02/2019
"Very good and reliable gun, I have had no problems :)
by Rosalino M. on 10/01/2017
"Absolutely love this gun great for CQB and for outdoor fields, the gun is very sturdy and feels like quality, I recommend this gun for anyone looking to buy a good CQB gun
by Daniel W. on 04/17/2016
"Bought this at a store near my house. A bit pricey, and the mags don't stick together well with mags from another brand. The battery is stored in the hand guard, and even if it does seem like it won't fit, it will fit any butterfly. Other than that, there are no noticeable cons. The gun is built well, runs well, hard as heck for abs, and is also able to be adapted to use m4 mags with a $25 piece that is here on evike.
by Christian O. on 01/14/2016
"What can I say that hasn't already been said about this gun.
Very solidly built, no wobble on any external parts.
Excellent internals, you won't need to open it up until maintenance is needed.

Shoots about 340 FPS with a .25 BB approx 135 Joules, 379 FPS with .20 BBs

The gun is a little front heavy once you have the battery installed and some external accessories attached so I'd highly recommend a stubby or vertical foregrip.

Folding stock is perfect for maneuvering in tight CQB situations.

Looks great with a mock silencer, I have a half length valken mock suppressor, looks awesome but doesn't add significant length to the gun.

Being a KWA gun it is rather picky with non-KWA mags, its kind of hit or miss but still works with most Mags
Confirmed to work with Umarex, Classic Army, WE Tech, CYMA magazines. I'm sure it works with a few others but I haven't had a chance to personally try them out.

If you're looking for a good high quality gun that you don't need to upgrade internally, this should be at the top of your list.
by rafael F. on 12/20/2015
"I got this gun yesterday and I already feel like I'm going to win a lot of games.

Pros= sounds strong when you shoot it, newer gearbox, the red dot sight it comes with is great, the front sling mount is metal.

Cons= vertical grip is a little wobbly but its no major problem, the front Iron rail sight is a pain to remove.

10/10 I love it, thanks evike.
by Jake S. on 10/20/2015
"Great gun! I would definitely buy from KWA again!

ROF (very high)
Nice externals
Comes with metal handguard rails
Metal front and rear sight
Accepts most G36 mags
Accurate (especially for its barrel length)
Folding stock
Single point sling mount
Lipo ready
Easy to remove orange tip (just a screw holding it on)
Great hop-up
It's KWA
Ergonomic design

Doesn't fit battle axe or matrix m4 mag conversion kit (without sanding)
Proprietary parts
Goes through ammo fast because of high ROF
You don't have one
by Michal Z. on 08/20/2014
"Excellent weapon, compact when you need it.
Installed an amplifier, sounds scary like a velociraptor

rof-25 rps with 11.1 lipo
great range for the short barrel
solid, no wobble.
470 round mags
ambidextrous fire selector and hop up.
collapsible stock

battery space... need a stick lipo or nunchuck 9.6


This gun came with too much lube/oil , wouldn't shoot accurate or far, had to go through about 1500 rounds to get it to shoot accurately, After the break in, no problem.
by Katiria R. on 05/22/2014
"This AEG is top notch, "you" definitely feel it's quality once you have your hands on it.. now performance wise, this thing is a beast and I'm only using a 9.6 intel. thank you
by Jarrod P. on 02/17/2014
"This is the best stock gun i have ever used. Even competes with expensive upgraded guns. it is definitely worth the price. I would recommend a 9.6v nunchuck battery if you are just starting out. However most lipoly batterys fit in fine.

-No wobble
-Great weight
-Amazing internals, never encountered a small problem once
-High ROF
-380 Fps
-This gun with a suppressor looks badass, looks amazing without one as well

-Battery space, it takes a small amount of time to get used to installing the battery and now i have no problems fitting a 9.6v nunchuck in anytime.
-my mag fed a little weird so i purchased another one and it feeds perfectly so it could have been a mistake with my specific gun. Stillno reason to not purchase this gun.
by Szilard H. on 08/28/2013
"Simply Amazing. This is the best gun i've ever owned hands down. It is literally flawless. Worth every penny. Don't even think about getting the lipo kit, with a 9.6 this thing is a monster. The trigger reaction/FPS/ROF are absolutely monster. Shooting at least 25+ rps and 400fps for sure.
KWA did an amazing job with this gun. I saved up 3 months of work for this thing and I do not regret buying it one bit. BUY IT!!!!
Pros: flawless
hi caps work fine
awesome fps/rof
no wobbly parts
better then any gun your friends will have:

Cons: a tiny bit of trouble fitting in the 9.6 nun-chuck, but after 2nd try it will be a breeze, NO CONS!
100% RECOMMEND THIS! do not hesitate!
by Joseph F. on 09/19/2012
"I bought this G36c at the beginning of the summer. It being my first gun, I had high expectations. This gun is beautiful, black polymer. The folding stock works quite well, it is flush with the rest of the body, and the stock pin is held in by a hex-screw. The gun is sturdy, no wobble what-so-ever.
Internally this gun has some good stock parts. It does not seem to be marui compatible, and most parts likely wont fit, so this is not a good gun for heavy modifications. The gearbox is not whiny at all, its loud though and the piston and spring actually give it a tiny bit of recoil.

Pros: full metal(the real thing is polymer)
Magwell fits tightly around mags.
Good internals
Good externals
Monolothic top rail(with HK style iron sights), side and bottom rails.
Tightbore inner barrel
Light-weight, less than 7 pounds
HK trademarks

Cons:Metal orange flash hider is glued on.
by John P. on 06/01/2012
"I bought this gun about 2 weeks ago from a local dealer off the base, and I paid $315 for it. Evike however, is so awesome they have it for $285. But even at $315, its worth the price. KWA did an outstanding job building this gun. It's solid as a rock, and outperforms full size weapons such as the G&G F2000. In terms of accuracy and range, this G36C will blow your mind. Despite the 247mm barrel, I can effectively engage targets from over 175ft with it. The barrel, is a tightbore out the box. 2GX Bucking does a great job. Air seal is great. Internals are phenomenal. Comes stock with an M120 spring, and the ROF is insane. I recommend this gun as someone who's played for nearly 12 years. Best stock gun period I've ever seen.

-175+ Ft range
-26RPS Rate of fire with Li-Poly
-Truly Li-Poly ready
-HK trades
-M120 and tightbore pre-installed
-Perfect air seal
-390FPS with .25g
-Sounds intimidating and when you fire it everyone looks at you like *HOLY CRAP*


If you're in the market for the best gun possible, get a KWA. You can't go wrong. I own a KWA 2GX M4, and the KWA 2GX G36C and they both are incredible.
by mckee c. on 05/03/2012
"Amazing gun. Period. Best G36C on the market. People will often underestimate this as a JG but trust me, that's a lethal mistake. The range on all KWA products never ceases to amaze me, their hop-ups are like some form of sorcery. The gearbox is the BEST on the market so don't try and argue with a gun that is virtually impossible to break, at least in my experience. Another plus is that it comes with a full rail-ed hand guard and it's licensed by H&K. Epic. There's just one problem, THE MAGS ARE $26 EACH! Nevertheless, great gun, can't go wrong with any KWA.
by ryan q. on 02/15/2012
"This is a good gun overall. The only bad thing i see about it is the fact that the charging handle seems a bit flimsy. when you pull it back a lot you can see the pin start to come up. Just push it down though and its all good. The battery compartment can fit all small type batteries, and the stock is very durable.

Rate of Fire (especially with a lipo)
great accuracy even with .20gs (i highly recommend .25gs or higher for best accuracy.)
folding stock (good for storage and turning tight corners in cqb)
and it has a very durable built. Most of it is ABS plastic, but not to worry, abs plastic over aluminum keeps the cost low and for airsoft i think abs plastic is all you need.
Lipo ready!

charging handle is a little flimsy
heavy (especially for cqb)
nothing else really

Overall i feel this gun is great for its price because i've noticed with the three kwa guns i own, they choose to use abs plastic a lot more than they use metal because it keeps the cost down so that means they can use more effective internals for the gun itself always making it a great deal for the price. Be sure to use .25g bbs for great accuracy. I notice with .20g bbs the bbs start to drop down after about 40 feet.
by Robert W. on 02/11/2012
"The problem with the semi-auto is actually a common one with AEG's and will happen to any AEG if you are firing very rapidly in semi-auto. It is not a problem with the gun, but a problem with the design of all AEG's in general