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HFC 4" Bull Barrel Savage Bull Full Size Airsoft Gas Revolver (Color: Black)

4 Customer Reviews

by Chris T. on 06/12/2012
"I will give a 1-10 rating on every possible aspect of the gun i can.

Feel: 9/10

Weight: 5-9/10 (some like it heavy, some dont.)

Looks: 15/10

Practicality on field: 9/10 with 24 round clip and 6/10 without

Quality: 10/10

Ease of use: 9/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Power: 8/10

Intimidation: 11/10

Sights: 9/10

Reloading: 6/10

Notes: The reason the reloading is so low is because the barrel has a part that springs back and fourth to keep air pressure when firing and this makes it so the chamber doesnt close too easily. The barrel is full metal except for the orange tip. this leads the gun to be front-heavy which is good for revolvers when drawing. (it is for me anyway). Very good quality, Double and single action, above-and-beyond good movie prop, and generally a perfect gun for those reenacting, backyard shooting, room clearing, and sniping people out there. all around best buy.
by Barbara D. on 06/28/2008
"This gun isnt a a power pistol but more of a collectors item.If you like revolvers and you dont want to spen a lot of cash then this is for you.The barrel is metal along with the trigger and hammer.The body is plastic and the grip has a hard rubbery feel to it.The shells are made of copper and store one bb per shell.It operates on hfc 134a and hfc 22 but hfc134a is recommended for a long life span. Use .20 gram bbs and it can shoot in single or double action.If ya got $60 to burn or just want a revolver this is definately for you.
by Alex L. on 05/25/2019
"Just picked one of these up earlier this month, and after playing with it a few times, I noticed the wheel has stopped spinning. Quick inspection showed that the foot that rotates the wheel with the hammer is no longer engaging the splines at the back of the wheel, just pushing between them.

Anyone who buys this should also be aware that Evike will NOT warranty this gun, because it costs less than $60. I just learned this. So now I have to break out the tools and tech a brand-new gun (even if cheap, it shouldn't have done this so quickly), and see if it can be fixed.

Buyer Beware.
by Pablo K. on 06/27/2016
"A Real piece of junk.

Bought ir less than a month ago. I opened it, loaded it and filled it with green gas. Managed to shoot 3 loads (18 bbs) when suddently it leaked all the remaining gas. Now when I load gas to it it leaks out through the front. A complete waste of money.